Steve Doughton Sez......."Best English Language Move Of The Last 30 Years" and I quote.....

Beware the toilet

The list of once-innocuous things that we now fear — hugs, handshakes, surfaces — just got longer. A new study found that flushing a toilet releases a plume of aerosols that can linger long enough to be inhaled by the next person, or land elsewhere in the bathroom.

Using simulations, the researchers showed that the clouds can send coronavirus particles up to three feet high. A single flush produces about 6,000 tiny droplets and even tinier aerosols.

Previous research has found viable particles in infected people’s feces, and while the virus prefers the lungs and respiratory tract, it has also been known to settle in the small intestine. The degree to which toilets contribute to transmission remains unknown, but you can take precautions: When possible, close the lid before you flush, and wear a mask in public or shared bathrooms.

Someone in PDX left their pig at the demonstrations.....

"Thank you to the many thousands of Portlanders who demonstrated tonight without violence. Your voice is powerful, and I am with you," said Portland Police Chief Jami Resch. "While your actions did not get the attention and coverage of the other events downtown, I want you to know we see you and we hear your message. To all of our Bureau members and mutual aid partners, I am grateful for your continued efforts and service. To my staff, to our partner agencies, and to the many other thousands of people who worked to keep tonight safe, thank you. I have had many conversations with demonstrators and community leaders over this past week. I am inspired and encouraged by their wisdom and their guidance."



korean baseball league uses stuffed animals behind plate in lieu of fans.

street art (on the far side of the park is the white house)

This might be my all time favorite Onion headline (although there are so many!): “Protesters criticized for looting businesses without forming private equity firm first.”

like data?



They missed one line......."Cause of death; LIVING!"

Moss balls

which color would/did you buy? which color is most popular?

looking for a good Suicide box set. Found this but so much redundancy. Kind of fits.