I've been watching Black Mirror on netflix.  Premise is a lot like The Twilight Zone, each episode is a complete story with a moral. The stories are usually set in the near future and concern our relationship to technology and media.  Also kind of reminds me of William Gibson's novel The Peripheral which I am currently reading.

RIP John Berger

Lee Lozano (pdf)

Artist-in-Residence on Fire Island

The Fire Island National Seashore Artist-in-Residence Program honors the longstanding tradition of art in the national parks and on Fire Island by facilitating artists to create relevant place- and story-based work that brings a broader understanding of the unique elements that comprise Fire Island. The goals of this program are to provide creative and educational opportunities for artists of all disciplines to explore the qualities of the natural environment, culture, and/or history of Fire Island, and to support the mission of the NPS to promote the conservation and preservation of the park.

12 lb pork shoulder: 14 hours in, 10 hours to go. 

debbie reynolds dies of a stroke the day after daughter carrie fisher dies of a heart attack. sad...


Merry Christmas 2016


Once more...

stripped of context i thought this was an art installation. 

Louis' 1st burger

"Welcome to Aggregate website for the publication, workshopping and discussion of advanced research in architectural history and theory."

No-Knead to thank me!

EV rule #1: Don't fuck with the orance cones on 3rd st

Know anything about this Skinny?

upper east side whole hog and real deal

for some reason i cant post a comment on the two most reason schwarz posts. maybe he closed comments?

This, I think, is why so many people support Trump even when they recognize his obvious mendacity. They’ve been successfully persuaded that everything is a lie, so the only political choice you have is to select the fiction that most fits your self-conception. This partially explains how Trump is able to command support from both anti-Semites and some Jews. Pro-Trump Jews have decided that Trump is lying to white supremacists, and vice versa; they tolerate those lies because everyone lies, and because they’ve decided that he’s more honest when speaking directly to them. The only semblance of anything real can be found in personal identification with a charismatic, orange-tinted hero figure.

Vito Acconci accepted my friend request.

leftover turkey gumbo

every tree in nyc

whos ready for more fun with the annoying shithead plumber? the kitchen drain pipe from my upstairs neighbors sink has sprung a leak somewhere between apartments (probably in mine) and is leaking inside the wall. so this one wont be an easy fix. not looking forward to it.