Because we’ve got the water. (PDX!!)

100 paintings

epic Texas burger roadtrip

Howard Dean should retract comment that the Donald might be a cokehead. In bad taste. Plus no known drug can make anyone such a dickhead. - Laurence Tribe

familiar with this one, ancient east village denizens? was a movie made by the guy who started two boots pizza.

grip it and rip it, arnold palmer!!!

Started a new one....

One Hour Chowda

let there be laughter

just heard some praise from mr robot creator sam esmail for bbc show fleabag now streaming on amazon.

excellent post mortem with esmail looking back over the preceding season and the reaction to it, how he approaches the show and what he is trying to accomplish. definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of the show and perhaps had some misgivings about the second season. 

you know you are a horrible person when the dalai lama mocks you.

how stupid do you have to be to use a phone traceable to your family in a bomb?

Gin pickled cucumber made in an ISI whipper.

last week: im just glad i wont have to deal with that handyman for a while...

smitten kitchen small kitchen cooking

cajun boudin

Kelp! I need somebody

Our beloved farmer in CT just started having ginger. I've never seen it like this (embarrassingly I've only had it from the bin at whole foods). Wow. So happy because I use a ton of it. 

non-actress circa 1944??


I did not know

General Mills announced in September 2014 that it would acquire organic food producer Annie’s Inc. for a fee of around $820 million, as part of its strategy to expand in the US natural foods market.

i accidentally bought some percale pillowcases and have since decided that this is the only way anyone ever buys percale. have a different opinion? come at me, bitch! (sorry, thats the cinnamon talking.)

its national cinnamon raisin bread day (look it up) and im having cinnamon raisin bread toast! look out world, i am not messing around today!

i like a lot of the people involved but im not entirely won over by the trailer for this netflix comedy anthology series. goes up sept 22.

I'll be in town for MB's birthday and will be checking this out.