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tar heel

j & r closed for the foreseeable future.

alice doesnt live here anymore.

Meryl Meisler photos
Watched the Snowden interview on YouTube in entirety. Well spoken dude. Well grounded. Not really making the headlines it should.


the night cassavetes, falk and gazzara terrorized dick cavett.

ballmer going all in on clippers.

For all of them, it started much as it will start for you: a strangely persistent itch at the back of the head, a discomfort on the left side, a lump fingered in the shower. Something it became impossible to ignore. 

Right, Before I Die



Edgar Oliver in the New Yorker.

Really just wanted to beat Bill to the punch.
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RIP Massimo Vignelli

Really just wanted to beat Bill to the punch.
At least I knew who he was.

"Renowned illusionists and professional debunkers Penn & Teller unite for this documentary investigation into the mysterious methods of Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer, whose photo-realistic paintings predated the invention of the camera by 150 years. In Tim's Vermeer, they document the obsession of their friend Tim Jenison, a successful inventor of computer graphics equipment, who sets out to prove a theory. Tim's mission: to paint with his own hands a replica of Vermeer's The Music Lesson."

Lucio Fontana’s Proto-Technologism

A Branch of May

may contain

Lincoln's Sparrow

Kara Walker installation in the Domino's Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. Up through July 6th. Definitely worth a look.

Turn your kid's art into a stuffy. Love this. 

with all this talk of bitthdays and bacteria i nearly forgot that the biggest non-world cup game of the year is on this afternoon. today is the champions league final from lisbon. turns out its an all madrid final with real madrid up against this years spanish league champs, athletico madrid, who are the first non barcelona/real madrid winners in 10 years. athletico beat real in last years copa del rey final (look it up if you care what it is) after years of being essentially the ny mets or the la clippers, the other team in a city where one team dominates the headlines. historically though they have won more la liga championships (10) than anyone but real madrid (32) or barcelona (22) so its not completely unprecedented. but they will have trouble holding on to their stars (their top scorer like last year is all but gone) after this season which is the plight of many teams not among the elite dozen or so. but surviving this far in the champions league will mean about $50 million in tv revenue and adding that to fees for selling their top players should put them in a position to be competitive for the next couple of years. at least until someone comes along and poaches their coach.

and dont forget, world cup starts in three weeks so its time to pretend to care about soccer for a month. if you can do it for the olympics i dont see why you cant do it for soccer. ill start you off.... i mean, can you believe klinsmann kept donovan off the 23 man roster!?!

oh, the champions league final starts on fox in three minutes.

Giant sinkhole in front of Katz's!

The Atlantic's list of slightly more than one hundred fantastic pieces of journalism.

last comic standing, don rickles, gets roasted of sorts by some leading lights in comedy. next week on spike tv.