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archive of posts for the year 2005


December30th344038-Bit, the Movie
29th34398More Gilliard on the Transit Strike
34390Stab Array
27th34374Drawing of Woman Holding Camera
34373Heavy Heavy Hippos
25th34358Smiley Christmas Tensegrity Tree
34357Alan Shapiro on Evil Kirk and Weak Kirk
34353Drat Fink Was Here: Ace Tone Rhythm Ace
24th34341Anaba on Grocery Store Outsider
23rd34330Meet John Doe: A Movie for Now
22nd34319Sid Suite No. 10: Crickets
21st34310Curtains for You (Expanded)
34309Superlowrez at vertexList
20th34303John Zoller: Shearing Sheep in Nevada
34299Transit Strike Pro and Con
19th34278Curtains for You - New Track in Progress
17th34274More on La Superette
34272Astra Taylor's Slavoj Žižek Film
34269No Chrome Spheres Over Checkerboards
16th34256Chronicles of Narnia's Biblical Parallels. Not.
15th34252It's About the Oil, You Chumps
34247Neg-Fi at La Superette 2005
14th34234Artkrush on Art Blogging
13th34218More on delicio.us Sale
12th34217Yahoo, Murdoch, Acceptable Transgression
11th34189Marcin Ramocki at artMovingProjects
10th34174O Show Pics, Press Release, Etc.
34165Science Fiction Publishing and Capitalism
9th34152and-or gallery Animation of Work in Process 2
8th34145and-or gallery - 2nd Work in Progress 2
34135and-or gallery - Animation of Work in Process
7th34125and-or gallery - 2nd Work in Progress
34124Kid Reviews Paul McCartney's Newest
5th34103Chris Ashley Untitled 9
34102Sam Hamm Interview Re: Homecoming
4th34087Aeon Flux Movie - Why Oh Why?
34085and-or gallery - Work in Progress 4
34081and-or gallery - Work in Progress 3
3rd34077Trip to wd~50
34065and-or gallery - Work in Progress 2
1st34049and-or gallery - Work in Progress
34039Strawberry 'n Cream (Granola Box)
November30th34025Godhopper, Looplament
29th34003Suite 6 (E-Piano)
28th33991Roy Stanfield Drawing Based on Google Images
27th33989Francis Picabia and Regression
33986Slow Hooterville
33985More on Trackers vs Sequencers
26th33966Douglas Irving Repetto at Location One
25th33962Suite 6 and Other Sid Songs
33959Sidney Blumenthal on Cheney
3395823 Reasons to Spare New York - 2nd Showing
24th33946Coffee Filters
33944I Hate DC
23rd33924New Tree Server Goes to Co-Location Facility
33916The O Show
21st33895Two Bass Salad
19th33880Evil Watergate
18th33872Protest Song Variation, Marching Morons
33862Paper Rad Info (Blog)
17th33840The Adventures of Prince Achmed
33838Music Diary: MOTU Interface and Laptop
16th33817Yuppie Rape of the High Line
14th33787Cory Arcangel, Allan D'Arcangelo
33786The THING - Death Star Headquarters
13th33782Jason Duval Dorota Kolodziejczyk Ross Knight
12th33778Mike Weiss Calls Cops on Eric Doeringer
10th33756Granola Box
33755Noa and Alphonse
9th33749Transparent Processes at the Kitchen
7th33708Eric Doeringer Hassled by Art Dealer
6th33694Self-Corrections to Rhizome Interview
33692Lysergic Interlude (Trance Moves)
4th33669Jack Kirby Mandala
33668A A Attanasio's The Last Legends of Earth
3rd33650Libby and Presidential Legitimacy
33641Sarah - Drawn From Uscha Pohl Photo
2nd33627Protest Song (Human Crab Louse)
33626More Tortured Defense of My Music
33625Tom DeLay - Redneck, Human Crab Louse
October31st33603Excerpt from Rhizome.org Interview
33593INVINCIBLE Birthday
33592Permanent Chase and Self-Justification
33587Happy Birthday to Me; Tom the Pumpkin
33584Thoughts on Presets in Music
29th33567Bush Family Dialogue Corrected
33564Cory Arcangel Interview With Me - Rhizome.org
28th33560Jim Louis First Person Report on New Orleans
27th33554Generator.x, Marius Watz
33553Ran Prieur; More on Carter's Sweater
33539Jerry Saltz on Ludwig Schwarz
26th33532House Classics for Solo Organ Climbs Charts
33531Something Clicked (Reaktor)
33530Clip City Reposted
24th33506Thor Johnson Mashup of OptiDisc Designs
23rd33504Chappelle's Routine About the Man on the Bus
33503Atom Kitty Animation
33500Clip City, Tasteful Triphop, New Drum Machine
33498Maakies - The Bookworm & The Junky
21st33492Tom Delay Perp Walk Photos
33489Pulsating Optical Disc Internet Sketchbook
20th33483OptiDiscs - Net Art to Video Art
19th33478My NY Arts Interview Out in Print Edition
33476Young Turds Tribute Page Updated
17th33464Paul Bremer, Author and Stooge
33461Memorial Wall of Fired Governent Employees
16th33460Lysergic Interlude (Ice Cream Dude Sells E)
15th33451jimpunk Joseph Beuys remix
14th33436Pessimistic About Plamegate
33435Musicmaking Report
12th33418Current Mood, Current Music
33409Molecule on Granola Boxes
33408Bad Net Art and Good (Bullets!)
9th33381Stephen Bush at Goff + Rosenthal
33376Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist
8th33370Scooter's Love Letter to Judy
7th33357Smithson vs Christo vs Bruce Dern
33345A A Attanasio's Radix
6th33335New Song: Glitch Western
5th33316Wormy Drawings and Edge Smoothing Evil
4th3331093 in the House
3330925 Questions About the Murder of New Orleans
3rd3329123 Reasons to Spare New York - A Report
2nd33288Super Mario Amateurs vs Sean Landers
33285Note to Debra Burlingame: Please Go Away
September30th3327023 Reasons to Spare NY - Video Program
33267More Knucklehead Texas Looting Defenders
29th33262Dieu Donne Auction Preview
33258Be Three Dub Plus Numerous Digressions
28th33250Tom Delay Indicted
33248Carter's Sweater - The Myth Will Not Die
33246Why Texas Had Few Looters
33243Blinking Red Light Grid 2
27th33229New Art*!_Work Show Photos
26th33215Cindy Sheehan Arrested
25th33198Corrected AP Story on DC Antiwar March
33195Big Antiwar Protest Today in DC
33193Matt Harle Studio Exhibition
24th33188Blinking Light Grid
23rd33180Rhythm Box DnB: Posse on Greenwich
22nd33157Bill Schwarz - Ohio Flood Pictures from EBay
21st33147Two Inch Nails
20th33140Snapped Bolt on My Bike Seat, Fell Down
33139Gilliard on Cindy Sheehan Suppression in NY
33132Norman Foster Hearst Tower Almost Complete
19th33114IMDb Review of Carpenter's Prince of Darkness
18th33109Riveter and Explanatory Notes
17th33092Mixing Musical Snippets at Slate
33083Gridbug Variation
16th33075Drawing: Spheregate Frame 5
14th33060Wormy Animation Transition Still - Enlarged
33059Thoughts on Sampling and Copyright
330529/11 Protests on 9/11/05
13th33048Roeper Katrina Disaster Quotes
12th33036Stefan Eberstadt Rucksack Haus 2
33034More on iTunes
33033Why iTunes Sucks; Apple vs Frances Hwang
11th33031Rove, September 11
33026Thorrific - Art, Video, Music
10th33025Chris Ashley; Empyre Aftershocks
33023Repub. Inclusion; Cheney Hears Own Epithet
9th33020Stefan Eberstadt Rucksack Haus
33014The Belgians (Track) and RMIV
8th33003Travelers Diagram Virtual Met Tour
7th32995New Track: Micrometallic
6th32984Dearth of the Cool - Reaktor and B4 Versions
5th32969Dearth of the Cool
4th32956Sketch of Fashion Model
3rd32953Stratfor on Geopolitics of KatrinaBush Disaster
32949WFMU Message Board on Politicizing N.O.
32947FEMA vs Reality
32936Pre-Hurricane Violence in New Orleans
2nd32933New Orleans 2
August31st32924Kodwo Eshun on Sound as Theory
32922New Orleans
30th32920First Ever PC Meltdown
29th32907The Interruptor VST Plug-ins; Represent or Die
32906Paul Slocum Cynthcart; SID Chips Generally
32904Jack Masters - Google and Noise Music
28th32902African Textiles Made with Logo Program
27th32897Cyclops - Color Version
26th32886Robollywood; Darken Room, Eat Pills
25th32879Colonel Sanders on Steroids - Artist Unknown
32875Link to My Kara Hammond Essay
24th32869Three Views of Grizzly Man
23rd32866Smeagol Behind the Wheel - Artist Unknown
32865Greater New York '05 Online Gallery
22nd32859Bob Moog, R.I.P.
21st32855Cock of the Walk 2, Blistering Lead, Be Three
19th32835Greater NY 05 Impressions Gedi Sibony Drawn
18th32833Juan Cole on Iraq Insurgency Makeup
17th32827Atomic Cinema on Sam Fuller's Forty Guns
15th32821Bell-Smith Hromack Rackley Adrien75
32818Baseball Doofus - Artist Unknown
14th32810James Wagner and Photo Blackout at PS1
32809Cock of the Walk; Feather Duster
12th32796Green March - Jake Mandell Kit
11th32795New Track: Piano Bar
32794Cyclops - MSPaintbrush Photo Drawing
32793Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man
32784Kara Hammond - Jetpack, Portapotty
32783Gordon Matta-Clark: Fake Estates
10th32776More on Kuspit Digital Art Essay
7th32755Donald Kuspit on Digital Art; MTAA
32754Unfriendly Satellites; Some Secrets Revealed
6th32741Howler on NY Times Blogging Editorial
5th32717Some Portraits of Mine in Munich
32714NY Cops Break Up Gavin Brown Afterparty
4th32707Paul McCarthy at the Haus Der Kunst
3rd32703Kara Hammond Notes
32699Surfing in the English Garden
July27th32672Taking a Few Days Off
26th32661Kara Hammond 2
326581987 and Other July Tracks
25th32656Highlighter Drawing - Pink and Yellow
23rd32642LoVid, Others Upcoming at Kitchen - Photo
32640Spielberg's War of the Worlds
32638Bag Searches in NY Subways
22nd32637Audrey Zapp - Formerly Back to Fairfax Circle
32635In the Temporary Transit Hub at WTC: Report
32628Back to Fairfax Circle, Renamed Audrey Zapp
21st32620Zipatone Omniverse and Detail
20th32616More on Rove and Plame, Rove and Plame
19th32613Rove and Plame, Rove and Plame
32609Exit Strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan
18th32603Extreme Abstraction 5
17th32595New .mp3 - Nine Inch Bells
16th32588Extreme Abstraction 4
32587Futuresonic: Low Grade: Fuzzy Logic
15th32584New Track: Cryptkicker
14th32571Zipatone Omniverse Sans Detail
13th32563Extreme Abstraction 3
32554I Need A Break
12th32547Famous Kru(e)gers Explained
10th32526Enright R:mix - Extreme Abstraction 2
8th32517Chris Ashley on the Albright-Knox, also ExAb 1
32514Buckyball Cannibalized 4
7th32508London Bombings
32498WTC: Controlled Demolition Speculation
5th32484Interview with Yrs Truly in NY Arts
32483jimpunk Buckyball
32482Afghanistan Was Not Good
32480Famous Kru(e)gers
32478Drum Reverie
32477Buckyball Cannibalized 3
4th32472July 4 2003 Recycled Post
32470Buckyball Cannibalized 2
32469More on Lynch Daily Report
3rd32460Buckyball Cannibalized
2nd32458David Lynch Daily Report
32457Mouse Party (.mp3)
32456Executive Decision and Failure of Imagination
1st32447Land of the Dead; Joe McKay's Press Enter to Exit
June30th32441New Track: Grow a Brain
32439Philosophical Toys
29th32437Chris List at Sam Ash Reaktor Clinic
28th32433Reposted Diptych
32431Buckyball (Rorschach)
32429Art Is For The People - Texas Blues
27th32426Travelers Diagram, dataisnature, Rob Myers
26th32422Comcast Outage Stifles Posting
24th32415New Track: Fly by the Pool
32414Abe Linkoln Remix of My GIF
32413jimpunk Remix of My Painting
23rd32397Paper Rad, Matt Barton, Paul Slocum
32396I Never Yell...On Your Left...When Biking
32384Your Photoshopped Culture on AMC
21st32379Kitty Drawing
20th32373Swarm - Scan of 4 X 5 Transparency
18th32351More on Kim's Video Raid
32350Masters, Hallenbeck, Slocum, Bell-Smith
17th32326Spraycan: MSPaintbrush Drawing
32325Hello Down There (Short Percussion Piece)
16th32315Wormy Animation Frames 9-16
32312Win 1000$ for Your Personal Website
32310Saving on Don Henley and Stevie Nicks
15th32295Justin Samson - Photos of Exhibition
32293Sturtevant Duchamp Show at Perry Rubenstein
14th32289Vernor Vinge, Jean de Florette, Safe Area Gorazde
13th32278Found Napoleon Dynamite Liger GIF
32277Vernor Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky
32276Kim's Busted for Evil Mixtapes
32271Frm the Burgeoning Mus. Lib. - Dude You Rule
12th32266More Downing Street Memo
32263Wormy Animation - Pencil Test 2
11th32258Chris Ashley, Frank Q. Jones, Paper Rad
32251Frank Q. Jones - Lifespan
32248Napoleon Dynamite, The Layer Cake
9th32236Wormy Animation as a Class Formant
32234Wormy Animation Pencil Test 1
8th32220Work in Progress: Wormy Animation Frames 1-4
32216Downing Street Memo
7th32203Elijah Wood 20 Times
32202Girls Want Guys With Skills
32201Adios jimpunk
32195Digby on Medical Pot
6th32193Protest Warriors to Iraq
32189The Ultimate Cyberpunk
4th32176hiphop guitar (dj 8kbps remix)
3rd32165MEQ AND THE URS: Sidstation Tunes
2nd32164Send a Republican to Boot Camp
32149Hiphop Guitar - Final Version and Drums Only
1st32136ART@><*WORK - Final Installation Shots
32135ART@><*WORK - My Photos of Other Cubes
32130Last Two Cubicle Drawings
May30th32119Drawing of Somogyi, Greenfield Xerox Print
32118More Damn Wormy Drawing
29th32112Iraq in America: Grace Graupe Pillard
28th32111Wormy Pastel-y Drawing
32110Demon Blob - Sans Tokyo Bay
27th32107Aye-aye-aye - Techno House
32104More on Damned Hippies
26th32098Kramer on Anxiety in Tulips, Lemons
25th32089Justin Samson, Mondo Mondo Trading Post
32087Col Hogan and His Heroes After Bagram
32082More Wormy Art Drawn in My Cubicle
24th32071Happy E-tune Dance Party Remix
23rd32058Wormy Noodly Things Drawn in My Cubicle
32057Gary Wilson - Mary Had Brown Hair
21st32047Animated GIFs: Masters, Hallenbeck
32046Donald Rumsfeld: Loser
32039Film That Time Forgot: Hello Down There
20th32029Reggae Scratchin Swedish Deathmetal Version
32023Chris Ashley's ART*!!^WORK Photos
19th32016Press on Art@*WORK and Blog Panel
18th32004Lucas Samaras Hands Animated GIF Repost
32001Steven Parrino
31999George Galloway Tears US Senators a New One
16th31980Reggae Scratchin, Slowsteppin, Postin mp3s
31979Blogging &The Arts Panel 2; Chris Ashley
31974Day 2 in the Cube: Chloe Stage Two
14th31964LOLLERCOASTER - Travis Hallenbeck
13th31958New mp3: Alpha Romeo
31957Today in Iraq Added to Links
12th31955Fear vs Susan Sontag
31954Large Bit Abstraction
31952The Barger: Williamsburg Art Chat
31936ART)@*!(WORK Opening; Irene Moon
31932Art**Work Opening Tonight
10th31931Oppose the National ID Card
31930tedg on Kingdom of Heaven
9th31923Go East - Additive, Subtractive
31917Pentagon Censors Photo of Returning Dead
31916More On The Cubicle Project
8th31910Art at Work Show Installation Shot 1
7th31907My Piece in ART*!(%WORK
31906God of the Fundies: Let the Tuning Commence
6th31895Nice Curves .mp3
5th31882More on Hirst's So-Called Apathy Paintings
4th31877Damien Hirst at Gagosian
2nd31855Gender and the Art Market, Peyton Slapped
31848Lucas Samaras - Hands - Animated GIF
31845Bent 2005 Circuit Bending - Paul B. Davis
April29th31838Crook Chalabi to Iraq Oil Ministry
31835Jack Masters Correction
31831Lucas Samaras, Walter Redinger
28th31812Harrison Bergeron and Contagious Media
27th31807The Case for Softsynths
31806Dowd on Bolton and Other Bush Failures
26th31796Saltz on Artforum Diary
31795Castlezzt Update, Jack Masters Blog
25th31790AMC - Censor Calls the Kettle Black
24th31785Happy E-tune - SidStation
22nd31775Iraq News Is Mostly Bad
31774Happy E-tune
31764Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep
21st31760Little Shrieker
31759Calypsum 2 with Bonus MIDI File
19th31742Botero on Abu Ghraib
31738The Slow Dimension: Two Conversations
18th31731Andrew Coulter Enright, High Line, etc.
17th31722SCREENFULL vs Jerry Lewis
31714Steamboy; Dedicated to BK
16th31711Karl Jensen, John Monti, Momenta Art Benefit
31710Felicity Hogan, Steve Voll, Annette Cords
31705SCREENFULL Wallpaper Paintings
15th31696Calypsum 2, Formerly Theme from PLUTE
13th31681Olia Lialina on the Early, Vernacular Web
12th31669McMother - European McD0nald's Ad
31661Recipes for Animated GIF, Music Piece
11th31650The End (Tom Moody vs jimpunk)
10th31647Takashi Murakami 3
9th31643Kaba Kick vs Captain Goto
8th31639Takashi Murakami
31627Spheres on Checks, 1994
7th31620XML Problem Fixed -- For Now
31616The Boy Who Liked Chicken
31609Music Diary, Miles Kit Experiment
31606Thanks to Bill; More on 9-11-01
6th31601Bill Schwarz: LA Drunk Tank, 1955
31600Bill Schwarz Guest Post
31593David Peel and the Lower East Side on the Pope
31592Cascone - Glitch Music; Sanneh-Neill - Moby
31587hiphop_guitar, free_alpha, darkest_nerk_scanner
31584Guest Blogger: Bill Schwarz
5th31577Advil Box, 1994
4th31565Drum Thing; Mutated Drums
3rd31558Matt Freedman - Twin Towers at vertexList
1st31547Sol Kramer and the Lighten the Fuck Up Rule
31538Drum and Bass: One to Thirty
31533William Kristol Gets Pied
March30th31521Dick & Lovecraft Bashed (Again) in Bookforum
31509Procession (Cooked)
28th31489Abstract Ministeck Patterns by Stacia Yeapanis
27th31482Tune in Progress (Procession) & Music Diary
31478Frankie Martin One Minute Rave at Canada
25th31455Momenta Art Donation
24th31451Tom DeLay Is Declasse
23rd31445House Classics for Solo Organ; Very Short Rave
21st31404Mapping Sitting vs One Hour Photo
31401Paul Slocum Circuit Board Piece
31391Sidstation Learning; Music Tech vs Art Tech
20th31389New mp3: The Star Pools
31382Kimmelman Wins a Gradgrind
18th31375Greater NY 2000 alum: Nina Katchadourian
31368New Track: The Elect Tribe
17th31365Artists Still Emerging in GNY2005
16th31350Greater New York 2000 alum: Jesse Bransford
15th31341Greater New York '05 Revisits Artists from '00
14th31326Political Rallies in Lebanon
13th31316MTAA: PS1's Website Redesign Sucks
12th31311More castlezzt.net
31304The Cult of Reduction: Modern Kicks Discussion
11th31300New Track: Groove-stricken
10th31290Reel for Omniverters (Final and Beats)
31284Double Alpen, 1995
9th31282(Non) Abuse of Digital Equipment
8th31261Abuse of Digital Equipment Continued
7th31252Screenfull Magnolia Remix; Rain Man
5th31237Drx: You Can't Abuse Digital Instruments
4th31225Magnolias, 1994-1996
2nd31217Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind DVD
31208Bodenstandig and the Tracker Scene
February28th31195More from castlezzt.net
31193Bodenstandig 3, John Parker, Jungle Origins
26th31178More on Bodenstandig 2000
25th31159castlezzt Animated GIF (In Grid)
24th31148Low Level Allstars at Deitch & Rude Audience!
23rd31140Strychnine Express: Acid MIDI
22nd31132Dot Sample Grid (Spacebloom Rmx)
21st31126Audio Sketchbook: 8 New Tracks
31125Michael Wolf: Hong Kong Architecture Photos
18th31101Noah Lyon vs the Christos
31095Iman, 2005, Digital Photograph
17th31093Rave Video Stills Explained
31077New Video of Mine: Guitar Solo
31076Cuechamp's .mp3 Blog
16th31063X-MIX Series - Belated Review
31059Christo vs Ross Knight
14th31043Rave Video Stills - Grid of 30
31042TV Static Photos (With Ray Rapp) - Grid of 30
13th31036Christo Alternative Proposal
31034Christo (Re)Discovers Orange
12th31031Juan Downey & Fred Pitts: Against Shadows
11th31027MSPaintbrush vs. MSPaint: Biennial Refresher
31020More on Christo and Jeanne-Claude
31016Trix3 and Ideal Beauty - MSPaintbrush
31014Bug Seven
31013Surge Drawing (Black Stripes)
10th30996NY Times Ad Model, MSPaintbrush
9th30989Paul Slocum Early Techno, Chris Ashley
7th30954Quiz Show Sucks
6th30950Stephen Malinowski
5th30941Under a Minute Music: Mister Arkadin
30940Thomas Dolby, Ringtones, and Art
4th30932Alberto Electrodes Gonzales Confirmed
3rd30913Neg-Fi, Aaron Yassin, Jason Freeman
30911Leif Ritchey at ATM 3 - Biblical Version
2nd30904Barium Titanate Animated
30903Bill Schwarz vs Design Sponge
1st30888Abstraction with Two Centrifuges
30886Vietnam Vote Flashback
30884Interview with a C0mm3nt Spamm3r
January31st30877Disc, 1999
30874Iraq Referendum, er, Election
30th30872Iraq Election Reality Check
29th30862Cheney Dresses Like Clown at Auschwitz
28th30860Michael Bell-Smith's Top of the World Video
30859He Said Manimal
27th30851Still More Metablogging
30850Animated .GIF: Blinking Spheres
26th30838Senators Who Voted Against Rice
30827Big N-Os to Alberto Gonzales, Rice
30826Jay Jay's Apartment (Nerdy & Cool Versions)
24th30810Demon Blob Over Tokyo Bay
30809Garbage Bag Aesthetics: ForceFlex
30807More x-eleven; Hand Painted Digital
23rd30801Coil, Ink and Acrylic on Paper, circa 1995
30800Assault on Precinct 13 Remake 2
22nd3079254th Street Studio Shot - Large Discs
21st30786Assault on Precinct 13: Before Sunrise
30785Chris Ashley Untitled (Transit, Windows, Ribbons)
30781Schjeldahl Condescends to East Village
20th30774Candy Chang Rodchenko in My Bauhaus etc
30773Blues for DG Revised & Piano Omniverters
30772Cubist Gunfire
19th30765Jude Tallichet Upcoming at Sara Meltzer
30757Heat Sensor, Bubblyfish, jenghizkhan
30755New Track: Reel for Omniverters
17th30735Leif Ritchey at ATM 2
16th30727Missouri Breaks; The Aviator
30722Detail of Super Mario Movie Poster
30718Super Mario Movie, Super Heads of State
30717Wikipedia on Fictional Chemical Substances
15th30706Leif Ritchey at ATM
14th30700First Photo of Surface of Titan
30688Notes on Arcangel Show
13th30680Eric Doeringer Bootlegs
30679My Nephews Play Super Mario 64
30674Big Bit Vortex vs. jimpunk
12th30671L.A.: Art Scene of Grad Schools
30668Norton Symantec Hell
30666Correction on Cory Arcangel Opening Date
30661Cory Arcangel Opens Jan.13 at Team
30658Revised Sentences in Parrino Post
11th30653Greater ('97) from Naples FL Newspaper
30652Greater ('97) from Defunct Illinois State U. Page
30644New Main Site Page (?)
30641Big Bit Vortex (MSPaintbrush)
10th30639Jonathan Drummond-Webb: Was He Right?
9th30633Steven Parrino
30631Steve Gilliard on Dialogue w Conservatives
30627Chris Ashley - Untitled (Charles Biederman)
8th30624tedg on Scorsese's The Aviator
7th30607Music Studio Diagram (Hand Sketch)
306042 Vids: Dancin' (Please Register), Exit Maurice
30603Blues for DG & Long Winded Explanation
30597Studly Music Studio Photo - 2003
6th30568Fake Is The New Real, Good Good-Bad JPEGs
30567Von Bitch
30566Throb Really Really RIP
5th30554Hacker Fashion Photos from BEIGE
30553Edward Rackley: Govt. by Predation in Congo
4th30542Paul Slocum's Bad JPEG Run Through knitPro
3rd30529Needlepoints of Bad JPEGs; Julian Stanczak
30527Simon Singh on Albert Einstein
2nd30521New Track: Pops at 49 (Micro-Trance)
30512XP Hardware Failure: Intro and Main Theme
1st30507Cowbug Rendered in microRevolt's knitPro