damn I hope you Canadians have been living beyond your means

three shows looming on the horizon in august:

glow season 3 (netflix)

mindhunter season 2 (netflix)

succession season 2 (hbo)

definitely has the feel of an afterschool special....


Eat your books app / search your cookbook library online


Peter Halley 80s


Daniel Martin Diaz bees


rip second wave (2002, please) blogger, mark kleiman

Remembering my father, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Time flies.

what a horse race. this should be on the sports page.


RIP Mad Magazne



dont go away mad, just go away



Matches on Paper, Raymond Hains 1974


Back to the future

women in the quarterfinals against france today at 3pm in paris. hate to be in transit and miss it. thought they were outplayed by spain last game. might have to run the france, england, germany gauntlet to repeat as champs this time around.

Goodbye to the Buyback

I don’t remember the upside down shot glass, (or the term buyback,) but getting one “on the house” every third or fourth round was standard back in the day when we hung out at bars like MiLady’s or Barnabas Rex, ordering beers. I get a free glass of wine sometimes at South Brooklyn Foundry, if the server knows me, or the owner’s around to tell them; at Brooklyn Beet Co, where I’m a regular, they don’t buy me any, but they always give me a very generous pour. Yes, I tip well.