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almost completely forgot in the run-up to this summers euro 2016 tournament that today is the champions league final between real madrid and atletico madrid, a rematch of maybe the 2014 final. too lazy to look it up. on fox at 245. 

watch indian-american kids sweat.... its the national spelling bee now on espn!

I WANT SO BAD......but no time:<((

lox populi

Wish you were steer. 

always been a fan of maria bamfords off kilter comedy. she has a new netflix show called lady dynamite that is.... wait for it.... getting good buzz. 

guess this is getting some buzz. what would hollywood do without comic books for source material?

Did you see this Bill?

Maximal food geek

Two episodes into the 6 episode BBC mini series, picked up by AMC,  "The Night Manager." Based on a John le Carré book. Staring Elizabeth Debicki, Hugh Laurie, and Tom Hiddleston. Pretty good so far. Not sure where I read about this, so maybe this has already been discussed....

Hallett Nature Sanctuary is one of the Park's three woodlands (along with the Ramble and North Woods). It was originally called "the Promontory" by the Park's designers. The underused and inaccessible landscape was closed to the public and preserved as a bird sanctuary by NYC Parks Commissioner Robert Moses in 1934, and in 1986 renamed in memory of George Harvey Hallett Jr., a birdwatcher, naturalist, and civic leader.

The sanctuary remained untouched until 2001, when the Central Park Conservancy took up its restoration and maintenance. Hallett Nature Sanctuary is a perfect example of how even the "wildest," most naturalistic habitats in Central Park require constant planning and care in order to thrive. As a result of the Conservancy's removal of invasive plant species and introduction of native plants, the sanctuary is more diverse and healthy than ever, supporting various wildlife populations. To learn more about the Hallett Nature Sanctuary from Doug Blonsky, the Conservancy's President & CEO, click here.

When everything else is uncertain, comfort yourself with Katz’s Ur–New York hot dog, all snap and salt under a mantle of mustard and kraut. If New York has terroir, this is what it tastes like.

No pressure, but we're expecting this sort of thing on the highlight reel.

congrats to leicester city who won the english premier league today after entering the season at 5000 to 1 odds

Probably for Dave, but I'll post it here: I watched the U.K. releases of Downton Abbey (which came out before the U.S. releases.) But am I right that for people watching the U.S. versions, that what was called the "Christmas Special" in the U.K., has already aired in the U.S.? In other words, U.S. viewers aren't still waiting for Christmas to see the final episode, are they? (I'm trying to figure out whether my father would have already seen the final episode or whether I can send it to him.)

Gowanus’ Coignet Building

where landmasses would have been in pangaea.

Streit's Matzo factory condo design revealed. Nooooooo! One and two bedrooms starting at $975,000.

Pati Hill,“Alphabet of Common Objects” c. 1975–79