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archive of posts for the year 2007


July29th41715I'm Blogging Now at tommoody.us
16th41596Some New Posts at tommoody.us
14th41566Petra Cortright Interviews Silicous
41564Rudy Giuliani Is Worse Than Bush
13th41555The Art Guys - Waste Stream (Video Trashcan)
41546Tune: Grow a Brain 2
12th41542Organizing Music on a PC
41533Tune: VCJS (Slow)
11th41531Steve Mumford MSPaintified 2
41524Tune: Vox Computational (Japan Square)
10th41517I Still Don't Like iTunes
9th41509Machines Sketch
41507Scratch Ambulance CD Cover Scans
41503Ryuko Azuma Animated GIF
8th41488Mike Beradino at vertexList
7th41483Grocery Store Break Room Murals 2
6th41472Claire Corey Works on Paper 1995-6
41469Haydn Shaughnessy on Group Blogs, Etc.
4th41465Rotating GIFs
41462Problem with Comments - Fixed
2nd41449Kitchen Wall Photo
June30th41423Pixar and the Absence of Line
29th41417Layered Molecule Frame
41411Orchestral Videogame Music at the KenCen
41407Vox Computational (New Song)
28th41402Oliver Laric GIF Remixed
41382Layered Molecule
41381Bleep Dot Com
27th41365GIF Artist Unknown (GIF X 9)
26th41357WTC Temporary PATH Entrance Smashed
25th41348Protein Synthesis Classroom Film
41347More on Rhizome 2007-2008 Commissions
24th41344Blowout (YT Remix)
41337Walter Benjamin Discussed at AFC
41332Blur-Ball, Pulse Stack
41330More on Rhizome 2007-2008 Commissions
23rd41322Found Swirl GIF Grid
41319Insurgents Out, Al Qaeda In (As Propaganda)
22nd41297Unknown Company Logo X 42
41296Kristin Lucas, Paul Slocum
41294Found Handgun Diagram
41286Selected Group Websurfing Blogs
21st41285Blob - Animation of Found Stills
41284Last Week for BLOG
20th41276Untitled (Puzzle Intrusion)
41270New Track: Whiskey Tango Fubar
41267Stephen Hendee vs Nathaniel Stern
19th41252Nathaniel Stern: Sentimental Construction #1
41247Orbit GIF
18th41236More on Rhizome Commissions and XYZ Art
41234Cobra vs Baby (Removed)
41231The Mote in God's Eye vs the 9-12-01 Mentality
41223A A Attanasio: Otherlight Beginnings
17th41219Pulse 5 (Stack)
41218War Nerd on Haditha, Etc.
41215David Szafranski in Montmartre
16th412103 GIFs by Unknown Artists
15th41204Rhizome 07-08 Commissions as XYZ Art
41202Crawling, Creeping
41190Eden Replica Remixed and Extended
14th41183Hoedown (Video)
41179Motherless Brooklyn: Film Still in Our Future
41172New Tune: Eden Replica
13th41166Ownership of the Web and Its Data: Bleak
12th41157The Art Guys - Disco Saw
41155Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain
11th41148Slipstream Fiction Bibliography
10th41145JODI's Composite Club at vertexList
9th41140Extensible Cluster - Sketchy Version
41137New Track: Junebug
41134Mutantsounds: Chill, Please
41133Conserva-Kangaroos and Other Baramin
8th41131Vvork: Books, Loudspeakers
41130Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 1
41129Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 2
41128Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 3
41124Thomas Friedman on TV, 2003
7th41092Fat Target (Animated GIF)
41091Update on BEIGE Threads
6th41074Paul B Davis at Seventeen Gallery
41073Paddy Johnson on Cory Arcangel in 2006
5th41062Erik Davis on H.P. Lovecraft
41053Smithsonian American Indian Museum Photos
41052Juan Cole on Iran War Propaganda
41047RIP, Steve Gilliard
4th41045BLOG Update
2nd41033GIF Grid by Eyekhan
41032Report from Charlottesville VA
1st41023Pearl GIF Grid
41022National Museum of the American Indian
May31st41003Photos from Fresh NY Show in Scotland
40999Hieronymous Bosch Action Figures
40998Posting Schedule for the Weekend
40997Sun Ra: Disco 3000
30th40962MSPaint-ified Steve Mumford
29th40953New Track (Variation): Sacred Elephants
40952Cat Bus 5 and 6
40946Gradient Squares Animation Still
40945Macintosh - The Smoo-ooth Jazz of Computers
28th40940Digital Pog (Motivator) Grid
27th40938New Tune: Greater Powerz
40937More on Walid Raad
40933People Who Desire War With Iran
40925BLOG Installation - May 26, 2007
26th40923Charles Westerman GIF Remixes
40922GIF Artist Unknown (GIF X 4)
40917Efrain Calderon Jr. on JODI at vertexList
40916TV Static .GIF Grid
25th40912Ron Paul is N UR Debatez
40903Gradient Squares 3
24th40902Manifesto Updated
40901Exercise Molecules
40900Paddy Johnson on BLOG
23rd40883JODI at vertexList
40882Yarnstripe, by Petra Cortright
22nd40869Duke Cunningham's Potomac Water Hot Tub
40866Salon on Grindhouse Split
21st40863Square Botero in Gameland
40862Spread the Word Iraq Nam
40861A Trip to the Park by David Garvin
20th40854Eyekhan GIF Grid - Waves
40853Blog Day 2; Opening Post Mortem 2
40846Zoe Sheehan Saldana with BLOG
40844Circle Gradient 3
40843BLOG - First Post
19th40838Joel Holmberg: Scratching Post Vortex 2
40837BLOG: Working Methodology
18th40820BLOG: Test Spin
40808Ina Barfuss
17th40802Ron Paul Shines on CNN
40801Joel Holmberg: Scratching Post Vortex
40796BLOG Listing
16th40779Ghost Dog, Star Trek TNG Links
15th40774Art and...The Spirit
40759Face (Mirror)
14th40747The Gap Between Blogging and Life
12th40724Terrazzo 2
40720Minus Space Is Not a Blog (Is It a Gallery?)
11th40715The Fort Dix Six: Puh-lease
40714Televised Abstraction: Staehle, Mills
40708Tone Set - Cal's Ranch
10th40705Monochrome Gradient (Reduced)
40704Jonathan Lethem, Minus Space
40696Lost Season Three - Penultimate Episode
40683Monochrome Gradient (Animation 2)
9th40676Monochrome Gradient (Animation 1)
40675My Music on the Web
40657Large Stars and a Supernova
40653Sketch - Monochrome Gradient
40650Bitch About MSPaint Spraycan No. 322
8th40648Surface Disturbances (MSPaint)
40647Internet Acronyms
40645ArtKrush Link List
7th40630Light Bar Column
40629Green Line Pulse Column
5th40617The Extra Nice Sandman
40609Solid Definition in MSPaintbrush
4th40607Cindy Sherman vs Webcam Ninjas 2
3rd40581Molecular Dispersion (Home Kit)
40577Rough Mix, by Rick Silva
2nd40564Artist Paints Iraq Security Wall
40553Tinkertoy Stealth Fighter
1st40548Commander Codpiece Revisited
40545Flash Face (Animated)
40540Mission Accomplished 4 Year Anniversary
40531VVork Discussion Recap
40519Tinkertoy Hieroglyphs from the Hasbro Website
40517Bandar Bush Gives Colin Powell a Jaguar
29th40497Flash Faces (Semi-Normal)
40496Juan Cole's Dreamy Plan for Iraq
28th40468Zircon Structure
27th40465Mike Gravel Speaks Truth to Triangulators
26th40449Rube Goldberg Baby - Artist Unknown
40442Kit Watkins' Labyrinth Remixed
25th40430John Michael Boling's 20 Years Ago Today
40426Rise of the Silver Surfer
40425Paul Pfeiffer on Michael Jackson
24th40420Old Dude Sightings on MySpace
40419The War Wasn't Neocon Enough
23rd40401Blog (Mine) at artMovingProjects in May
40394Harry Reid on Failure of Escalation
40391Doris Norton
40386Spidey vs Doc Ock; Silver Surfer Sketch
22nd40377Pool GIF X 6
40376tedg on The Black Dahlia
20th40363Chris Ashley a la Bloglines
40360Arts-Supporting Retailer Hosts Paint Beef
19th40338Video - Art for All
40337New Song: Art for Others
18th40329MSPaintbrush Drawing
40325More on Sherman vs Webcammers
40316Va Tech Shootings
40315Petra Cortright Webcam Vid - More
17th40309Ludwig Schwarz - Three Point Play
40305Silicious: Got Laid
16th40289Linda Post at artMovingProjects (YouTube etc)
40285Roxy Paine, Albin Karlsson
40279Duo for Drum Machine and Softsynth
15th40267Horizontal Pattern Not Bar Code
40266Analogos 9 at Diapason
40265Schmulke Bruengross Gallery
14th40260Cindy Sherman vs T Shirt Ninjas
12th40235New Song: You Have No Choice (Speedy)
11th40223More VVork Hand-Wringing
40222Frankenstein Revisionism and Crap
40220Ryan McGinness and Defaults
40212Slapp Happy's Sort Of
10th40209New Song: Placeholder
40197Sol LeWitt and the Irrational
9th40169Eyekhan - Extensible Cluster Remix (Negative)
40167Andrew Cockburn on Rumsfeld
40157Blogs Turn 10
8th40144John McCain Still Supports Bush's Escalation
6th40127Paula Scher on A Blog
40124Basquiat at the Getty (Mediated)
40115New Track: Helipad
5th40102Richard Woods, Kelley Walker
4th40100Freelance Stenographer Annotated
400962 Animated GIFs by eyekhan
3rd40082Cory Arcangel Offline Text
40080Paddy Johnson on NY New Media Galleries
2nd40066iTunes New Price Structure
40055Hexagon on Saturn
March31st40040Petra Cortright Selected System Landscapes 2
40038Bass Iterator 2
40034Video Created to Fix Stuck Pixels Redone
40032Petra Cortright - Selected System Landscapes
30th40017Enigmatic Rap (Piano Version)
29th40014Lost Season Three
40013Sorting Is the New Breakdance
40012Ryuichi Sakamoto, Barbara Morgenstern
40002Attack of the Clones 5: Ant Colonies
28th39987Attack of the Clones: Screen Burning
39978Namenwirth, Arcangel on Online Exhibiting
39974Generation - Artist Unknown
26th39960Cheney: There He Goes Again
39959Kymlinge: Dystopia in the Making?
25th39950Fill Pattern Abstraction
39948Active Worlds vs Second Life
24th39941Raimondo on House's Supposed Antiwar Bill
39940Enigmatic Rap
23rd39931Webcam - Petra Cortright
21st39903More Nasty Nets vs Supercentral Beef
39901The Muster
398891997 JODI Interview
20th39879Small Discs 2 (Detail)
19th39867Matt Taibbi on Warmonger Thomas Friedman
39865Reddy Kilowatt
39859Hey Look At Me
39858Central Limit Theorem With Slight Head Start
39857Mosaic GIF - Artist Unknown - 15 Times
39856Bubble GIF - Artist Unknown - 9 Times
39855Baby Sloth, Art Writing
16th39818Extensible Cluster - Colors - 25 Times
39814Hillary's Great Iraq Plan
15th39773Gymnast GIF via 4Chan
39771Baudrillard Tribute on World of Warcraft
39770SNOCAP Online Music Store
39768Dallas Morning News - Still Protecting You
39764Bonsoir Bonaire Variation
39763Maurice Flambeed
14th39757Art, Morality, camille.pb, Stuart Davis
13th39754Nasty Nets at Telic
39752We Just Want to Help Out
12th39740New Tune: Bonsoir Bonaire
39736Alan N. Shapiro on Lost
11th39728J. Humbert - Brainwave Etch a Sketch, 1974
10th3972650 Years of Science Fiction-Fantasy Books
9th39696New Track: Mouse Party 2
8th39690Vortex 1 - Turtle Fist Clan
7th39675Mary Benedicto, Kathleen Daniel (Silicious)
39674Planetesimals (Captures from Video)
39667Rarr - Artist Unknown
39664RIP, Jean Baudrillard
6th39656Fire Dept. at Work
5th39638Moreno, Van Gogh, Digital Reproduction
39631The Anti-VVork: A Prospectus
4th39627More eyekhan vs moody - extensible cluster
3rd39622Eyekhan - Extensible Cluster Frame E Remix
39621New York Times vs Triple Candie, Part 2
39620Green Wall Molecule
39618Black Ice
2nd39607Extensible Cluster - Frame E
39603earcon Mods-Rockers Web Page
1st39593Mood Ring (Extended)
39589Extensible Cluster - Faster
39588Extensible Cluster - Frames
39587Kasey Kite 3 Boxes GIF X 4
39574More Hersh on Anti-Iran Measures
February28th39573Extensible Cluster - Large
39568Comic-Con vs Fine-Art-Con
39565Contemporary Home Computing
39559Extensible Cluster
27th39548Juan Cole on the Oil Wars
39545Geraldo and Maude Poster
26th39532Drawing Demo DVD and Dream
39531Guilty GIF
39525Seymour Hersh on the Coming Iran War
25th39524A**h*les Make The Internet Difficult
24th39512Hardware Setups for Gallery Computer Work
23rd39503Neg-Fi at Union Pool 2
22nd39491Video - Completed and in Progress
39489Neg-Fi, Others at Union Pool in Brooklyn
21st39479Screenshot of GIF Frames From Screenshots
39478Sixth Anniversary Post
20th39461Currency Logo from Neil's MySpace Page
19th39456Big Rock Grid--the Soundtrack
18th39448Steady State Funk
39447The Wire Season 2 Complaints
39442Kristin Lucas at Postmasters
17th39441Senate Fails Us Again on Iraq
39438Cell Phone Balkanization vs Net Neutrality
16th39431Miklos Suba and the Future of Brooklyn
15th39416Big Rock Grid--Single Animated GIF
39410Big Rock Grid
39405Cat Bus YouTubes by Anthony Leslie
14th39393Tesseract Ranch
13th39382Fiona Banner vs Chris Burden
11th39362New Track: Tesseract Farm
10th39346Mark Dagley, Don Voisine
9th39335Alternate Questions for AICA CAA Panel
8th39327The Art Guys - Goatee Off
39326The Art Guys' Jets at the Dallas Museum 1991
39325The Art Guys at Tampa Museum of Art
7th39305Mood Ring - GIFs and HTML
39304Abstract Thinking (Photons)
6th39293Untitled (Chris Ashley) - GIF Grid
39292MOMA Bag Interrogation
5th39285Gary Hill Tribute
4th39278Gary Hill at Barbara Gladstone
2nd39256Paddy Johnson on Aitken's Sleepwalkers
39245Abstract Thinking (Quiet)
39244Sparkling Columns
1st39238New Tune: Abstract Thinking
39236Fresh NY in Perth, Scotland
39226WFMU Sixty Second Song Contest
January31st39214Edward B. Rackley on $100 Laptops
30th39199Nasty Nets: 2001 [counter-directional arrows] 2006
39194Unknown Artist's Scooter Cat Plugs TYITI2006
39191Kassettenater; Luis Trenker
29th39181Loudness Comparison Chart
39180Song 15 (Nosebone)
28th39166Sine GIF - Artist Unknown
27th39154Iraq in Talks With Chevron, Exxon
25th39131Professional Surfer; Nasty Nets; LowerMyBills
39130Song 14 (Dirty LFO)
39122Sturtevant Quote and Photo of Her Work
23rd39104Piston GIF - Artist Unknown
22nd39096Perpetual Motion Graphics
39094Destino by Dead Dali and Dead Disney
39086R. Murray Schafer's The Soundscape
21st39079On Copyrighting Public Sculpture
39076McDonald's, McDonnell Douglas, Friedman
19th39067My American Wildlife Drawing Demo: YouTube
39066Juan Cole on Cheney vs Iranian Moderates
39064MTAA's Infinite Smile
39059Tony Conrad at Greene Naftali
18th39052Song 13 (Quatrains)
17th39042Song 12 (Simple Waveforms)
39041Science Fiction and Quote The Future Unquote
16th39029Retail Cutbacks and the Zeitgeist
39026SF Diary: Van Vogt, Harness, Attanasio
15th39023Song 11 (Magic Fingers)
14th39012Hacking vs Defaults
13th39009Year in the Internet 2006
39008Song 10 (MG)
12th38998jimpunk - Buckyball Bob
38997Too Many Grooveboxes
38996John McCain Supports Bush's Escalation
38992Clip City Again Sort of Mastered
11th38964Song 9 (Wipeout)
10th38961Ralson Crawford
38960Pie Chart
38958New Republic Supports US Hegemony
38955What a Quiet Stiff - New Photos
9th38952More on Cody Trepte
8th38941Hackers, the Movie
38938Stop the Iraq Escalation
38936Spiral - Artist Unknown - Variations by Others
38935Slow Robollywood
38933Muchos Grooveboxes
7th38926RingMod Plus Beats
38923Beats (Song 8)
38922Ring Modulation Demo
5th38902Cody Trepte - (for Alan Turing) at NYU
4th38900Miami Recap; AFC Best of Web 06
38896Spiral - Artist Unknown - GIF enlarged X 10
38895Subharmonic Duo
3rd38874Subharmonic Duo (Piano Version)
2nd38872Dyspeptic Bass
38855More on Timbre in Current Music
38851Daniel Levitin: The Timbre Theory
1st38840Acen - Trip II the Moon on YouTube