was chatting up the woman who does some painting/wall repairs around the buildings the last few years. i have always championed her since the other idiot who does the repairs can be such a pain in the ass. she was painting outside the front door as i was coming in and ive been plotting to ask the landlord for a days work patching and painting especially as all the work in the building opened up some fresh cracks. 

its all very friendly chit chat until i ask "the question" which going in was hoping was perfunctory. but nope. she has not got vaccinated. so it quickly went down hill since any response is going to be defensive. i tried to suss out a rationale which essentially was i need more proof and i have a strong immune system and am not likely to get very sick and it only reduces the degree of sickness anyway. normally id pivot to some notion of collective good but i could tell she wasnt enjoying being put on the spot, but i couldnt help twist the knife a bit at the end by suggesting i thought she had more sense than ricky, the other handyman, who also wont get the shot and danced around his answer in even more ridiculous fashion. he more agressively claimed he studied physics so he is really a scientist and know things. 

so, so much for my everyman bonhomie. now i dont know if id even want her up here, but rest assured ive made future encounters akward if not unconfortable for the foreseeable future. so essentially just she is just like everyone else. 

NYC beefsteak 

when i first saw the stills i thought this was an ad pretending to be a movie.

still havent made it beyond the skateboarding and the surfing yet. but must have been some exciting race because saw a number of tweets just now. assumed we won but apparently second is ok now. not the america i know. thought this was a replay but no. saved me some time though.

70 years of ikea catalogues

started by someone mentioning courageous cat and minute mouse end at sabrina and the groovie ghoulies  via the voice actors. all the female characters in this are voiced by one woman including the gang from riverdale high and f-troops larry storch does a bunch as well.


Went to a local production of a mid summers night dream tonight. Anyone can suggest film versions or recorded theatrical productions of Shakespeare? I know Hannah would go to Central Park for SITP. Time for some serious catch up. 

big year for you, bill. both skateboarding and surfing are in the olympics for the first time along with karate, 3x3 basketball and bmx freestyle. sure you will be glued to the tv or livestream at 430 am if you can figure out the schedule.

my classic movie watching has definitely waned especially if subtitles are involved but i did manage to see 46 of these 1930s classics over the years. 


anyone use this service. Youcan order by city choosing from classic regional favorites. We have ordered directly from Russ Daughters and Chicago pizza directly but this can let you find stuff from all over at one site.

impressive and terrifying

cape sharky

olympic village is famously an international fuck fest but with japan desperate to contain a potential outbreak the broke out the breakable beds. only records will be shattered at these games and with such a crap night sleep probably fewer than usual.

Super graphics 

Must be summer...

Cannes '68 in revolt

old reggie jackson all-star homerun  off dock ellis in tigers stadium 50 years ago today.


enjoyed the final season. 

today womens wimbledon final earlier and now argentina vs brazil in copa america final.

tomorrow mens wimbledon final > euro cup final > game 3 nba finals

who is this?