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archive of posts for the year 2004


December31st30485The Shadow Internet
30483New (Old) x-eleven Track - Ecstasy
30th30460Problems With E-mu Sampler
30459Oriane Stender - Dinars to Dollars
29th30454Krumping vs Kaiju Big Battel
30450Tsunami and Gaia
28th30434Art in America, Marie Omann on Art Blogs
30431Atlanta Airport Photos 12-23-24
26th30422More on Scratch Code: Peter Vogel
30419Manfred Mohr 2
25th30408Atlanta Airport 2004
23rd30384Alex Wilson Christmas Cards, Joe Louis
22nd30380Fighting On Is The Only Option
30373Twirler (aka Double Centrifuge)
20th30358C0mm3nt Sp4m
30353Scary George Bush Picture
18th30321Top Ten 2004
30319Steve Mumford 3
17th30303Duncan Hannah
15th30287Cory Arcangel Lecture, jenghizkhan, Copyright
30285La Superette, Perler Beads, Ministeck
30277Fensler Censored By Hasbro
14th30268Lisa DiLillo at Momenta Art
30260Post-It Drawing - 2 Women
13th30250Bernard Kerik Goes Down in Flames
12th30248Pierre Huyghe Annlee Les Grands Ensembles
30242Uniball Onyx Drawing (Sculpture)
30240New Track: Taser Squad
10th30227Writing Archive Update
9th30205Peter Blasser Circuit Bending Piece
8th30191DLC vs Michael Moore and Me
30175The Incredibles
7th30171Banks Violette vs. Michael Phelan
30169Lefcourt, Rosler, Kern, van der Stokker
6th30161Michael Totten Libya Photos; Ghadaffi v. Bush
30160Loop Collection Update: P0rn Loop
5th30154Rorschach & Nite Owl 2: Misc Drawings Grid
30153Rorschach & Nite Owl 2: Misc Drawings
30151Onion AV Club Greaser's Palace Review
30150Goat with Christmas Lights
30149Choice Dialogue from Network, the Movie
30142Manfred Mohr
4th3013778machine (Graphic)
30130Bush Stole 2004 Election, Too
2nd30099Patlabor GIF'ed: Tokyo Bay
30095Paul Slocum, Circuit Bending 3
1st30079Harry Nilsson - Commercials
November30th30067Paul Slocum 2, Circuit-Bending
30061New mp3: Kill Maurice; Thoughts on Video
28th30046Atom Spiral Quicktime Movie
30045Marlboro Man, Torture-Toleratin' Jesucrats, etc.
27th30040Ashley, Linkoln, Rehung MOMA
30039Nautical Almanac Equipment Table Photo
30031Paul Slocum, Tree Wave
26th30017Time Lapse Molecule b 2a
30014Creepy Clown Update: Classic Creepys
24th30005Dennis Hollingsworth 2
30003Rocketboom; Rhizome Panel Wrapup
23rd29997Marie Omann on Art Blogging; Rhizome Panel
22nd29985Steve Gilliard on The Success of Blogs
29984Kabir Carter's Sound Blogs
20th29972Time Lapse Molecule
29969MTAA: 1 Year Performance Video
18th29935David F. Gallagher, Photoblogging, Databases
16th29920Chris Ashley - Clear Evening After Rain
15th29900Rhizome.org - Blogging & The Arts Panel
14th29897Notes on My Video: Dancin' (Please Register)
13th29888PC vs Mac: Who Will Win?
29886How It Works: The Computer - 1971, 1979
29873Mondo Mondo Trading Post
11th29854Loretta Lux
29853Making My First Video
10th29831(Wordless) HTML Prose Poetry
29830Times Art Coverage Down, Boo Hoo
9th29807TV Static .GIF from SCREENFULL
8th29791Daniel Albright on Eye Music
7th29783Psychedelic Real Election Map
29779First Music Using the SidStation
6th29776Another Vietnam... Another Vietnam...
5th29750Follow-up on My Dorkbot Talk
29749United States of Canada
29748Young Voter Electoral Map
4th29745The Bush 59 Million Need a Name
29730What Bush Voters Are Accountable For
3rd29725Fuck Fuck Fuck
29724Election Night Sweat
29723Dorkbot Talk - Announcement and Slides
2nd29701Band Name HTML Prose Poetry
29700I'm Voting for Kerry Today
October31st29682Surge Drawing - Canary (4 Sizes)
30th29669First Night with the SidStation
29666F-Factor 2 - Scan of 4 x 5 Transparency
28th29651Am I Selling Out?
29648Claire Corey & Me at Dorkbot; Jason Salavon
26th29635Centrifuge (Side View) - Petite Version
29632Daniel Albright - Elementary Particles of Art
25th29610I Hate Kenneth Pollack
24th29601Thoughts on My New Work; NY Times Review
23rd29590Original Quilt Sketches - All Four Designs
22nd29577Index of Recent Discussion Topics
21st29555Quilt 4 - The Final Quilt
29543Quilt 3 - Bad Octagons
29541Quilt 2 Revised
29540William Gibson: Techno-Conservatarian?
29536Quilt Sketches 2
20th29528A Day With The Mona Lisa; Reviving Pater
29526(Visual) Notes on Quilt Show
29521October Surprise 1980 - Folklore
18th29501Is Bush Wired? 3
29499Thoughts on Derrida's Death
29498Brent Johnson Cigarette Spirit
29497Beverly Tang's Summer Road Trip Photos
17th29491Jon Stewart Attacks Crossfire Hosts: Good TV
29485Ron Suskind on Bush Religious Zealotry
16th29480Arcangel, Maeda, Salavon, Friedman
29479Lesbian is a Cold Hard, Word
15th29473Ed Ruscha - Lordy
29472Artist vs Programmer: How Low Can You Go?
29471Faux Controversy Over Lesbianism
29469Transporter .GIF by jimpunk
14th29464The Role of Code in Digital Art 4
29462Is Bush Wired? 2
29461The Role of Code in Digital Art 3
13th29439Centrifuge (Side View) - Animated .GIF
29436More on the Role of Code in Digital Art
12th29434Do You Have to Code to Make Digital Art?
11th29410New .mp3 - Something Clicked
10th29406Ted Rall on Art Spiegelman's 9-11 Book
8th29391Is Bush Wired?
7th29368Artists Run Amuck in Saarinen Terminal
29357Dorkbot James Clar Frank Lin Mary Flanagan
29356Acid Lullaby--New Song of Mine on .mp3
29355Busby Berkeley Is A Genius
6th29346Edwards vs Cheney
5th29337Interview with jenghizkhan
3rd29310Synthetic Synthetic Cubism
29303Clips of Fear Buzzwords in RNC Speeches
1st29290Kerry vs Bush Debate 1 Recap
29286Entelechy, Funkentelechy
September30th29282NY TImes Debate Questions for Bush, Kerry
29277Wooster Collective: Celebration of Street Art
29276More on Moog, the Film
29th29271John Zoller - United States: Color and Learn
29270Moog -- It's No Theremin
29267New Dumb Little Painting Timeline
28th29254Saddam, 9/11, the Alamo
29237Billmon on the End of Blogging
25th29217Harry Callahan, Collage, Chicago, 1957
29215In Defense of New Dumb Little Painting
29212Reblogging vs Google Rank: A Reply
29209Ezra Pound's Pseudonymous Criticism
23rd29192jenghizkhan (John Parker), Part One
29182Rot Gut, Acrylic on Canvas, 1991
22nd29178Last Day reBlogging - reBlogging Philosophy
29167My .GIF in MatCh-Art's Sunday Afternoon
21st29161Novak Predicts Quick Iraq Pullout
20th29155Randy Wray
29154Acid Classics: Trax Records 1986-1990
18th29135Animated Portrait Drawing
29129Chris Ashley vs jimpunk 2
17th29120Chris Ashley, jimpunk re-reBlogged
16th29102Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
29101Painting, Digital Painting: John Pomara
14th29090Diana Kingsley at Leo Castelli - Artnet Review
13th29082More on Painting vs Tech
29078Van Der Graaf Flux: Front and Back
12th29076Towers of Light vs The Birds
29071Surge Drawing Again - Back of Piece
11th29067Matt Pyke vs Jeremy Blake
10th29063jimpunk Animated GIF TM Logo and Joystick
29061REFUSE: Art from Waste at Flux Factory
9th29055My Neighbor's Patio Is Collapsing
8th29051What Is An Art Blog 3; Chris Ashley
7th29034Bent Pipes: Documentation vs New Work
6th29027Gerhard Sengmuller VSSTV
5th29017Bent Pipes 2, 1999, Photocopies, Linen Tape
29014Michael Mann's Collateral
4th28997Molecule on Legal Pad, 1996
28989Chrome: Proto-Williamsburg from San Fran.
3rd28982I'm reBlogger of the Moment at Eyebeam
2nd28960Cheney and Zell Miller: Love in the Air
1st28953Bad Police Response to RNC Protests 2
28945Police vs Demonstrators
August30th28923RNC Protest Photos 2
28914Republican Convention Protest March Photos
29th28907Suspended Disbelief Puppet Theater
28906Christgau on Ramones
28905Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog
27th28875Dallas Republican Convention 84 Memories
28874Republican Convention: Fear of Cops
25th28825DeviantArt .GIF Assortment: gas, ryan-gfx etc
24th28813James Wagner on TAG Projects: Some Theory
23rd28795Citing This Blog; Link to All My Infinite Fill Posts
22nd28790Kerry's Old Tricks Ad: Then What Happened?
28786Elkins' What Happened to Art Criticism? Part 3
28780Work in Progress: Back of Paper Molecule 2
21st28776More On What Happened to Criticism
28775Coincidences on Eggleston
28774Lee Bontecou at MOMA-Q(uee)NS
20th28763Double Buckyball (In Progress)
28760James Elkins' What Happened to Criticism?
18th28736October Magazine on Ryan Compton
28735Simon Reynolds: Beats as Fonts
17th28728Looksmart FindArticles By & About Me
16th28707Infinite Fill: Katherine Grayson, Joe McKay
28697Flawed PK Dick: Unteleported Man (Lies, Inc.)
15th28688Infinite Fill - Time Out NY Review
286872003, 2004 Art Archives Added; My Heroes
13th28671More Infinite Fill: Noah Lyon & Stoner Graphics
28670New Eric Fensler GI Joe Vids
12th28660Op Art Influence in Infinite Fill; My '98 Work
28655Work in Progress: Back of Paper Molecule
28654Steve Gilliard on Central Park Protest
11th28643M. Night Shyamalan's The Village
28638Aya T. Kanai - Polaroids NYC-Tokyo
28634Republican Habitrail on 8th Avenue
10th28629Infinite Fill vs Bedroom Shows
9th28616Cody Trepte, Cross Stitch Binary
28608Breakfast at Tiffany's, Other PreReviews
8th28604Letraset - Historical Fill Patterns
7th28598Top 10 Liberals Don't Include Kerry, Edwards
28586Iraq Casualties Added to Links
28585Infinite Fill: New York Times v Press Release
6th28574Infinite Fill Show New York Times Review
28572Zom Zoms at Boogaloo Bar, S. Williamsburg
28568Infinite Fill - McGarry, LoVid, Minkin, J. Arcangel
5th28564My Comment to Agonist Re: Fahrenheit 9/11
28561Karen Kwiatkowski on the 9/11 Report
4th28555Jim Hamlyn; Walter Robinson on Infinite Fill
28552Infinite Fill - jimpunk vs TM Installation
28551Iraq Going to Hell; 919 US Soldiers Dead
28547Leif Ritchey's Infinite Fill Installation
3rd28543Amazon Real Name Policy
28536New Yorker on Diana Kingsley
2nd28524More Black & White Abstractions
1st28516Dennis Hollingsworth, Ludwig Schwarz
28509Recent Drawings - Studio Installation View
28503Infinite Fill Abstraction 2
July30th28496My 8-Bit Construction Set Mix Tweaked
28487Page Changed Back to 2-Column Format
28486Groove Show by Wenstrom
28th28469Nausicaä Picture Grid Explained
284648-Bit Construction Set - My Atari Side Mix
28455Before Sunset Better Donnie Darko Worse
26th28441Margaret Leng Tan Plays Philip Glass
23rd28409Infinite Fill Show Photos
22nd2839912 Nausicaäs (11 Google Images + Mine)
28394Why Infinite Fill? Some Theories
28391Infinite Fill Show Press Release
21st28382BASIC, Broadcast, Zorn-Morricone Mix
28380Nilsson Song He Needs Me Sells Shoes
20th28377JG Ballard On My Spider-Man GIF
19th28366The Michael Moore Discount
18th28361Cotton Ponies and Random Links
17th28351Stephen Moody as Stretch Armstrong
16th28349Michael Mann's The Keep
28348DC & Baltimore Pics
14th28317The War Room Redux - Please
13th28292Jason Little - Cartünnel - Flux Factory
12th28287Correction to Handelman Post & Typo Policy
28285Spider Man .GIF Completed; Frank Rich: Idiot
11th28271Matthew Geller Foggy Day Fox Broadcast
10th28261Bob Somerby and tedg on Michael Moore
9th28244Spider Man 2 - Movie Review and Anim. GIF
7th28231Bonaire Webcams Blow Now
28224Latin Horror House (Another New .mp3)
6th28216Diana Kingsley Videos at Leo Castelli
4th28205Streetsong 2: New .mp3
28194Adrien75 Chickadoo Chronicles, Take Two
3rd28182My LoVid Photo Gets Around; David Hlynsky
June30th28139Michelle Handelman Passerby Bryant Park
29th28132Günther Selichar's Who’s Afraid of RGB
27th28087Photos of Current WTC Site from PATH Train
28086Bush Family Evil Empire, Me vs George
25th28067What Is An Art Blog 2; Cinque Hicks
23rd28037Response to Research Qs Re Art Blogging
22nd28027Spinning Atom w Shading (Animated .GIF)
28026I Add Gary vs Giant to Street Meme Database
21st28018My Oram St. Studio - Early 90s Work
28004DJ Set List Painting
20th27997My Loop Collection, Part 1
19th27993Paul Johnson, Apache-Maker, RIP
18th27983Toynbee Idea in 2001
27975Adrien75 Chickadoo Chronicles (Superseded)
17th27958Bush Hates O'Keeffe
16th27946Mark Dagley at Abaton Garage
27944Camgirl (Recently Retired)
14th27922Sue de Beer; Nick Berg Beheading Video
12th27902Reagan Waxwork RIP
11th27894Changes to Main Site Page; LMCC Provinciality
10th27881Cultural Institutions Moving to WTC Site?
9th27865Fighting .GIF
7th27828Art in Age of Abusive Copyright Enforcement
5th27818Michael Lind on Loss of US Moral Authority
27808Remix of jimpunk Atom Gif Remix
4th27797Michelle Handelman Passerby PreReview
1st27751My Justin Berkovi Mix
27750Atom GIF 9 Times
May31st27733Memorial Day Rhetorical Questions
27731The End of the World - Flash Animation
30th27722Guy Colwell vs. Steve Mumford
27717John Parker at The Front Room, Brooklyn
27716Lynn Cazabon at Schroeder Romero
28th27702Video of Apache Helicopter Killing Iraqis
27th27675Animated Henry Moore-like Blob (In Progress)
26th27658Lugia: Commentary and .GIF
25th27640Sontag on Abu Ghraib Photos
24th27600Barbara Bush's Let Them Eat Cake Quote
23rd27590Tony Feher, Tal R
22nd27558Rudolph Giuliani: Prick
21st27553Man from Planet Risk at The Lucky Cat
20th27532A Beautiful Mind, Post No. 2
19th27521Cowboy Bebop - Refrigerator Monster
27513Phil Austin - Fake School Menus
16th27477Big Show - Lawndale 1994 - DIY Curating
27470Roland Emmerich's Movies Blow Chunks
27467Daily Howler on NY Times Kerry Coverage
15th27452Freewayblogger - Antiwar Signs and Slogans
13th27412Friends Finale 1/3 Speed WFMU's Kenny G
12th27404Rinder Out at Whitney
27399Plasmodium - Clairaudience
27398Crystal Shards Drawings by Saranety
27378Five Pixel Art Consoles by Wenstrom
273778 Pixel Art Works from deviantart.com
10th27354Josh Marshall - Chickenhawk of the Left
8th27331Get Over Army Pfc. Lynddie England
7th27321Rumsfeld Heckled
27317Ron Howard Channels Thomas Hirschhorn
27312ionarts on Kill Bill 1 and 2
6th27280Wayward Knob x 28
27279Man on Leash; Presidential Child Abuse
5th27260Windows Noises by Clown Staples
27256Wayward Knob
3rd27207Tracy & Plastics Golan Levin Cory Arcangel
1st27187American Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
April30th27121Inayashu by GoddessOfWinter
27120Martin Wöhrl's Cowboy Door
29th27116Castle of Cagliostro - Dubbed vs Subtitled
28th27097A Piece of Mine in a Textbook
27085Sally McKay Robot Landscape (Music by Me)
26th27066Laptop Performances at Vertexlist
27061Unattributed Rave Hits
24th27036Animations - Internet Raytracing Competition
22nd27013The Secret World of Girls and Gators
21st27003Lo Fi Practice as Religion
26988The Ballad of R1AA
26984I Still Use MusicWorks
18th26953Detail from Digital Nendo Page - Op Art
26951Paper Rad at Foxy Production
16th26946Jonathan Lethem: Better Critic than Author?
15th26913More Snake Oil from Paul Berman
14th26897New MSPaintbrush Drawings
26896My Complete Musical Works in MP3 Form
12th26865Digital Nendo - Digital Clay - 3D Bitmaps
11th268432004 Whitney Biennial Notes
9th26836Kraftwerk - Tour de France Soundtracks
26835AbEx Wall Projection - Party at Bill Gates'
26826Train Your Indian Replacement
26824Aaron in Japan
8th26806Still More Thoughts on Internet Art
26805Cheesy Hellboy Drawing
6th26789Nate Sassaman - My Kind of Guy
5th26771Simple Complex Net Art Diagram
26764Cowboy Bebop - Ein Chewing Shrooms
26760Screw the Mercenaries
3rd26735Net Art: WebTV, Abe Linkoln vs MTAA
26718Laura Parnes Hollywood Inferno Clip; Hickey
1st26714Cordwainer Smith Excerpt; Sci Fi THE NAM
26709Times Reads Tea Leaves on Net Art (Again)
26693More Bill Davenport Needlepoints
March31st26686Cuechamp Source Code Mix; Lessig
30th26674P. Coffin ASCII Weaves E Winard iPod Cozy
29th26668Virtual Craft Project: Gibson vs. Bill Davenport
26656Willem De Kooning Clamdigger '72 Friendless
26655Eine Zwei Drei - New Music Piece
28th26641PreReview Unplugged in Time Out
26th26614Monotrona Live on Stork Club - .mp3
24th26582Ari Fleischer - One More Lie for the Road
26581No One Could Have Prevented 9-11-01
26575Captain Kirk Was Never the Original - excerpt
22nd26537Nasher Sculpture Center's Crappy Website
20th26518BEIGE at the Whitney; The Slowes
26516More on Fresno Polygamist Child Murder
19th26509Yates Beats Wesson in Monster Contest
18th26492Cheney, Scalia=Love 4Ever
26487My Artforum Ad; Lothringer Dreizehn
26485Ender's Game: Fun But Sick
16th26441Squarepusher, Doris Piserchia, Cowboy Bebop
15th26423Viva Spain!
13th26401Motherless Brooklyn Movie; Takedown
12th26398Candice Breitz, Alex Bag, Barbara Kruger
11th26370Sphere Gate (Animated .GIF)
10th26367Printing Adobe Houses from CAD; reBlog
9th26342Whine o'the Week: Tim Noble & Sue Webster
8th26327More Mel's Passion; Huysmans on Grunewald
7th26312My Paradise/Paradox Review in Sculpture
4th26247Charles Platt on A.E. Van Vogt
26234Drawing of Nausicaä Panel
2nd261992-Step Garage Mix: Wookie, Youngstar, Deller
26198ionarts on Jesus in Art History
26178New .GIF
1st26172Cintra Wilson on the 2004 Oscars
February29th26149Mundo's Carjack and Music - The Question
28th26143Young Turds 1977-1980
27th26131Clement Greenberg vs The Conceptualists
26th26102Thickeye on William Pope.L
25th26077Show Us Your Gnomes: The Exhibition
24th26065Nuke Explosions in Anime; Richard Box
26060Double Atom (I Forget Where This .GIF Came From)
26046Powell's Meltdown
23rd26044J. Trombetta on D. Piserchia's Mister Justice
26040Stop Picking on Ralph
22nd26027Thomas Friedman on Outsourcing
21st26014Grid of (Shrunk) MSPaintbrush Drawings
19th26000Sharon Core, Dan Fischer, Sharon Lockhart
25994544 x 378 (Web TV)
25990Post in Progress on Appropriation; SquareWave
17th25946Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Dance Music 2
16th25936Robert Rauschenberg on Present Day NYC
15th25925Mark Allen - David Koresh Heads
25919Killer Instinct at New Museum Media Z Lounge
14th25906Tuxedomoon 5 Track Mini-Mix
13th25894Outsourcing=National Suicide
11th25855Dragan Espenschied
10th25831Abstraction with Moving Part
9th25778Kerry, McNamara Updates
7th25675Great Teacher Onizuka - The Scream
5th25629Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Dance Music
4th25597Cuechamp Videogame Mix; Hektor
3rd25590More on Denby; Katha Pollitt Wallow
January31st25552Moveon.org Ads - Too Tough For CBS
28th25505Introducing Animation Log
26th25481Chalmers Johnson - Bases; Cockburn - Fog & Kerry
25th25463David Denby - American Sucking
23rd25437Scratch Ambulance Etc. - Web-Only EP
21st25374Before the Matrix: Pohl & Kornbluth's Wolfbane
20th25353Ross Knight at the Sculpture Center, NY
19th25348Detail Added to John Gregory Dunne Post
18th25322Joe McKay Audio Pong and REC Light
16th25305John Woo's Paycheck vs Bush
15th25277Pierre Huyghe's Annlee Project
25267Rover Anthony Feyer - Furry
13th25249I Win a PreVie Award
25245Secret Collect, Strongbadzone, Rhinofeeder...
12th25227Guardian Interview with Christopher Guest
11th25198Downloads from Prog Rock Site
25197Drawings Based on Blade 2 (Animated)
25196Alan Moore's Vigilante vs The Punisher
9th25167Japander Website
7th25122Rebecca Allen, Kraftwerk, Musique Non-Stop
25121T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents - More 60s Weirdness
5th25083Stan Goff, James Howard Kunstler
4th25061Scott Grodesky, Judith Eisler, Jennifer Pastor
1st24982Jim Bassett Photolog
24971New Year's Eve Bike Ride
24958Circling (Animated .GIF and HTML), 2003 Art Archive
24955John Gregory Dunne, R.I.P.