anybody notice some car ads on tv are suddenly touting gas mileage again?
Top 10 Gas Unguzzlers:

1. Honda Insight — 60/66
2. Toyota Prius — 60/51*
3. Honda Civic Hybrid — 49/51*
4. Volkswagen Golf TDI — 37/44
Volkswagen New Beetle TDI — 37/44
5. Volkswagen Jetta TDI — 36/41
6. Toyota Corolla — 32/41
7. Scion xA — 32/37
8. Hyundai Accent — 32/35
Kia Rio — 32/35
9. Honda Civic — 30/40*
10. Pontiac Vibe — 30/36
Toyota Matrix — 30/36
Kottke linked to the 2006 Bryant Park summer film calendar.
tv guide goes blog wild.
colbert emcees white house correspondents dinner.

video @ crooks and liars
i was all for this immigration rights nonsense until my food delivery service was inconvienced by some ridiculous boycott. get back to work. i need my asparagus, dammit. god damned commies.
blue/green organic juice cafes
this is one odd juxtaposition but im sure its just a coincidence that an african american congresswoman is onscreen in handcuffs. but seriously, how gruesome must you be to get turned down by a prostitute?
feature on kos blogger georgia10.
Kristol squirms on the grill as Colbert peppers him with questions about the PNAC.
download superstar the karen carpenter story / dont know whos ok with this and who aint
future kos series on renewables.
fuel sells
It is easier for a pickled shark to pass through the eye of a needle than for a multimillionaire to make good art. This week it was revealed that Damien Hirst, at 40, is worth £100m, a stupendous figure unrivalled by any artist his age, ever, even allowing for inflation and the changing nature of wealth.

Andy Warhol may have been worth $228m when he died aged 59, but two decades earlier he was was spending money like water at his Factory studio. And although Salvador Dalν had already been nicknamed Avida Dollars in his 30s, his mysteriously vast fortune (the IRS never could quite fathom it) grew gradually. Hirst is richer than the two most notoriously money-obsessed modern artists at his age - will his decline be even more grotesque?

Kottke has film critic Jim Emerson's list of 102 movies that you should see before you can consider yourself movie literate. I've got a *long* way to go.
babycakes on broome --

as an adult, I was diagnosed with an allergy to gluten and dairy, and on top of that, gave up sugar. Feeling robbed of the fulfillment that baking once satisfied, I set out to recreate the classic comfort of cakes from my youth. After a lot of experimenting and research, I mastered a few recipes that I began testing on friends. When they started putting in orders, for themselves as well as family and friends with allergies, I knew I was on to something, thus Babycakes was born.
I haven't read it yet, so I'm not sure if it confirms or denies my skeptical take on most alternate energy sources, but Popular Mechanics has a new article that chrunches the numbers. Seems like the right place to start.
His passion of the moment is Totten Inlet Virginicas — oysters native to the East Coast (Crassostrea virginica, to the Latin-spouting crowd), whose ancestors were brought west from the Chesapeake Bay a century ago. Introduced in 2004, they are raised by Taylor Shellfish Farms in a bay that opens off Puget Sound. Mr. Rowley, who helps to market them, gives them his nomination for "the best oyster on the planet."
Gorgeous HDR images of Manhattan. (What's an HDR image?) Probably this is the one if you only have time for one click.
Who is Dave and what has he done with Uncle Bill?
Jim, I would really like to get your thoughts on "net neutrality." I remember at one point you said you wished there *were* priority systems in place where people who used more bandwidth paid more. Hope I'm not misstating that.

Cory Doctorow seems to think government regulation to achieve neutrality isn't the answer. On the other hand, MyDD and others are framing this as "the end of the Net as we know it" and arguing that government regulation is the only thing protecting us from the telecoms busting up the Internet. I'm very confused, partly because i still don't understand how the Net actually works.
this may already have made the rounds / if not, microsoft i-pod vid is here.
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