hard to wrap your head around glenn beck displaying signs of human decency.

come on, seaside. 


parking lot tree

any of you NYers eaten here??

A very good reason to buy Chobani

an agnes martin reader

anyone have a coleslaw recipe they like?  this is what ive found so far. from bobby flay and looks pretty run of the mill.

halcyon daze: a renewed crisis of liberalism.

The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography is located at 41 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003. (212) 353-4021, by appointment only.

Trump modeling himself on Charles Foster Kane?

Travails of the NY restaurant business.

Caws and Cr-r-rucks in NY

Very cool origami measuring spoon kickstarter.

the most quixotic campaign of this election season.

got a salad at sweetgreens for dinner. was taken aback when they wouldnt accept the $20 i not so happily proffered. have to get a prepaid debit card not to be tracked in the future cashless universe.

bob nickas in PDX 

Looking at high schools here lead me to NW Acadamy, the brother of the founder created claymation, got an Oscar even.

Mary Vinton Folberg is the sister of Will Vinton, creator of Claymation.

what's at stake for abstract painting (b. nickas)

Pono Farm beef tail stew......Ginger, Garlic, Celery, Asian Greens (stems), Shallot, Carrot, 1 Bottle Red Wine, cooked @ 200 for 7 hours

Chilled overnight, remove all fat, add squash & brussels, cook 9 hours @ 200

good ol' billmon straps on the pessimism feedbag in this trump/alt-right thread. click below the picture (by the likes & retweets) to see it unspool.

oregon tornado today, maybe more

the good ole switcheroo