fucking christ. they couldnt weekend at bernies RBG for two months? Rest In Hubris, Ruth. you should have retired six years ago.

noticing a trend towards cringe shows. 

how climate migration will reshape america

wearing a mask in an mlb game not because of pandemic but because of wildfire air quality.

is it true portland created Hawaiian pizza? 1957? It must have created French pizza w/ frog legs......this placed lasted 3 month FYI

muffining. better camera phone but still 2nd rate 2015 tech.

almost clicked on this. have a weird thing about making political donations.

since 2004 only six men other than federer, djokovic and nadal have won a major. today at 4 will be #7 because djokovic inadvertently pelted a lineswoman when he was slamming a ball in frustration. was an automatic disqualification though he clearly wasnt aiming for her. so, two younger up and comers get their shot, some austrian and a russian. ill learn their names when they win. russian is actually zverev. im spacing on the austrian though i watched his semifinal match. 

nice to see osaka win again. third one for her and only 22 years old. women need someone other than 39 yo serena to win consistently.

                         Venice Film Festival

we are watching some Borgen


Which Director had the best run in the 50s?

century 21 covid victim

need to cook like this (or this, but no more fruits for me:<((

Part of the Union, The Brothers

Living it up in Covid California.........

Painfully great, tastes like a Hogwarts magic soup.......over the top for falling hard on the forest floor and getting earth and shroom up your nose that you need surgery to get out.

With the two meals a day plan they need to be solid....

1/2 head garlic, zucchini, chives + 3 eggs....

chefs table bbq