Maybe Shulgin was right, new quantum model suggests universe is infinitely old.


J G-R teaching what cant be taught

asking $12 million for 4 storied 125 rivington

was looking forward to this little upscale takeout deli a few buildings down. now ill have to see if i can afford it. 

The must beautiful schroom I have ever cooked....

NYC/Portland to build wood high-rises

does anyone have an Indian cookbook to recommend or have an Indian cookbook author they love? anything here?

I know its a big country with many styles. choice guide and this is called "the best ever..." in the title and get confirming reviews.

bent trees

benjamin german/english

"Lidar-derived digital elevation model of the Willamette River... showing the dynamic movements the river has made in recent millennia."

High resolution PDF available here.

Just watched A Very Murray Christmas last night on netflix. A Sofia Coppola directed christmas special starring Bill Murray, Im sure you have heard about it. It's a great piece of work, dark mood and super casting. The bartender was played by David Johansen's alternate identity Buster Poindexter and he did a bang up job. recommended!!!

I would only add that you may want to hold off a little closer to the 25th or when ever your tree goes up to secure the proper seasonal vibe.  

potato gun / bait cannon


Maybe funniest guy ever...?

Tualitin Chickpeas + Bok Choy +  Tail & Trotters Chile Verde Sausage

i have no sense of what good ramen is but ive had mr. taka twice recently. second time was better. 

eva hess studio 134 bowery

Fucking classic....

I made it over to Prospect Park on my Tuesday lunch hour for this Painted Bunting, which is getting more media coverage than other, rarer, birds ever do, basically because it is undeniably the most gaudily colored songbird in North America. Not mentioned is the fact that there is some doubt as to its origin. It’s been seen associating with a group of European Goldfinches, which are presumably escaped cage birds, and while it’s illegal to have native migratory birds as pets, there is a black market and adult male Painted Bunting would be highly desirable; vagrants are typically first year birds with a drab, all green plumage. Still, it is not banded, and doesn’t show obvious signs of cage-wear on feathers or feet, so folks are leaning towards calling it legitimate.    

i've never seen tofu -- or spinach salad, for that matter -- but i certainly like being able to get an ipa and nong's chicken and rice at the stadium 

Boston butt pork shoulder, blade-in, braised in pork/chicken stock and Chimay ale with onions caramelized in pork fat, coriander, fennel seed, garlic.