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2010September11th523401 Day
10th523352 Days
9th523183 Days
7th523114 Days
522915 Days
5th522846 Days
522817 Days
3rd522778 Days
2nd522539 days
1st5223910 Days
August6th52056Dozens of shots fired...
2007May26th40918Lock The Bastards Up
April11th40217Wednesday, April, 11, 2007
March7th39679Another Email From NOLA
January1st38839The New Page
2006November21st38459RIP Eric
October14th38065Better Late Than Never
September15th37751Russia, Fresh Spinach, And The French Canadian
14th37749High On Ladders And Bocce
6th37653All Business
5th37628List Of Lists
3rd37608So Much Of Everything
August17th37363Photo: Past Painting Project
10th37265Photo: VA Porch
2nd37129Photo: Sixth Ward Sidewalk Grafitti
July31st37086Lance RIP
29th37062New Orleans Murders Itself
25th37028Photo: Rocheblave
37027Photo: Rocheblave
37026Photo: Rocheblave
37025Photo: Rocheblave
37024Photo: Rocheblave
37023Photo: Bighouse
23rd37006Photo: sunset
21st36985On Company Time
19th36962Deputy Dog Lives Another Day
18th36946One Twin Banging
17th36934Photo: Bugs In Love
36933Photo: Flower
36927Brother Dreams Of Clifford
15th36912Photo: Friend, RIP
36911Photo: Men On NO Stoop
36910Photo: NO Bangers
36908Photo: Dumaine Youngster
36907Photo: Dumaine Child
36906Photo: Dumaine Child
13th36886Photo: pond in Rappahannock
12th36865The English Of Freddy
11th36852Photo: young men on New Orleans porch
10th36832Poem For Ira
9th36821Caca Rica
8th36815Free To Go
7th36800The Legend
June30th36700Photo: Rappahannock Snapper
28th36671The Marmot King
24th36639Freddy And The Pool Monster
36637Photo: French Quarter New Orleans
23rd36629The Curse Of The Hydrangea
36626Photo: My Home New Orleans 6
36625Photo: My Home New Orleans 5
36624Photo: My Home New Orleans 4
36623Photo: My Home New Orleans 1
36622Photo: My Home New Orleans 3
36621Photo: My Home New Orleans 2
21st36595Breakfast With Petula Dvorak
36594Photo: Fence Repair, VA
36593Photo: Skyline Drive, VA--2
36592Photo: Skyline Drive, VA
18th36559I'd Forgotten About Juan
11th36466Letter To Clifford, 15
5th36403Hardhead Without A Hardhat
36396Play In Reflection
3rd3637810 Million Hydrogen Bombs
1st36356No, Really, I Am Working.
May30th36327Is That The Color?
29th36313Shadow Boxing
26th36279You Cannot Fail
19th36195Photo: Dorgenois near Dumaine
36194Photo: Club in New Orleans
36193Photo: South African Zulu
36192Photo: Waveland pool and house post-K
36190Photo: Waveland Beachfront
36189Photo: Rochelave
15th36147Photo: Mardi Gras 06
36146Photo: Lakeview kitchen
36145Photo: Lakeview bedroom
36144Photo: car, banks/dorgenois
36143Photo: 2.5 months post K 5th Ward
36142Photo: recycling plant
14th36131Photo: Waveland, Miss. 3
36130Photo: Waveland, Miss. 2
36129Photo: Waveland, Miss. 1
36128Photo: fish found
36127Photo: Lakeview 2
36126Photo: Lakeview
13th36107Cop Loving Scum
10th36077Work In The N.O.
9th36058Another Brother
7th36045500 Angry Nikes
5th36018Take The Curtain
April30th35969Jazzfest Birding
27th35936Packin' Brushes
21st35834Probation, But Congo Square
20th35818Letter To Clifford, 12
19th35800Letter To Clifford, 11
18th35786The Amiable Thief
17th35779Painting Dumaine
35776Easter New Orleans
12th35718There Go Your White Man
11th35695Letter To Clifford, 8-9-10
10th35674Letter To Clifford, 7
7th35638Renovating At Midnight
1st35582Letter To Clifford, 6
March30th35555Letter To Clifford, 5
28th35531Letter To Clifford, 4
27th35517Letter To Clifford, 3
24th35482Letter To Clifford, 2
22nd35464Letter To Clifford, 1
17th35408Shootings, More Work, And Babies
8th35304More Opinionated Rat-Laden Blathering
6th35281Temporary Catholicism
4th35272Concentrating On Rampart
3rd35256Thought I Was Wrong Once Before...
February25th35185Money For Nothing
35180Rat Thievery
19th35128Great White Girly-Man
17th35115The Pill
16th35096God Or Fried Chicken
12th35056Huge News From New Orleans
11th35047Birds, Rats, And Asswipes
8th35003The Unlucky Pigeon
5th34971The Crusty Sidekick
3rd34929The Closure
January30th34865Clifford RIP
26th34809Trailer Envy
23rd34786Here We Are
21st34749Singing In The Shower
17th34687Sharon's Eyelid
15th34635Lear Jets And Cigarettes
14th34624New O Logic
11th34573Shuffle Shake And Roll
8th34523Just An Idea.
6th34502The Posturing Of Us
4th34485More Water
2nd34450Water Main
2005December30th34406The Fuse
28th34386Four Months Down
26th34362NO Merry Christmas Memories
22nd34318Caretaker Defamation
19th34283Email From NOLA IIz
17th34273Email From NOLA IIy
14th34243Email From NOLA IIx
34238Email From NOLA IIw
12th34212Email From NOLA IIv
10th34173Email From NOLA IIu
9th34146Email From NOLA IIt
6th34119Email From NOLA IIs
34108Email From NOLA IIr
3rd34076Email From NOLA IIq
1st34044Email From NOLA IIp
November26th33970Email From NOLA IIo
23rd33934Email From NOLA IIn
20th33889Email From NOLA IIm
18th33869Email From NOLA IIl
15th33807Email From NOLA IIk
13th33783Email From NOLA IIj
12th33775Email From NOLA IIi
9th33746Email From NOLA IIh
8th33734Email From NOLA IIg
6th33690Email From NOLA IIf
5th33678Email From NOLA IIe
3rd33642Email From NOLA IId
October31st33604Email From NOLA IIc
30th33577Email From NOLA IIb
29th33569Email From NOLA IIa
28th33559Email From NOLA II
5th33318Long Live Rocheblave
September23rd33178Another Day In The Ninth
19th33116On The Beach
16th33078Be Careful
4th32967Find Katrina Victims
9th32770Think Brown And Flaky
4th32710Killing Rodents
July30th32683Ardent Squeegeeing
27th32669Dropping Acid With Alligators
25th32650When Carl Fell Down
24th32646Quality Lost
23rd32644Simple Nacho Recipe
21st32381Ghetto To Boondocks
May18th32002Eat, Deer
5th31886Burgers And Beer
April30th31840Medication Road
22nd31773The Death Of Herman
20th31751Poison Ivy Etc.
March22nd31425If Thou Be Near
17th31363Before Raking Leaves
16th31349Melba Got My Goat
15th31332Love In The 21st
10th31291Running In New Orleans
9th31271Constructing Spring
2nd31218Devil Stairs
February26th31172Cat Vomit
20th31120The Valentine
January22nd30791Thoughts From The Battlefield
21st30782Elderly Will
18th30753The Count
17th30733Note To The Youthful
16th30719Who's Your Mama?
12th30660Instead Of Cheerful
1st30501Twelve Hundred Miles Back
2004December16th30298Cooking Potatoes
15th30281Parking It
10th30220The Pink Lee Press On Nail
November26th30018Sitting And Traveling
23rd29998Full Moon Memories
16th29916Mike, The One Mockingbird
15th29909Autographed Novellas
11th29851Basketball Astronomy
8th29788Buzzard Bait
6th29769Unrelenting Quality Of Quality
2nd29704Goatman Returns
October27th29639Four More Days
22nd29569Kittens And Squirrels.
21st29546The Skull Preceding Winter
8th29380Hem And Haw
September21st29162Little Missy
1st28951Emails From NOLA
August26th28859Mr. BC's Cartoon Bubble
24th28816Focussed Smashing
13th28668A Love Story
12th28656Did Jesus Recycle?
9th28613Email Pusher
7th28583Caretaker's Wave
6th28571The Folly Of Backspin
2nd28525Cute Furry Rodent
July30th28488Ten Times Better Or Worse
28th28466BigHouse Mouse
23rd28412F Me
14th28311Eating Out Alot
June30th28150The Curmudgeon
14th27919Karma Gardener
7th27830Lollygagging Handyman
3rd27782Pretty Nice Environment
May14th27434Rocheblave Ribbon
13th27420Weekend In New Orleans
11th27370New Kid On Block
10th27360Energetic Black Dog
7th273192K's And G-Man
5th27267Dope And Ideas
4th27231Occupy America
21st26999Temporary Christianity
19th26961It's Always Also
12th26864American Inner City
March29th26662Free Sex
25th26602Photo--shooting headline
18th2649090 Degrees To The Street
11th26385My Friend, Killer
10th26362I Don't Say
9th26350Bare Breasts Of The Bourgeoisie
1st26169Rules Of Engagement
January31st25547The Tutor
29th25518The Flood
27th25494Dumaine Street
25468Day Before Super Sunday
24th25443Sleep Tight
22nd25408Ideas And Insults
21st25373Nine Life Metaphor
20th25359Step Sitting
13th25243Love No Preposition
11th25191The Wheelie Poppin' Lifestyle
10th25172Crime And Safety Minus Satan
7th25119Getting It Down
6th25104Speeding Bullets
5th25081If Normalcy Were Redefined
4th25071Broken Window
3rd25052The Chameleon And Me
1st24983Austin In And Out
2003December28th24785Keeping Easy Promises
27th24714Takes More Than A Note
26th24675Reading Light
25th24660Oh Yeah, Hey
24th24624Monday Evening
23rd24610In New Orleans
21st24585Rappahannock Out
24577Sequential Hippies
19th24552No, Pickles
18th24534Kill A Cat, Save An Artist
15th24479Be There Now
14th24460Doak Walker's Backup
13th24448Home Away From Home
12th24436Hookey In The Park
11th24405The Missing Ballerinas
10th24390Mom's Birthday
8th24352The Moonlit Night
6th24317Halfway Up The Slope
5th24294New Snow, Old P...
4th24284Weather And Football
3rd24258How He Cheers Up
November30th24216The Irony Storm
29th24152Thanksgiving 2003
26th24099Welcome Home
23rd24041I See Colors
21st24003Kid Not
20th23986The Calendar
19th23970Waiting For Me
18th23959The Inn At Little What?
12th23906Down With Love
9th23876Other People's Children
7th23869Business Or Pleasure?
5th23838The Other Caretaker
4th23829Miss Jeanne
1st23797America The Beautiful
October23rd23706New Orleans
19th23664Batteries Included
18th23658Piggy To Market
16th23620Betty's Gravestone
13th23593No Eight
9th23557Come Quickly, Be A Hero
8th23543Up In There
6th23525Passing Through
2nd23488Cell Phone
1st23481Happy Birthday Mr. BC
September30th23468New Orleans Winter
28th23439Zen Methodism
27th23434Almost October
26th23424Library Walls
8th23276Bee B-Gone
4th23235Catbox Fabricator
August27th23184Bill's Brother
26th23168Fatal Futures
22nd23129A Day Not Clicking
21st23121Cat On My Back
19th23110His Mail
18th23101Fruit And Vegetables
16th23095The Letter Of Verification
15th23076Where The Ghetto?
11th23047In Rappahannock
July21st22881Brother, Can You Spare Five Dollars?
15th22826Two Lists, An Update
10th22787Just Plain Wrong
June30th22707A Thousand Singing Chi-Os
14th22598Early Burial
12th22574Another Cat Came By
11th22566Cross Dressing
10th22562Morning Notes
4th22518Fall Down, Go Boom
May31st22481Shorty And Esnard
30th22478Slim's Opportunities
29th22467Caution And Sports
22nd22375Kids, Babes, Trucks, Pizza
19th22323Disrepaired States
18th22311Good Gide
17th22302Cheap Talk
16th22288Vertical Halo
11th22164NO Road Block
7th22070Garlic And Hustlers
6th22030Golfing Buzzards
2nd21958This Guy
April30th21913Ghetto Jogging
25th21857Health Care Professionals
21st21818Conspiracy Of Mondays
14th21625His Happy Trick
9th21526College Basketball
6th21499May Contain Doom
4th21453The Unimproved Guinness
3rd21433December 17
2nd21425My Barbecue Grill
March28th21316Final Four In Lebanon?
21st21191Nonplussing In America
19th21160Somebody In Boots
15th21107Without The Harley
14th21085After The Rainstorm
12th21045Cat Jungle
11th21033Would One
6th20968Thin Men On Rocheblave
4th20944Email From Near Galvez
20942After The Crawfish
20938Is That Spike Lee?
20935Hello Sheriff
2nd20904NO Welcome
February28th20870Alligator In Chain
27th20851Let's Party
24th20816The Sheriff And Gay Elvis
22nd20805Midday Liv-ing
20th20767Bayonets And Books
19th20754The Breaks
18th20744Thank You Mr. Byrd
4th20605Seventh Ward Gargoyles
1st20585Hootie Hoo, The Confessor
January31st20576We'll Have No Bananas
29th20549I Gave Up Sex, Again
26th20525One More Saved
25th20516It's Like Art
23rd20490Yo No Quiero Skywalker
22nd20477Southwest Winds
11th20362Musing With A BB Gun
20350Is All Good, Friday
3rd20237Jesus And The Pine Cones
1st20215Redneck Reunion
2002December30th20185Brother, Please Be Quiet
23rd20114Are You Sure You Want Out?
21st20088Dumaine HMO
20052Ethnic Humor On The Radio
18th20025His Explanation
17th20016NO Flash Picture
14th19993Profanity And The Missing Dadddies
13th19983I'm Sorry, Its Empty
19981City Park Hobos
12th19976Sleeping Around--Slackers Travel Guide
November30th19696Bad Day For A Good Boy
29th19695Hard Headed Love Affair
28th19688Erica Met A Boy Today
26th19679Georges Cometh
25th19674We Three Men
23rd19669Another Dumaine Day
19662Another Great Flood
22nd19640Hot Fudge Sunday
21st19623Death Defying Acrobats
19622Nine Inch Brains And Packin'
19621Cinematic Misbehavior
19620King Of Scream
11th19560A Recent Midnight
7th19537Do Not Read This, Sucker
2nd19505Things I Forget
October26th19466Brainless Pleasure
19th19399Possitively Puzzling
12th19342A Guarded Good Morning
5th19273I Saw Movies
19272The Mean Month
September6th19124Hexes And Religious Allegories
19123Miss Noemi
19122Synchronicity And The Jaded Warrior Boy
19121Mardi Gras Day Five
19120Mardi Gras Day Seven
19119Mardi Gras Day Eleven
4th19101The Seven Per Cent Solution
August23rd19037Mardi Gras Day 3
11th18954Mardi Gras, Day 1--The Booker T Love Child
18953Esnard Revisited
8th18926Just Another Night Out
18925Premieres Cotes De Bordeaux
2nd18871But I Am Afraid Of The Feds
July26th18806BigHead In The Morning
18805Why Slim Doesn't Date
18804TV And Drugs
19th18773Teenage Birthday
3rd18594Red Awakening
18592Wake Up And Smell The Phlegm
June24th18522The Cap And Gown
18521Feeding Fluffy
17th18487Open Sewage, A Kiss, And A Hound Dog
18485Falling Bullets Fall
6th18385Tough Love
18384Gangs All Where
May24th18280Jacking, Rats, And A Moose
18279Maureen Dowd's Make A Wish Foundation
18278Oh Little Town Of Bedlam
18277The Bell Tolls For Thee
18276The Cloth One
18275Where Is Susan Cowsill?
April30th17954More Fur And Less Nicotine
17953Hot Dogs And Hair Balls
17952Free Losers
25th17741Fools Consultation
22nd17612Talking To Travis
19th17553French Quarter Fest
11th17301The Old Man And The Alligator Boy
17300Slapping The Bayou
17299Rapping With Miss T And Satan
6th17091The Friends of Benign Intelligence
17090Death And Diet Tips
17089Going For The Gold
1st16898Shelton's Birthday
16897The Adopted Father Of Dumaine
16896Don't Pull Out Your Penises In The Park
March30th16777Short Answer
29th16729Reliving Cerviche At The Alias
18th16270Limestone Magnificence
13th16176What You Don't Know
16175God Frowns
8th15978Watchdog Backfire
4th15773Not A Haiku
15771Dead Kitty
February19th15385Slim Luck
15384Chump Pheromone
13th15254Mardi Gras
15249No Motives, No Suspects
15248The Happy Wholesome Addendum
2nd14881Rangers Meet The Baby Entienne
January27th14614The Disconnected
2001December13292Christmas Cheer
October11260Photo: Halloween on Dumaine
11257So Long Dumaine
25th11175Pork Chops And The Blonde Woman
9th10548Another Day, Or Two
23rd10109Big C
11th9678Photo: Girl on sad day
10th9599The Multitudinous
3rd9467Training Wheels
August26th9326First Two Talking
21st9234Photo: Peewee as Voodoo doll
17th9190Running Onward
8th8833Night Out
2nd8679Open This
July30th8503The Sycamore
28th8453Bayou Dreamer
27th8449Roaming Boys
22nd8178By The Way
15th7945Sisters Of Sartre
8th7767What's A Manner?
4th7708Photo: Patriotic float
June30th7606Photo: guys on Dumaine stoop
28th7564Photo: none
27th7488Photo: none
25th7455Thanks To The Living
16th7313Birds Gotta Skim
13th7229Summer Fun
11th7130Photo: none
10th7080When We Lose The Son
9th7006Still Surviving
8th7002Photo: none
6th6894Photo: none
May31st6795The Floating Slim Dandy
27th6631Photo: none
6630Photo: none
25th6556No Mercy
17th6273The Limping Mr. Roaf
15th6166Great White
6165JIM's test, a question
1st3198Cat Story
3197Incident Free
April29th3434As April Ends
15th3430Sack O' Candy
13th3426Same To You
9th3425Getting There From Here
5th3424Piggly Wiggly
March29th3423Duck And Cover
26th3422Consider The Kitten
16th3414Corner News
14th3413How Far To His Next Life?
11th3408Bon Appetit
8th3407Shut Up
6th3406Riding With Smokey
5th3405Not Yuma
4th3404Batons And Flashlights
February23rd3380Speckled Trout In River Ridge
16th3135What He Said
14th3134In Deference
3rd3133Concurrent Fantasies
January31st3132I'm Just Saying
25th3131Good As Any
18th3125Surfing Poorly
3rd3122Back To School
1st3121Bombs Bursting In Air
2000December31st3120Waiting For Hitler
27th3119What Will Happen?
26th3110Merry Christmas
20th3109The Braggart
18th3108Large Man
15th3107The Obligatory Sunlight
13th3100Haunting Of A Stranger
11th3099High School Basketball
3097Two Cousins
8th3096Why NO?
7th3095The Subsidy
5th3094Damn Right I Am
4th3093One Red, Two Green, Chocolate Cream Pie
3rd3092The Horoscope And His Love Kennel
26th3090Whatever He Says
25th3089Homecoming For Slim
3088The Wonders Of Glazing
24th3087Eulogy For Jack
22nd3086Hail NO
20th3085The Sleeping Clergymen
13th3084A Regular Conduit
3083Four Doors
9th3078End Of The Day
5th3077House Doctors
October8th3076Dumaine Poultry
6th3075Box Cutter
5th3069Me Reflecting
4th3068Vote Bully
3rd3067Got Gas
2nd3066At The Movies
September26th3040Dreiser And The Chipmunks
5th3036Wheels Of Transport
2nd3035Tompkins Square
August23rd3034Sun Summer Tour
18th3033The Neighborhood
13th3023Be Afraid
7th3022I Ching
3rd3021Five Letter Words
July27th3020Our Daily Bread, or, Jesus Said Eat Me
26th3019Brighter, Whiter, Fresher
23rd3262His Secret Is Safe
19th3017Mr. Jim Get's A Jacuzzi
17th3016Girls From The Hood
14th3015A List
10th3014Night One
7th3013Little T And The Unborn
2nd3012The Jazz Burning
June30th3011Peewee And Ken
28th3010Peewee And His Barbee Doll
20th3249It's His Coma
17th3004The Rewards Of Bad Behavior
11th3003The Shiney Black Shoe
4th3001Pobrecito Jim
May25th3000My Country 'Tis Of Thee
22nd2999This Car Going Up
19th2998A Dumaine Day
13th2990Human Shields
2989Chill Pill
12th2988Which Is Which
7th2983It Is Funny
2nd2982Bloody April
1st2981Punctuation Bitches
April29th2979Fourth Of July
28th2978A Warm Fuzzy Blanket
24th2973The Cross 2
23rd2972The Cross
21st2971Crazy White Renovator
2970The Slim Dandy Renovation
15th2968Rudyard Rap
14th2967Erica's Barricade
13th2966Slapping The Bayou
12th2965One Eyed Earl
11th3208The Big C
10th2963Clifford Lewis
9th2962Going Home
8th2961DONL 6
6th3204DONL 5
5th2959DONL 4
2955DONL 3
2958Crossing Roads
4th2957DONL 2
2956DONL 1