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new absinthe in prague called T.H.C.--nice color too--most absinthe's here are clear green and suck flavor wise--this one looks translucent and may taste better cant find a shop open selling it--also in berlin we saw a super absinthe shop--looks like my favorite spanish brand has released a red colored one (why??)
prob not understandable but this could be one of the finest tea shop in the world--wish we had this kind in nyc (they dont do mail order:>(
one of the best middle eastern restaurants i have ever been to, as expensive also...
floating castles made of....
this guys (gaetano giulio zumbo--other artist are also shown on the link) works were some of the best at "7 Hills" in Berlin, they also had the best assembled "goddess sculpture's" i think ever shown 3000 b.c.+
i liked this very very much-a
we had the scarious meal in a long time in an old world (but cool) speak easy-ish super fancy restaurant**very good wines luckly**it was rough (for example brussel sproats au gratin was cold watery and cover in two slices of american style cheese...)we are in prague
Wiley has really done it this time. The white gazpacho and clam appetizer, new to the menu at 71 Clinton St., is quite possibly the greatest thing of all time. I'll try to get a picture next time, and maybe weasel some info out of the chef himself. Best bet: go without a reservation at 6:00 sharp, grab a seat at the bar, and order this app. Get out before the Upper East Side fully takes over. I guarantee you'll be licking the plate (bowl?) clean.
In case you are having trouble making up your mind, here are two web sites to help you out. The American Presidential Candidate Selector will help you pick a winner. Supposedly I should vote for David McReynolds (Socialist party - I never heard of him either,) and actually, after reading up on him, I've found we do hold a lot in common. That maximum wage thing kind of ruins it for me though. It did pick Nader as my number 2, so it's not too far off.

These questions were much harder for me to answer, but the Belief System Selector has me pegged as a neo-pagan, which, given the possible outcomes, is pretty accurate (although I don't think of myself as a neo-pagan; I prefer spiritual non-euclidean, but that's pretty much just to end those types of conversations.) How 'bout you?
Maybe we can try this. If people really want to link to NYTimes stories, try using 'www10.' instead of 'www.' in the URL. Seems to get around the annoying log in problem.
I admire from afar the world of fine dining and hate to muck up the page with my petty, pedestrian miseries but today coming off the roof to avoid torential rain I went to hide and dine at the neighborhood TacoBell and a notice on the door is giving me three days, Aug 13, to deal with the shutting down for renovation of my favorite eatery, I daresay, my shack of sustenance. Is there no end to the hardship? Speaking of hardship I contemplated the life of crime this morning at 6:20 walking the isles of a Save a Center grocery store, having already purchased my heat n' serve lunch (crawfish fettucine), I curiously wandered to the liquor isle to spy the single malt and this particular store had them all behind glass and key, and no wonder, with probably forty varieties, including beau coup Glenns, and a bottle of 18 year-old Macallan's, priced at $71. I became dizzy with desire and saw myself doing a bold smash and grab routine, but instead proceeded calmly to the checkout and paid for my banana, two glazed donuts, bag of peanuts, and the aforementioned fettucine.
Jim going out of town and asking us not to f things up, is he challenging us?
I know a few of you, like me, are on dial-up accounts through Things haven't been going too well for the last few days. Some sites load fine, others are either painfully slow, or won't load at all. My traceroutes show lots of problems all over the map, but most notably in the system. This fits with the internet traffic report which is still reporting a bbn problem in Washington D.C. (100% packet loss However, inch isn't noting that as a problem. They say
"08/08/00 11:31 The slow connections problem continues to be a circuit between Chantilly, VA and Chicago and involves Sprint. This indicates that the circuit must be used for peering (exchanging traffic) between the 2 networks. We've been assured that they have been working on it constantly, as it is affecting numerous customers in the mid-atlantic region."
Either they are missing something, or Sprint owns bbn? Is that right? I guess probably that is the case since VA seems to be about the right location. Man, if you are on the east coast, you really don't want to have a problem between you and MAE-east. Trust me. Arrrrgggghhhh. What about you non-inchers? Any noticable problems lately?
unearthing "prehistoric" central park.
Apparently 60 Minutes did a piece on Echelon last night. Did anyone see it? (Is that show still really popular?)
Here's a mass email from Michael Moore about the upcoming election. I never know what to think about this guy. Basically I agree with him on most issues, but like I said, I'm never sure what to think about him. Maybe I've just been brainwashed by the anti-Moore publicity campaign. Still, I think he's on target here. I saw Nader on Meet the Press this morning and I thought he sounded very reasonable. Even electable, although I know the odds aren't too good on that one. If the internet does play any role in the election, I'd have to think it would be to Nadar's benefit. Are emails (political spam?) like this going to do any good?
6 de 8 de 2000--Visrestaurant Lucius--very very visre!!-- best mussel's ever
so far so good in amsterdam
great exotic fruit markets. fresh fish dinner (i say too much butter, lkb was pleased).
sipping 1996 chambolle musigny premier cru by vogue on the house boat deck, watching the gay pride celebration and water boat parade.
buckle in. we visited this shop yesterday and there's more than the web site shows...
more later
From the micro-informative television news watchers at the Tyndall Report comes this great political story (last story on this page.)
"DOUSE THE FLAMES In Dade County Fla municipal elections, a firefighter candidate stumbled across a rule that county workers cannot hold elective office. 'If he wins the election, he loses $200,000 in retirement benefits,' warned NBCs Kerry Sanders. Too late to take his name off the ballot, what is a candidate to do? 'He is running the ultimate negative campaign. This candidate does not want to win. He hopes he will be able to say what few would ever want to say: Im A Loser!'"
I'll bet he wins.
Martha Rosler @ ICP & NM as per NYT :

"as of today 8/16" :More Rosler As per c.Carr @ VV

Everything is running very slow this morning. The internet traffic report is picking up a few problems (like the completely dead router at - 100% packet loss - perfect score!) At first I thought our hosts at might be suffering a DoS attack, but now it looks more widespread. Be patient.
Maybe this should go in sustenance, but the NY Post has it as an art review: the Jewish Museum 's ancient alcohol show, mentioned previously in these pages. Field trip, anyone?
wallse @ 344 west 11th st--super yummy--we ate every fish starter, some we asked for another right after finishing--i heard that the chef was so impressed that he came out to who we were, i missed that cause i was out in the other room bonding with the owner--the fish main's were even better--dessert were just ok but we didnt try enough--the meat dishes smelled and look good too and overall the dishes were light on the butter and very well flavored--worth every penny!!