Intelligent Plants
Free Hunter S Thompson!

this movie got the tony d seal of approval. im not gonna say it looks good but it doesnt look as bad as i suspected. and lets just say i suspected it of murder and was already powering up the electric chair. the priest was enroute. the last meal on its way from arbys.


New Jersey F1 race continues to slip

A lesson from The Snake

Last day before Christmas for Alex to have a birthday! HBD!!!
snow laden pines

having sunday tv withdrawal as all my shows have ended and the newer ones are a few weeks away. fortunately i downloaded the old hbo series rome which i am chugging through at a too rapid pace. apparently despite its reasonable success hbo deemed it too expensive to continue but it was only supposed to be one season to begin with so i guess the second should be considered good fortune.

we can do this

this one might be the least objectionable although that crown might suggest otherwise.

Pee Power

Jim, a different take on your golf ball seed idea

American Hustle. Wow.

interesting to see how this duck dynasty business plays out. if you dont know one of the dudes was interviewed by gq and said some reliably retrograde things about homosexuals and african americans and for that he was suspended from the current shooting schedule. but the network already has an entire season shot. the show is hugely popular. i think the previous season finale had 14 million viewers which is huge especially for a cable show but these days those are top 5 numbers for any show. so how do they proceed? will advertisers be scared off even if the numbers remain high? got to assume that most viewers of that show wont be turned off enough by the professed sentiments to not tune in but hard to believe there wont be pressure put on the advertisers by rights activists. maybe it will all blow over, at least one imagines that the network and advertisers hope it might. 

still i wonder if there is a home on tv for this show in the future or is it destined for the internet in some capacity? or will it just be put out to pasture? how much tripe is there to be mined from their antics?

The case for Dennis Rodman.
Spotify is free for all mobile devices now. Rock (or jazz) -on. Was just listening to Latin bird. Charlie Parker and machido. HOT!

someone sent me a card through the mail of all places and neglected to include a check. has the meaning of christmas been lost on everyone?

Kubrick, 1999.

new series premiering in january on hbo. true detective starring woody harrelson and matthew mcconaughey.

As Smith notes, there has always been grumbling among old-school types about the 3-pointer — our dads and grandpas lamenting how those impudent youngsters only care about 3s and dunks, since those highlight plays get them on SportsCenter. But new, more nuanced concerns are starting to bubble up about the dominance of the 3-pointer. One strain centers on the consequences of the idea that math has basically solved basketball. Analytics has won out in shot selection. Just about everyone in the NBA, from scouts to head coaches to GMs, understands that long 2-point shots are bad and 3s are good. There is a strong correlation between 3-point attempts and team scoring efficiency, and an even more specific correlation between the number of short corner 3s a team attempts and its overall points per possession.

Maurits Cornelius Escher napkin