Happy Equinox

Between two ferns: the movie


so far so good...



No real surprise, but the actual numbers are staggering:

North America has lost 3 billion birds in 50 years


First Dim Sum. Not a raging success

present & near future streaming platforms: cutting the cord never seemed so not cheap. did i miss any? 


amazon prime

apple tv plus


hbo max (att/warner bros properties)


disney plus

popeyes introduced a chicken sandwich and its been all the rage apparently to the point theyve run out. their solution: bring your own buns, or more to the point, its the same shit weve been selling you for years except now its on bread.

RIP Robert Frank


damn I hope you Canadians have been living beyond your means

three shows looming on the horizon in august:

glow season 3 (netflix)

mindhunter season 2 (netflix)

succession season 2 (hbo)

definitely has the feel of an afterschool special....


Eat your books app / search your cookbook library online


Peter Halley 80s


Daniel Martin Diaz bees


rip second wave (2002, please) blogger, mark kleiman