NHK world online great Japan cooking shows like LUNCH ON!

Not a great rib cooker but not a quiter either so I scored an amazing slab of giant full sized ribs from Bend they provide the best meat in Portland IMHO..... I went with this advise since sdb is not my neighbor  "There are many recipes available for slow cooking foil-wrapped ribs in the oven, but the best explanation of the process I’ve seen is by Harold McGee in a June 29, 2010 New York Times article. My procedure is adapted from his." and mine slightly from his adaption....

biggest soccer game of the year, the champions league final between borussia dortmund and bayern munich is on fox at 245 est. doesnt feel all that interesting to me maybe because they are both german teams and i dont watch the bundesliga. still, they crushed both of the spanish teams they faced in the semis so they are definitely deserving. 

art with Grateful stickers (Kaz Oshiro)

coffee leaf rust

i still cant decide if this is a joke or not but with friends like these who needs facebook.

Great art ugly room

first citibike image from grand st.

hey skinny, potential packaging for Bow and Arrow?

Choosy mothers choose gif.

after an eight year hiatus arrested development returns with new episodes on netflix this sunday.

I found this on fb. Not really in his voice though. Tom watch

3-d printer food of the future

how little i know or understand of shakespeare is made apparent in that i misunderstood the most famous phrase in his body of work. i must have been daydreaming when that was explained in 9th grade english class.

remembering the cedar

My plan was to write a portrait of Phil Jackson after basketball: to capture the full mundanity of his post-N.B.A. existence. It became clear very quickly, however, that such a thing was impossible. There is no Phil Jackson after basketball.

saw this out on the hudson last week. seemed unusual but didnt realize how much.

I am the law / jersey city machine politics
Kit Carson Hopper doc