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A rumor is circulating on fb that Gem Spa has closed for good. Not seeing anything about it on the web but I guess they've been struggling for awhile.

The giant hornet, along with other varieties of wasps, has traditionally been considered a delicacy in this rugged part of Japan. The grubs are often preserved in jars, pan-fried or steamed with rice to make a savory dish called hebo-gohan. The adults, which can be two inches long, are fried on skewers, stinger and all, until the carapace becomes light and crunchy. They leave a warming, tingling sensation when eaten.

Now that German soccer is starting back up I guess skinny can give up the obsession with covid stats.
Would have posted this to 110% but I don't have permission. It's cool, i never got along with jocks anyway.

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This blooming agave plant is in our neighborhood and has made it onto reddit, twitter etc. Now the neighbors are asking that people quit visiting. I've noticed the crowds increasing by the day but I guess it's gotten out of hand.  I wonder if people in South America would get so fired up about a douglas fir?


Europe opens up.....

China recorded 85 million domestic tourists during the first three days of the five-day May Day holiday, generating 35 billion yuan ($4.95 billion) in revenue, according to the country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Last year, 195 million domestic tourists traveled during the entire holiday, generating 117.7 billion yuan ($16.67 billion) in revenue, according to previous data from the ministry.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the ministry has ordered tourist sites in the country to strictly control the flow of visitors, capping numbers at 30% of each site's capacity.

Some 70% of scenic spots rated "A class" in China's tiered grading system were open on the first day of the holiday, according to the ministry.

summer '72 in the valley

My sales manger can bake!

I guess these are real

As if things aren't bad enough

some ucb improv that i never went to see. the new york version just shut down because of covid and some bad real estate decisions. show on now hosted by amy poehler. second one is hosted by rob corddry at 11pm est then two tomorrow at 8 and 11.

painting bargain of the month?

this is a great PDX house deal IMHO

RareFilm the cove of forgotten films

Some great films here and from what I can tell, it's free, even the downloads.

Anyone watch mrs america?

Irish Times-April 25, 2020-By Fintan O’Toole