the life of garlic

more tales of slightly inappropriate movies for 8 year olds in the 70s.

was about to see if i could get into nickelodeon on tcm. have a fading memory of visiting a friend who moved to manhattan after first grade and we were going to see it but maybe it was sold out and we ended up seeing silver streak instead. just checked and they both came out december of 76 so im guessing it was over the christmas break. 

nickelodeon was directed by bogdanovich of last picture show fame. he kind of flamed out as a director but excels as a link to old hollywood. they mentioned he is doing a podcast along with tcm. looks like it hasnt come out yet but you can subscribe.

haha. i found my friend. think we fell out a year or two later. those "long distance" friendships rarely keep at that age.

interesting path.

great show on pickles and pickling with multi cultural approach 

Codes to complete netflix streaming catalog

from The Onion one month ago


blueberry scones


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Entire US weekend boxoffice

mostly overpriced but a few gems and just fun to see what available. special today. dont know if thats today indefinitely. can get 2 dozen ess-a-bagels delivered for $59.

im maybe a musical liker at best but appreciate the effort here.

Flawless (KETO) Ribeye

Watching Better Things. Is got LouisC K finger prints all over it

Contact free delivery from one of Portland finest.......trunk to go!!

if you have the stomach for it. Otherwise, remain indoors.

California Governor

Going to restaurants will be different. "You may be having dinner with a waiter wearing gloves, maybe a face mask," Newsom said. "Dinner where the menu is disposable, where half the tables in that restaurant no longer appear, where your temperature is checked before walking in. These are likely scenarios."

Happy Easter.