four thieves vinegar

american trial: the eric garner story


Duane Hansen  Olivier Mosset

ordered 18 items from walmart a week ago. mostly foodstuffs. came in 7 different deliveries. the last just arrived. if you had bbq sauce in the raffle, you win!

best deal:

(3 Pack) Maille Dijon Originale Traditional Dijon Mustard, 7.5 OZ $6.42

usually costs about $4.50 for one at the supermarkets.


wildcard on my whole foods order — hamburger patties with bacon and cheddar cheese in the mix.

hack-man fever

Linda B making a great potatoe with some Jimmy Sapphire-ness.

RIP Lynn Shelton

RIP Fred Willard

when manhattan was manhatta.

mail order veggies. Recommended


Yma dream

dc media types keep posting this on my twitter feed.

rip double rainbow guy

heading out for some cuomo-sanctioned fun.



i always hate the twitter beefs between rappers that seem as contrived for publicity as boxers getting in each others faces at weigh ins before fights. but cant say im not bemused by munchkin (spelling, dont care) deciding to clap back at axl rose. there is no upside to that. anyway, got a chuckle out of this.