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2007July29th41715I'm Blogging Now at tommoody.us
16th41596Some New Posts at tommoody.us
14th41566Petra Cortright Interviews Silicous
41564Rudy Giuliani Is Worse Than Bush
13th41555The Art Guys - Waste Stream (Video Trashcan)
41546Tune: Grow a Brain 2
12th41542Organizing Music on a PC
41533Tune: VCJS (Slow)
11th41531Steve Mumford MSPaintified 2
41524Tune: Vox Computational (Japan Square)
10th41517I Still Don't Like iTunes
9th41509Machines Sketch
41507Scratch Ambulance CD Cover Scans
41503Ryuko Azuma Animated GIF
8th41488Mike Beradino at vertexList
7th41483Grocery Store Break Room Murals 2
6th41472Claire Corey Works on Paper 1995-6
41469Haydn Shaughnessy on Group Blogs, Etc.
4th41465Rotating GIFs
41462Problem with Comments - Fixed
2nd41449Kitchen Wall Photo
June30th41423Pixar and the Absence of Line
29th41417Layered Molecule Frame
41411Orchestral Videogame Music at the KenCen
41407Vox Computational (New Song)
28th41402Oliver Laric GIF Remixed
41382Layered Molecule
41381Bleep Dot Com
27th41365GIF Artist Unknown (GIF X 9)
26th41357WTC Temporary PATH Entrance Smashed
25th41348Protein Synthesis Classroom Film
41347More on Rhizome 2007-2008 Commissions
24th41344Blowout (YT Remix)
41337Walter Benjamin Discussed at AFC
41332Blur-Ball, Pulse Stack
41330More on Rhizome 2007-2008 Commissions
23rd41322Found Swirl GIF Grid
41319Insurgents Out, Al Qaeda In (As Propaganda)
22nd41297Unknown Company Logo X 42
41296Kristin Lucas, Paul Slocum
41294Found Handgun Diagram
41286Selected Group Websurfing Blogs
21st41285Blob - Animation of Found Stills
41284Last Week for BLOG
20th41276Untitled (Puzzle Intrusion)
41270New Track: Whiskey Tango Fubar
41267Stephen Hendee vs Nathaniel Stern
19th41252Nathaniel Stern: Sentimental Construction #1
41247Orbit GIF
18th41236More on Rhizome Commissions and XYZ Art
41234Cobra vs Baby (Removed)
41231The Mote in God's Eye vs the 9-12-01 Mentality
41223A A Attanasio: Otherlight Beginnings
17th41219Pulse 5 (Stack)
41218War Nerd on Haditha, Etc.
41215David Szafranski in Montmartre
16th412103 GIFs by Unknown Artists
15th41204Rhizome 07-08 Commissions as XYZ Art
41202Crawling, Creeping
41190Eden Replica Remixed and Extended
14th41183Hoedown (Video)
41179Motherless Brooklyn: Film Still in Our Future
41172New Tune: Eden Replica
13th41166Ownership of the Web and Its Data: Bleak
12th41157The Art Guys - Disco Saw
41155Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain
11th41148Slipstream Fiction Bibliography
10th41145JODI's Composite Club at vertexList
9th41140Extensible Cluster - Sketchy Version
41137New Track: Junebug
41134Mutantsounds: Chill, Please
41133Conserva-Kangaroos and Other Baramin
8th41131Vvork: Books, Loudspeakers
41130Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 1
41129Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 2
41128Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 3
41124Thomas Friedman on TV, 2003
7th41092Fat Target (Animated GIF)
41091Update on BEIGE Threads
6th41074Paul B Davis at Seventeen Gallery
41073Paddy Johnson on Cory Arcangel in 2006
5th41062Erik Davis on H.P. Lovecraft
41053Smithsonian American Indian Museum Photos
41052Juan Cole on Iran War Propaganda
41047RIP, Steve Gilliard
4th41045BLOG Update
2nd41033GIF Grid by Eyekhan
41032Report from Charlottesville VA
1st41023Pearl GIF Grid
41022National Museum of the American Indian
May31st41003Photos from Fresh NY Show in Scotland
40999Hieronymous Bosch Action Figures
40998Posting Schedule for the Weekend
40997Sun Ra: Disco 3000
30th40962MSPaint-ified Steve Mumford
29th40953New Track (Variation): Sacred Elephants
40952Cat Bus 5 and 6
40946Gradient Squares Animation Still
40945Macintosh - The Smoo-ooth Jazz of Computers
28th40940Digital Pog (Motivator) Grid
27th40938New Tune: Greater Powerz
40937More on Walid Raad
40933People Who Desire War With Iran
40925BLOG Installation - May 26, 2007
26th40923Charles Westerman GIF Remixes
40922GIF Artist Unknown (GIF X 4)
40917Efrain Calderon Jr. on JODI at vertexList
40916TV Static .GIF Grid
25th40912Ron Paul is N UR Debatez
40903Gradient Squares 3
24th40902Manifesto Updated
40901Exercise Molecules
40900Paddy Johnson on BLOG
23rd40883JODI at vertexList
40882Yarnstripe, by Petra Cortright
22nd40869Duke Cunningham's Potomac Water Hot Tub
40866Salon on Grindhouse Split
21st40863Square Botero in Gameland
40862Spread the Word Iraq Nam
40861A Trip to the Park by David Garvin
20th40854Eyekhan GIF Grid - Waves
40853Blog Day 2; Opening Post Mortem 2
40846Zoe Sheehan Saldana with BLOG
40844Circle Gradient 3
40843BLOG - First Post
19th40838Joel Holmberg: Scratching Post Vortex 2
40837BLOG: Working Methodology
18th40820BLOG: Test Spin
40808Ina Barfuss
17th40802Ron Paul Shines on CNN
40801Joel Holmberg: Scratching Post Vortex
40796BLOG Listing
16th40779Ghost Dog, Star Trek TNG Links
15th40774Art and...The Spirit
40759Face (Mirror)
14th40747The Gap Between Blogging and Life
12th40724Terrazzo 2
40720Minus Space Is Not a Blog (Is It a Gallery?)
11th40715The Fort Dix Six: Puh-lease
40714Televised Abstraction: Staehle, Mills
40708Tone Set - Cal's Ranch
10th40705Monochrome Gradient (Reduced)
40704Jonathan Lethem, Minus Space
40696Lost Season Three - Penultimate Episode
40683Monochrome Gradient (Animation 2)
9th40676Monochrome Gradient (Animation 1)
40675My Music on the Web
40657Large Stars and a Supernova
40653Sketch - Monochrome Gradient
40650Bitch About MSPaint Spraycan No. 322
8th40648Surface Disturbances (MSPaint)
40647Internet Acronyms
40645ArtKrush Link List
7th40630Light Bar Column
40629Green Line Pulse Column
5th40617The Extra Nice Sandman
40609Solid Definition in MSPaintbrush
4th40607Cindy Sherman vs Webcam Ninjas 2
3rd40581Molecular Dispersion (Home Kit)
40577Rough Mix, by Rick Silva
2nd40564Artist Paints Iraq Security Wall
40553Tinkertoy Stealth Fighter
1st40548Commander Codpiece Revisited
40545Flash Face (Animated)
40540Mission Accomplished 4 Year Anniversary
40531VVork Discussion Recap
40519Tinkertoy Hieroglyphs from the Hasbro Website
40517Bandar Bush Gives Colin Powell a Jaguar
29th40497Flash Faces (Semi-Normal)
40496Juan Cole's Dreamy Plan for Iraq
28th40468Zircon Structure
27th40465Mike Gravel Speaks Truth to Triangulators
26th40449Rube Goldberg Baby - Artist Unknown
40442Kit Watkins' Labyrinth Remixed
25th40430John Michael Boling's 20 Years Ago Today
40426Rise of the Silver Surfer
40425Paul Pfeiffer on Michael Jackson
24th40420Old Dude Sightings on MySpace
40419The War Wasn't Neocon Enough
23rd40401Blog (Mine) at artMovingProjects in May
40394Harry Reid on Failure of Escalation
40391Doris Norton
40386Spidey vs Doc Ock; Silver Surfer Sketch
22nd40377Pool GIF X 6
40376tedg on The Black Dahlia
20th40363Chris Ashley a la Bloglines
40360Arts-Supporting Retailer Hosts Paint Beef
19th40338Video - Art for All
40337New Song: Art for Others
18th40329MSPaintbrush Drawing
40325More on Sherman vs Webcammers
40316Va Tech Shootings
40315Petra Cortright Webcam Vid - More
17th40309Ludwig Schwarz - Three Point Play
40305Silicious: Got Laid
16th40289Linda Post at artMovingProjects (YouTube etc)
40285Roxy Paine, Albin Karlsson
40279Duo for Drum Machine and Softsynth
15th40267Horizontal Pattern Not Bar Code
40266Analogos 9 at Diapason
40265Schmulke Bruengross Gallery
14th40260Cindy Sherman vs T Shirt Ninjas
12th40235New Song: You Have No Choice (Speedy)
11th40223More VVork Hand-Wringing
40222Frankenstein Revisionism and Crap
40220Ryan McGinness and Defaults
40212Slapp Happy's Sort Of
10th40209New Song: Placeholder
40197Sol LeWitt and the Irrational
9th40169Eyekhan - Extensible Cluster Remix (Negative)
40167Andrew Cockburn on Rumsfeld
40157Blogs Turn 10
8th40144John McCain Still Supports Bush's Escalation
6th40127Paula Scher on A Blog
40124Basquiat at the Getty (Mediated)
40115New Track: Helipad
5th40102Richard Woods, Kelley Walker
4th40100Freelance Stenographer Annotated
400962 Animated GIFs by eyekhan
3rd40082Cory Arcangel Offline Text
40080Paddy Johnson on NY New Media Galleries
2nd40066iTunes New Price Structure
40055Hexagon on Saturn
March31st40040Petra Cortright Selected System Landscapes 2
40038Bass Iterator 2
40034Video Created to Fix Stuck Pixels Redone
40032Petra Cortright - Selected System Landscapes
30th40017Enigmatic Rap (Piano Version)
29th40014Lost Season Three
40013Sorting Is the New Breakdance
40012Ryuichi Sakamoto, Barbara Morgenstern
40002Attack of the Clones 5: Ant Colonies
28th39987Attack of the Clones: Screen Burning
39978Namenwirth, Arcangel on Online Exhibiting
39974Generation - Artist Unknown
26th39960Cheney: There He Goes Again
39959Kymlinge: Dystopia in the Making?
25th39950Fill Pattern Abstraction
39948Active Worlds vs Second Life
24th39941Raimondo on House's Supposed Antiwar Bill
39940Enigmatic Rap
23rd39931Webcam - Petra Cortright
21st39903More Nasty Nets vs Supercentral Beef
39901The Muster
398891997 JODI Interview
20th39879Small Discs 2 (Detail)
19th39867Matt Taibbi on Warmonger Thomas Friedman
39865Reddy Kilowatt
39859Hey Look At Me
39858Central Limit Theorem With Slight Head Start
39857Mosaic GIF - Artist Unknown - 15 Times
39856Bubble GIF - Artist Unknown - 9 Times
39855Baby Sloth, Art Writing
16th39818Extensible Cluster - Colors - 25 Times
39814Hillary's Great Iraq Plan
15th39773Gymnast GIF via 4Chan
39771Baudrillard Tribute on World of Warcraft
39770SNOCAP Online Music Store
39768Dallas Morning News - Still Protecting You
39764Bonsoir Bonaire Variation
39763Maurice Flambeed
14th39757Art, Morality, camille.pb, Stuart Davis
13th39754Nasty Nets at Telic
39752We Just Want to Help Out
12th39740New Tune: Bonsoir Bonaire
39736Alan N. Shapiro on Lost
11th39728J. Humbert - Brainwave Etch a Sketch, 1974
10th3972650 Years of Science Fiction-Fantasy Books
9th39696New Track: Mouse Party 2
8th39690Vortex 1 - Turtle Fist Clan
7th39675Mary Benedicto, Kathleen Daniel (Silicious)
39674Planetesimals (Captures from Video)
39667Rarr - Artist Unknown
39664RIP, Jean Baudrillard
6th39656Fire Dept. at Work
5th39638Moreno, Van Gogh, Digital Reproduction
39631The Anti-VVork: A Prospectus
4th39627More eyekhan vs moody - extensible cluster
3rd39622Eyekhan - Extensible Cluster Frame E Remix
39621New York Times vs Triple Candie, Part 2
39620Green Wall Molecule
39618Black Ice
2nd39607Extensible Cluster - Frame E
39603earcon Mods-Rockers Web Page
1st39593Mood Ring (Extended)
39589Extensible Cluster - Faster
39588Extensible Cluster - Frames
39587Kasey Kite 3 Boxes GIF X 4
39574More Hersh on Anti-Iran Measures
February28th39573Extensible Cluster - Large
39568Comic-Con vs Fine-Art-Con
39565Contemporary Home Computing
39559Extensible Cluster
27th39548Juan Cole on the Oil Wars
39545Geraldo and Maude Poster
26th39532Drawing Demo DVD and Dream
39531Guilty GIF
39525Seymour Hersh on the Coming Iran War
25th39524A**h*les Make The Internet Difficult
24th39512Hardware Setups for Gallery Computer Work
23rd39503Neg-Fi at Union Pool 2
22nd39491Video - Completed and in Progress
39489Neg-Fi, Others at Union Pool in Brooklyn
21st39479Screenshot of GIF Frames From Screenshots
39478Sixth Anniversary Post
20th39461Currency Logo from Neil's MySpace Page
19th39456Big Rock Grid--the Soundtrack
18th39448Steady State Funk
39447The Wire Season 2 Complaints
39442Kristin Lucas at Postmasters
17th39441Senate Fails Us Again on Iraq
39438Cell Phone Balkanization vs Net Neutrality
16th39431Miklos Suba and the Future of Brooklyn
15th39416Big Rock Grid--Single Animated GIF
39410Big Rock Grid
39405Cat Bus YouTubes by Anthony Leslie
14th39393Tesseract Ranch
13th39382Fiona Banner vs Chris Burden
11th39362New Track: Tesseract Farm
10th39346Mark Dagley, Don Voisine
9th39335Alternate Questions for AICA CAA Panel
8th39327The Art Guys - Goatee Off
39326The Art Guys' Jets at the Dallas Museum 1991
39325The Art Guys at Tampa Museum of Art
7th39305Mood Ring - GIFs and HTML
39304Abstract Thinking (Photons)
6th39293Untitled (Chris Ashley) - GIF Grid
39292MOMA Bag Interrogation
5th39285Gary Hill Tribute
4th39278Gary Hill at Barbara Gladstone
2nd39256Paddy Johnson on Aitken's Sleepwalkers
39245Abstract Thinking (Quiet)
39244Sparkling Columns
1st39238New Tune: Abstract Thinking
39236Fresh NY in Perth, Scotland
39226WFMU Sixty Second Song Contest
January31st39214Edward B. Rackley on $100 Laptops
30th39199Nasty Nets: 2001 [counter-directional arrows] 2006
39194Unknown Artist's Scooter Cat Plugs TYITI2006
39191Kassettenater; Luis Trenker
29th39181Loudness Comparison Chart
39180Song 15 (Nosebone)
28th39166Sine GIF - Artist Unknown
27th39154Iraq in Talks With Chevron, Exxon
25th39131Professional Surfer; Nasty Nets; LowerMyBills
39130Song 14 (Dirty LFO)
39122Sturtevant Quote and Photo of Her Work
23rd39104Piston GIF - Artist Unknown
22nd39096Perpetual Motion Graphics
39094Destino by Dead Dali and Dead Disney
39086R. Murray Schafer's The Soundscape
21st39079On Copyrighting Public Sculpture
39076McDonald's, McDonnell Douglas, Friedman
19th39067My American Wildlife Drawing Demo: YouTube
39066Juan Cole on Cheney vs Iranian Moderates
39064MTAA's Infinite Smile
39059Tony Conrad at Greene Naftali
18th39052Song 13 (Quatrains)
17th39042Song 12 (Simple Waveforms)
39041Science Fiction and Quote The Future Unquote
16th39029Retail Cutbacks and the Zeitgeist
39026SF Diary: Van Vogt, Harness, Attanasio
15th39023Song 11 (Magic Fingers)
14th39012Hacking vs Defaults
13th39009Year in the Internet 2006
39008Song 10 (MG)
12th38998jimpunk - Buckyball Bob
38997Too Many Grooveboxes
38996John McCain Supports Bush's Escalation
38992Clip City Again Sort of Mastered
11th38964Song 9 (Wipeout)
10th38961Ralson Crawford
38960Pie Chart
38958New Republic Supports US Hegemony
38955What a Quiet Stiff - New Photos
9th38952More on Cody Trepte
8th38941Hackers, the Movie
38938Stop the Iraq Escalation
38936Spiral - Artist Unknown - Variations by Others
38935Slow Robollywood
38933Muchos Grooveboxes
7th38926RingMod Plus Beats
38923Beats (Song 8)
38922Ring Modulation Demo
5th38902Cody Trepte - (for Alan Turing) at NYU
4th38900Miami Recap; AFC Best of Web 06
38896Spiral - Artist Unknown - GIF enlarged X 10
38895Subharmonic Duo
3rd38874Subharmonic Duo (Piano Version)
2nd38872Dyspeptic Bass
38855More on Timbre in Current Music
38851Daniel Levitin: The Timbre Theory
1st38840Acen - Trip II the Moon on YouTube
2006December31st38833End of 06 Recaps on MTAA Blog
38831Ken Lum - Steve
30th38827Notes on Dorian Gray
38826Saddam Bad Man - Dead Now
28th38807drx Shows His Gnomes
38802Argument by Antiwar Military Families
38800Massively Huge
26th38790Headphones 2
38789NYPD Sky Watch - Portable Prison Towers
38788New Track: Two Note Lead
38787New Track: Entropic Funk
25th38779Headphone Drawing - Marisa Olson
24th38771An Exchange on John Pomara's Paintings
23rd38769Music Box Hypothetical
38758New Paintings by John Pomara
20th38736OptiDisc Around the Web - Sample Screenshot
19th38726Self-Remix: Aruba '85 (Screwed)
38720Cats Stomping Bug - Artist Unknown - WAQS
18th38711Sunni-Shiite Fighting: Not Timeless
17th38700Show Us Your Gnomes Self-reBlogged
38696Blip Festival Cell Phone Call
16th38690SitePal Avatars: Creepy
38689Mad Mel's Maya Movie Mulled Over in Salon
15th38676John Parker at vertexList Benefit
38674The Reeler on the DiVa Fair
38663Daniel Mendelsohn Publicity Photo
14th38662Design Blogger Party Pic!
38660vertexList Benefit Plug
38656OptiDisc in artMovingProjects Miami Space
38654New Tune: Hacker Fashion
12th38643Large Mill, 1995, Three Stages
38641Blog Reports on DiVa Fair
11th3863593 kilobytes of RAM
38634Cintra Wilson, Steve Gilliard on Giuliani
10th38623Art Basel Miami: Resistance Is Futile
9th38617Black Replica - Mathematical Eyes
8th38609Ionic Baroque (Dance Mix)
7th38601More on DiVa Fair
38600Tribute to Jazzy Joyce
6th38590Twelve Blog Drawings Printed Out
38583Small World Podcast re 8 BIT
5th38576Bolton Out--Yay
4th38572Simon Reynolds on The Futuroid
38563Film and Mind: Vidal; Morales and Boling
3rd38561Frank Capra's American Madness
2nd38551More Pollock Fractal Analysis
38547Mousepad Drawing Rationales
38541Ionic Baroque
1st38534Orchestra Luna
November30th38528My Work in DiVa Miami 2006
28th38520Ally3 - GIF Artist Unknown - Enlarged
38519Mousepad Drawings and Paintings
38514More Digital Pog Blogging
38508Brown Wolf, 1989
26th38499Non-standard Digpogs
38498Matt Stoller on Thomas Edsall
25th38493Jeff Sisson Digital Pog Enlarged
24th38484Mark Danner on Bad Iraq War Decisionmaking
38482I Hate The Others Louder
38480Daily Howler on Borat
23rd38479Lux Provocateur Soap Commercial
22nd38467Thoughts on Digital Pogs
21st38460I Need More Buzz
38455Digital Pogs 2
38454More YouTube Sequencer Demos
20th38447Street Sign Photos from Curbed
38437Dear Music Diary: Re Kontakt 2.1
18th38425Woodring, Rackley, Neg-Fi, Mellon, Nasty Nets
38419Throbbing, Tinkling
17th38409Motivator 2 (Animated GIF)
38408Freedom to Be a Bad Property Owner
16th38406Three Kings - The Sequel
38398New Net Art Links
14th38383Two Small OptiDiscs
38380Don't Run, Rudy
13th38370Dopplereffekt YouTube Videos
38369Types of Artists - Critics, Historians Take Note
38365Meatwad: 3D vs Wildstyle (Artists Unknown)
12th38363Marcin Ramocki on Chip Music
11th38348Rumsfeld, Koons, Geller Links
38345Digital Pogs 1
38343New House-y Track: Psychic Superhighway
10th38332George Allen's Macaca Moment
9th38321More Election Thoughts - Stating the Obvious
38314New Tune: Kay Whole Again
38313Streetsong (Beatup Remix)
8th38307Election Thoughts
7th38297T.Whid, Marisa Olson Conversation mp3
6th38291Thor Johnson - Christian Wrestling Photo
38290John Parker's and My CD - Progress Report
5th38271Timing of Saddam Verdict
38269Wagner and Hoggard Curated Show - Wmsburg
4th38266Marcin Ramocki in Taiwan Museum Journal
38263Joshua Johnson on Cory Arcangel (Annotated)
2nd38247What Really Happened in Iraq, Post-Invasion
38246Geffen Sells Pollock
38241Bechtel Leaving Iraq
38236Preview Post: Olia Lialina, Spinart
1st38233Jonathan Horowitz's MAXELL
October31st38218YouTube Pre-Demise Thoughts
30th38205More Kristin Lucas H and S S Lunch Series
38201YouTube LinkJaying
29th38182Romero's The Crazies - A Film For Our Time
28th38177Thoughts on Molecular Installations
27th38169New Track: I Hate the Others
26th38168Raisin Bran Molecule Sculpture
38165Anonymous Artist Shows
38159domain - Music Vid by Guthrie Lonergan
25th38152Roy Stanfield at Moti Hasson
24th38147Simon Reynolds on 2nd Tier Avant/Electronic Music
23rd38144Kristin Lucas - Recent Work
20th38125New Tune: Sawtooth Junction
38123Matt Stoller on Lieberman the Charmer
19th38110Reflecting Eye GIF (Artist Unknown) Remixed
38107Bovard on WaPo Coverage of New Torture Law
38106Brian De Palma - The Black Dahlia
18th38105Paul B Davis on Nintendo Hacking
17th38096DVBlog and DVBlogh4ck re: 8 BIT
38089Post on Slocum and Arcangel Updated
16th38082Duct Homunculus
15th38080Daniel Mendelsohn on Jonathan Franzen
38074Cory Arcangel, Paul Slocum at vertexList
14th38062New Track: Psychic Highway
13th38060Tattoo Skull GIF - Artist Unknown
38059Reviews of 8 BIT
12th38051Vermiform Tag: MSPaint
38050Kung Fu Baby
11th38042Thor Johnson Texas State Fair Photos
38038Trailer Park Boys on YouTube
38037SCTV YouTubes
10th38025Lost Thread - The Beginning
38024Notes on the 8 BIT premiere at MOMA, Oct 7
38023Kean Junior Turns Back on Iraq War Mom
9th38016Joan Didion on Richard Bruce Cheney
7th38006Modified 544 x 378 WebTV GIF Assortment
38004The Inner Life of a Cell
38002Aruba Doobie (Yacht Rock)
37999MSPaint Mandala
4th37974More 8 BIT: Q and A with Paddy Johnson
3rd37963The Reeler Reviews 8-Bit
2nd37951Splatscape 1
37948Getting Vietnam Right
37943Someone Else's Notes on Sadie Plant
September30th37932The McCain Torture Act and the British
37930Jackson Pollock vs Geeks Post Revised
29th37922Splatscape 2
37916The Dangers Posed by Nihilists
28th37912Equinox Trailer
37909Three Songs Reposted
37901Pollock Analysis - Ironic and Otherwise
26th37887Quick Surf Around Deviantart Pixel Art Archive
37884Ethan Mahmenntow, cato_six Tunes
25th37871Meaningless Religious Iconography in the Press
24th37858Factory Farmed Cows and Poisoned Spinach
23rd37857Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels
37856Equinox, in Criterion Collection
22nd37836Miasmic Constituents (MSPaintbrush, Highlighter)
20th37818Blogging and Tone
37814Regrets About Banksy
37809Caswell, Gokita, Grimshaw, Timoney, Bogin
18th37788And Where Do You Live?
37786Pre-Iran War Lance Blisters
377844-Dimensional Stellated Polytopes
17th37775Monster Island Arts & Music Festival
37770Red and Green 1-4, 1991
14th37748Go Out and Buy Yourself Some Twist Records
37747Air Force: Use Microwave Weapons on Us 1st
37746Matthew Geller's Awash - Collect Pond Park
13th37742Chris Ashley - Very Small Abstractions
37738People Magazine on Stingrays
12th377319-12 Reflections
11th37722Cropping of 9-11 Temporary Memorial
37713The Aliens' Path to 9/11
37710The Unhumane Society at Momenta Art
8th37690Marcin Ramocki, Jillian McDonald Preview
37686Moody vs Dex MSPaintbrush RMX
37684My Summer Music Output in One Post
37683Oskar Fischinger: Too Good for YouTube
7th37679More Sketch and Swap
37675Sketch Swap Memorialized
37672LoVid Website Redesign
37671San Juan Art from Rotund World
37661Art and Place I: Place as Muse in Mobile, AL
6th37659Post-Invasion Hunt for WMDs in Iraq
37640Anthropos Essentia
3rd37613Tag Three Times
37612Sampling an Analog Drum Machine
37611Title Cards for Vortex 1, Vortex 2
2nd37601Stop Using Robert Fisk's Name as a Verb
1st37596Devil Tail Mandala--Artist Unknown
37595Cai Guo-Qiang
August30th37587Grid-m 7: Human Beatbox Vid
37585Kraftwerk Stitch by Florian's Daughter
37584Hardware Sequencers vs Laptops
29th37572Pong on Akai MPC1000
37571Hardware Sequencer Demos on YouTube
375658 BIT Documentary Premiere at MOMA
28th37557Interdimensional Space Rock
37546Frank Zappa on Steve Allen
37545DEVO 2.0: Freedom from Choice
26th37525Iraq Antiquities Savior Flees to Syria
25th37517jodi.org Blogroll
37516Hiphop Snares
37499Steve MacDonald - Bay Crossing
24th37491Chris Ashley's Ancient Kid Lit Scans
23rd37483Janine Iversen Painting: Open Longer
37482Jim Henley on Iranian Apocalypse, K. Pollack
22nd37469Rave Video Stills; X-Mix on YouTube
37468More on TV Photos, 1986-2001
37466Paddy Johnson, Eyebeam reBlogger
37454Michael Frumin Leaving Eyebeam
37451Compression Mania: Rush CD Volume Chart
21st37424New Track: More Marching Morons
37421Back-Catalog: My Music and Animation Blogs
37420TV Photos, 1986-2001
37419TV Photos, 1986-2001
19th37389Ron Rocheleau's Concrete TV
37385Brains - Cassie Me & U RMX
16th37356L.M. Cow Gif Four Times
37346AFC and MTAA on New Media vs Galleries
37341Op Wheel
15th37333My Vids in Chicago Underground Film Festival
37332More on Paul Lansky
37326YouTube Vids Down the Memory Hole
14th37317Reviews of 9-11 Movies I'll Never See
13th37311Animated GIF Sketchbook (Updated)
12th37297More on David Szafranski's Paintings
37287Miyazaki Forest Spirits - Found GIF
11th37284P. Lansky; Club vs Academic Electronic Music
10th37266J. Weisberg on the Battle Against Fanaticism
37263Reaktions Compilation: HERW Modular-Mini
9th37245The Wilhelm Scream Compilation Video
8th37238Abby Walton
37236Juan Cole on the Pulverization of Lebanon
37234Bob Herbert on the Iraq War Enablers
37229New Track: Pop Mechanix
6th37207When Archimedes Was Less Appreciated
37206Blue and Gray Diptych
37205Paul Pfeiffer Does Paris Hilton
4th37166Time Lapse Drawing Animated GIF
3rd37147Infinite Fill Fight - Artist Unknown
2nd37135Gratuitous Cute Kitten
37133New Vocal Track: Hey
37132NORAD and 9/11
37126Psychic Highway, 1994 (Destroyed 2002)
1st37122Dennis Hollingsworth Semi-Exegesis
37114Gro-Rabbit GIF - Artist Unknown
37111I Hate Talking About Art Conservation Issues
July31st37085Dennis Hollingsworth - Making the Making
30th37075Spinning Ovoids (Artist Unknown) 9 Times
37073Algebra 2 Trig (Beats)
37072Artkrush Interviews Lauren Cornell
28th37049Whodini Big Mouth on YouTube
27th37045David Szafranski Paintings
26th37037Carl Ostendarp Wallpaper
37036 AFC on NY Times' Screens Blog
24th37015My Bookstore Talk with Ed Halter in mp3 Form
22nd37005Dennis Hollingsworth Painting
36999Steamloller - Artist Unknown
21st36990808 Straight: Dancefloor-type Beats
36988A Scanner Darkly to Get Digital Makeunder
20th36979The Art of 1010 WINS
19th36972Bookstore Discussion with Ed Halter Tonight
36960Time Lapse Molecule 2
36956Oliver Laric 787 Cliparts - Satellite Jockey
18th36949Dell Speaker Drawing
36948More on Sun Tzu to Xbox; Game Criticism
36943Bern of Bodenstandig on iPods; CD Offer!
17th36937New Tune: Aruba '85
16th36923RGB GIF (Artist Unknown) 35 Times
14th36903Murdoch Messes With MySpace Again
36902Animated GIF Assortment - Artists Unknown
13th36892Upcoming BookCourt Talk with Ed Halter
36888Iraq Civil War Update
12th36871Mutator OD Bass (Long Version)
11th36862Justin Strawhand - Desktop Portraits
36861A Different View of the Head Butt
36854More on Paper Rad and Individuality
36849Pink and Green GIF (Artist Unknown) 4 Times
10th36831New Tune: Teleclysm
8th36816More Jessica Ciocci
36810One Minute Techno Song
7th36808OMGWTFBBQ - Artist Unknown
36807Animated GIFs: Schools of Influence 1
36796Jessica Ciocci at Foxy Production
6th36788Ryuko Azuma
36786Pitch Sequences (New Track)
5th36772Jim Louis Photo: Newspaper Molecule Graphic
36770Heartbleet (Analog Tune)
4th36758Happy Independence Day
36755Sacred Machines Homage
36749Portrait and Dots
36748New Track: Everyone Fights, No One Quits
36745Rubber Elephants (Piano Three Hands Synth 2)
3rd36740Starship Troopers and the Iraq War
1st36720Vermiform Animation 2006a (Spraycan)
3671910 Songs for Analog Drum Machine, Sidstation
June30th36694Children of DOS - Artist Unknown
36687New Tune: Amiable Floater
28th36675Too Many Talking Refrigerators at Eyebeam
27th36667More on CRTs, LCDs, and Projections
36662Farhad Manjoo on 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists
36660A Scanner Darkly
26th36656Cory Doctorow on Net Neutrality
36654Art in Situ - R Terry P House C Fudge J Little
36652Dado, TV Static Photos
36651Don't F*ck Around With Pres. Lazzaro
24th36636David Lynch Question About WTC 7
23rd36631Untitled Photo (Drawing by Mark Dagley)
36630Piano Three Hands (Drums)
36617Deck Destruction Video
36616New Track: Our Rulers From Space
21st36596John Zoller Alphamega Series
36590Mods & Rockers - More Installation Views
19th36572MyDD on Life Without Net Neutrality
36571Gilliard on What's Behind the Blogs
36570Cory Arcangel's Horizontal Rule in Vienna
36569Mods & Rockers Installation Views
18th36562Suite 6 (Almost Live)
16th36546Tube TVs vs Flat Screens, Other Considerations
36543My Analogos Photo on NewMusicBox
36517It's a Number
15th36508Analogos at Diapason
14th36502Alice Sheldon AKA James Tiptree, Jr. Bio
36498AFC Interview with Bell-Smith & Me - Part 3
36494Frankie Martin - kitty_kat
36493New Guthrie Lonergan Projects
13th36488NYPD Surge Drill
36485AFC Interview with Bell-Smith, Me - Part 2
36478Pierre's Photo of Takeshi Murata Piece
36477Speed Too (Sandra Bullock Dance Party Rmx)
12th36471Paddy Johnson Interviews Michael Bell-Smith & Me
10th36455Curbed: My Architect Assured Me...
9th36442Showing New Media Work in the Gallery
8th36429Large Bat, 1990, Oil on Canvas
36428Cory Arcangel Cobain Google Ad Suicide Note
7th36414Piano Three Hands: Work in Process
6th36412Roy Stanfield at And-Or
4th36388So-called Performance GIF
3rd36373CNN Still Making Stuff Up
1st36352Bill Schwarz at John Gibson, 1995
May31st36332Bill Schwarz - 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
30th36320Cady Noland at Triple Candie Fact Update
29th36312Kristin Lucas - Mobile Recharge Station
28th36309New Tune: Algebra 2 Trig
36308Brakin' - Remix 3
26th36288From the Archive: Derek Eller Exhibit (1998)
36284Curved Air, Broadcast YouTube Comparison
25th36271New Track: artMoving
24th36244Paul Slocum Deep House for Symphonic Band
36243Michael Bell-Smith at Foxy Production
23rd36236fUSION Anomaly GIF Bigger Cropped Sped Up
36235Another fUSION Anomaly GIF - 8 Times
36234fUSION Anomaly GIF 144 Times
22nd36229OptiDisc on Guam MySpace Page
21st36214My Lecture-Performance - Photo
20th36209McCain Criticized by Fellow Grad'n Speaker
19th36205Drum Machine: Lecture-Performance Notes
36203Generic Retail at 808 Columbus
18th36172My Lecture-Performance Friday, May 19
16th36158More on Triple Candie's Cady Noland Show
36150NEWSGrist on Cady Noland Approximations
15th36136Ken Johnson on Richard Prince
14th36125Triple Candie Cady Noland Show - My Take, Photos
36123Ken Johnson: Sherrie Levine's Walker Evanses
13th36117Ken Johnson on Cady Noland Re-Creations
12th36104Bloggers Running Telco Ads: Bad Idea
36103New Track: Acid Casualty
36100Tristero's Dinner with a Liberal Hawk
36095Dennis Hollingsworth at Nicole Klagsbrun '06
11th36093Digital Non-Sites
36091JODI at EAI
10th36083Mods and Rockers Opening
9th36068Lame iPod Ad
36061Thor Johnson Not So Tasteful Triphop; Cheney
36057Time Tunnel Synopsis
8th36046Grey Grid (Namenwirth) - Quicktime .mov
6th36035Photos of My Show at artMovingProjects
36034Adam Green on Net Neutrality
36033OptiDisc Via Cellphone
36032James Carroll: Where's the Peace Dividend?
5th36025One More Plug for My Opening.
36020The News Blog's No Murder Pledge
36017New Track: LoopB4YouLeap
4th36009Checklist for artMovingProjects Show w. Links
3rd36003The GIF Show Opens Tonight in San Francisco
36001artMovingProjects Installation Progress Report
2nd35992Plugs for Upcoming Shows Updated
35991Bush Angered by Colbert
1st35985Bush Aircraft Carrier Photo Op 3rd Anniversary
35982Matt Stoller on Colbert's Bush Roast
35978United 93 Is a Flop; Plus, New Paper Rad Film
35977Colbert at White House Press Dinner
April30th35968Grid of Targets - Target Artist Unknown
35967Stacked Pulses
35966More YouTubin - Van Der Graaf, Lifetime, etc.
29th35959The GIF Show; My Solo Show (Plug No. 2)
28th35943Ninja Elements and Explanation
27th35921Go For It, Artist Unkn., Scaled Up, 16 Colors
35917Flight 93 Movie: Too Soon, Too Wrong
26th35907New Tune and Video: Ninja Elements
35906Young Turds Reviews from '79-'80
25th35885Curbed: Puke, Class War in Central Village
35877Nematodes - Calypsum - Parker Mix
24th35871Haruomi Hosono, Naruto on YouTube
35869Art School Confidential: A PreReview
23rd35865Rose Hobart, by Joseph Cornell
35861Spring Loaded Redux
22nd35851Cheney Bagging Zs
21st35841YouTube - Zappa's Pound for a Brown
35831Donna - Solo
19th35811Cady Noland at Triple Candie
35810Room Sized Animated GIFs; The GIF Show
35798More YouTubin' - Can, Clipse etc
17th35778Sensor Readings - TV Version
15th35762Rumsfeld and Iran War Planning
35758Tilton, Others Troll Grad Schools
35752Geeky Protoplasm Drawing
14th35750Paul Lansky
13th35734Sensor Readings (Music Video)
12th35731sunaba - renge no atama - YouTube
35730Bad Brains 1979 - YouTube
35714Sensor Readings (Audio)
35708Flashback: Daniel Brush, 1975
11th35693Dad Scares Kid With Computer Excoriated
10th35683Mahavishnu Orchestra on YouTube
9th35672Toronto Collab. w. John Parker - GIFs to Video
8th35659Alan N. Shapiro on Seven of Nine
35652Seven of Nine MSPaint Portrait
7th35647NY Art Blogger Social Event
35637Speed Too; Mods and Rockers
6th35631Name Acronym Generator
35629James Ridgeway Out at Village Voice
5th35620Fuzzy Logic Exhibition - Installation Shots
35611Oh Happy Day - Jane Hamsher on DeLay
4th35602Chameleon Monkey (Artist Unknown)
35601Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver - Some Qualms
3rd35593Bikini Series 1
35592Burn All GIFs?
March31st35569John Parker Bathtub Sticker Piece Animated
35568I Hate Photoshop
35563Receptors at vertexList
35560Paddy Johnson Interviews Cory Arcangel
30th35557Joe McKay UFO Photos
35556Guthrie Lonergan
29th35548Inside Delta Force Writer - on Iraq Debacle
28th35536Brakin' - Remix 2 - Work in Process
35527Jack Pierson vs Barneys
27th35525OHM: Early Gurus of Electronic Music DVD
26th35503Bathtub Stickers 3 (X 4)
35502Bathtub Stickers 4 (X 4)
35500Bathtub Stickers 3 (Fast)
35499Bathtub Stickers 3
24th35481Bathub Sticker Animated GIF 2 - In Process
23rd35473Bathub Sticker Animated GIF - In Process
22nd35463Claire Corey, Half Past Autumn II (1Z7)
35462Godzilla Scales (Parker RMX)
35460V for Vendetta: Book vs Movie
20th35444Art DVD Sales: Archiving Issues
19th35440Animation of John Parker Flat Work 5
35429Toronto Collab. with John Parker - Video 1
354272 Music Collabs. with John Parker
18th35411Animation of John Parker Flat Work 3
16th35401Mutator OD Bass
35400My Show Date Changed to Avoid L Crapshoot
35392Animation of John Parker Flat Work 2
35391My Animated GIF: Flipping
35390Animation of John Parker Flat Work 1
35389Collaboration with John Parker
35369SIDS at Capone's, Comment Thread on Old Art
15th35360Sally McKay on Sea and Land
14th35350Funny Gary Panter Cartoon
13th35348The White House Staff Is Tired, Poor Babies
35344Anti-Guitar Manifesto; Reynolds; Sheffield
35342Midnight Dusters on the Whitney
11th35330And-Or Gallery and Paintbrush in News Again
35329Whitney Biennial PreReview No. 2
10th35315Chelsea This Week: Painting and Pain
35314Blues Vector, Formerly Two Minute Drum Solo
8th35309Oki Computer 2 and Reaktions Selections
35307Antiwar.com on Sullivan Fake Mea Culpa
7th35295More on Interactivity: Kinoautomat
6th35289Jim Finn in microRevolt Cross-Stitch Exhibit
35285Daniel Gottin (Umlaut Over the O)
5th35280New Track: Prophet and Lossy
35278Mail Re: Interactivity in Art
35277Mail Re: RSS Feed New Post Notification
35275Onion Interview with Whit Stillman
4th35268Bear in Woods; Karl Klomp; 2006 Biennial
3rd35259Re-recorded Macintosh SE Tunes
1st35226Lessig, DRM, and the Read-Only Internet
35219Attack of the Clones
February28th35211Upcoming Solo Show at artMovingProjects
35205V for Vendetta
27th35204More on Emmanuel Carrere and Philip K Dick
26th35196More on K-19: The Widowmaker
35191Visual Acid: Poster and Press Release
25th35187Fox: Iraq Civil War a Good Thing?
24th35177Fifth Anniversary Two Days Ago
23rd35173Joe McKay - Sunset Solitaire, Other New Work
35169Composition for Stringed Instruments (Final)
22nd35162Brian Alfred - LoVid
35155String Quartet Piece - More
21st35149End Notes DVD: TV Screen Shots
35147Music Diary Entry on String Quartet Piece
20th35136PR Plus Litigation Equals a Safer Bike
35133String Quartet Piece 1
35132Michael Bell-Smith's The Gates; Misc. Video
19th35129Cyphering: Another New Track
18th35123Counterdemo (New Track)
35117End Notes - .mov file of Video Piece
16th35103Daisy Rock Girl Guitars
35102Cheney Shooting Jokes
15th35089Elevator Closeups - Table
35086Saltz on Raad Post Revised
35085Tom Engelhardt on Iraq Permanent Bases
14th35080Jerry Saltz in the Manner of Donald Judd
13th35066Winter 2006 Obligatory Snow Photo
35065Paper Rad Individually vs Collectively
35063Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter
12th35061Fort Worth Star Telegram Review of And-Or
11th35050Paul Craig Roberts on the Iranian Oil Bourse
35045HTML for Comparison Chart
10th35037Ex-FEMA Head Senate Testimony
35032Kettle Corn: Salty and Sucralose-y
9th35021bitforms vs vertexList Comparison Chart
8th35017Net Aesthetics 2.0
35008DVD of HTML Piece - LED Grid
35007DVD of Animated GIF - OptiDisc
7th35000Paul Virilio and Monster Trucks
5th34973Kathryn Bigelow and K-19: The Widowmaker
34972Unicorn Hard-on
34968Powell Aid Calls Pre-War Intel a Hoax
34963Bill Hicks on Fundamentalist Christians
4th34956Conservative T-Shirt Ad - Washington Times
34954Email Re And-Or Show
3rd34919More Erika Somogyi
2nd34903Artforum Back of Mag Review Pics Now Color
34901New Track: Sonar Death Ray
1st34892Two Videos by Ludwig Schwarz
34891John Parker Video: Man and Machine
January31st34882Installation Shots of And-Or Gallery Show
30th34873Alito Update
29th34858Students Turn Backs on Gonzales
34854And-Or Gallery Opening Tonight
28th34851Stop Alito
27th34849Ben Davis on Tech Art
34838V for Vendetta
26th34822Stop Samuel Alito
34818Toroids (Remix)
34812Scratch Infusion - Fusion and Electro Versions
23rd34784Eyeshades Animation Installation
22nd34766Ellen Altfest
34763Abstract Impressionist Animation Installation
21st34744Shame on Jack and Frank Abramoff
34738Double Centrifuge Animation Installation
20th34730Prototype Softsynth; Simmons Drums
34729Vermiform Animation Installation
34724Fear and Tremolo, Drum Machine Audio
19th347132005 Internet Top Ten
17th34679New Video: Drum Machine
34677My Work: Longevity, Other Meat Space Issues
16th34656New Work on Paper - Cannibalized Old Work
34655Adrien75 - New mp3s
34654Aeon Flux: Peter Chung Interview, Mark Mars
15th34641Claire Corey; January Blog on Zak Smith
14th34631jimpunk's www(dot)pulp(dot)href
13th34606Untitled Photocopy Quilt Piece from 1996
12th34587Smoking Skull (Just Say No)
34586Another Swiftly Emerging Artist
11th34567That Guy (from Dazed and Confused)
10th34559Animated GIF Tattoo Frame 1
34557Apple, iTunes Rant
34554More on Microtel Teletext Project for Dutch TV
9th34529Dean vs Blitzer on War, Corruption
34526Goin' Vertical
6th34504Erika Somogyi at Monya Rowe
5th34487OptiDisc, Nami Yamamoto in O Show
4th34479Teletext Projects Then and Now
34477The Year in the Internet '05
3rd34460Katrina in Artforum Top 10
34459And-Or Gallery Work Being Shipped
2nd34457Art Stars in Fashion Wizard of Oz - Lame-O
34447Kristin Lucas Happy New Year Card
1st34441Happy New Year; 2 More Rhythm Tracks
34439Stefan Schwander - Repeat Orchestra
34438Limelight Barely Remixed; Super Slow Tango
34435New Year's Eve - Funk Carioca
34434Universalacid; My New Year's Plan
2005December30th344038-Bit, the Movie
29th34398More Gilliard on the Transit Strike
34390Stab Array
27th34374Drawing of Woman Holding Camera
34373Heavy Heavy Hippos
25th34358Smiley Christmas Tensegrity Tree
34357Alan Shapiro on Evil Kirk and Weak Kirk
34353Drat Fink Was Here: Ace Tone Rhythm Ace
24th34341Anaba on Grocery Store Outsider
23rd34330Meet John Doe: A Movie for Now
22nd34319Sid Suite No. 10: Crickets
21st34310Curtains for You (Expanded)
34309Superlowrez at vertexList
20th34303John Zoller: Shearing Sheep in Nevada
34299Transit Strike Pro and Con
19th34278Curtains for You - New Track in Progress
17th34274More on La Superette
34272Astra Taylor's Slavoj Žižek Film
34269No Chrome Spheres Over Checkerboards
16th34256Chronicles of Narnia's Biblical Parallels. Not.
15th34252It's About the Oil, You Chumps
34247Neg-Fi at La Superette 2005
14th34234Artkrush on Art Blogging
13th34218More on delicio.us Sale
12th34217Yahoo, Murdoch, Acceptable Transgression
11th34189Marcin Ramocki at artMovingProjects
10th34174O Show Pics, Press Release, Etc.
34165Science Fiction Publishing and Capitalism
9th34152and-or gallery Animation of Work in Process 2
8th34145and-or gallery - 2nd Work in Progress 2
34135and-or gallery - Animation of Work in Process
7th34125and-or gallery - 2nd Work in Progress
34124Kid Reviews Paul McCartney's Newest
5th34103Chris Ashley Untitled 9
34102Sam Hamm Interview Re: Homecoming
4th34087Aeon Flux Movie - Why Oh Why?
34085and-or gallery - Work in Progress 4
34081and-or gallery - Work in Progress 3
3rd34077Trip to wd~50
34065and-or gallery - Work in Progress 2
1st34049and-or gallery - Work in Progress
34039Strawberry 'n Cream (Granola Box)
November30th34025Godhopper, Looplament
29th34003Suite 6 (E-Piano)
28th33991Roy Stanfield Drawing Based on Google Images
27th33989Francis Picabia and Regression
33986Slow Hooterville
33985More on Trackers vs Sequencers
26th33966Douglas Irving Repetto at Location One
25th33962Suite 6 and Other Sid Songs
33959Sidney Blumenthal on Cheney
3395823 Reasons to Spare New York - 2nd Showing
24th33946Coffee Filters
33944I Hate DC
23rd33924New Tree Server Goes to Co-Location Facility
33916The O Show
21st33895Two Bass Salad
19th33880Evil Watergate
18th33872Protest Song Variation, Marching Morons
33862Paper Rad Info (Blog)
17th33840The Adventures of Prince Achmed
33838Music Diary: MOTU Interface and Laptop
16th33817Yuppie Rape of the High Line
14th33787Cory Arcangel, Allan D'Arcangelo
33786The THING - Death Star Headquarters
13th33782Jason Duval Dorota Kolodziejczyk Ross Knight
12th33778Mike Weiss Calls Cops on Eric Doeringer
10th33756Granola Box
33755Noa and Alphonse
9th33749Transparent Processes at the Kitchen
7th33708Eric Doeringer Hassled by Art Dealer
6th33694Self-Corrections to Rhizome Interview
33692Lysergic Interlude (Trance Moves)
4th33669Jack Kirby Mandala
33668A A Attanasio's The Last Legends of Earth
3rd33650Libby and Presidential Legitimacy
33641Sarah - Drawn From Uscha Pohl Photo
2nd33627Protest Song (Human Crab Louse)
33626More Tortured Defense of My Music
33625Tom DeLay - Redneck, Human Crab Louse
October31st33603Excerpt from Rhizome.org Interview
33593INVINCIBLE Birthday
33592Permanent Chase and Self-Justification
33587Happy Birthday to Me; Tom the Pumpkin
33584Thoughts on Presets in Music
29th33567Bush Family Dialogue Corrected
33564Cory Arcangel Interview With Me - Rhizome.org
28th33560Jim Louis First Person Report on New Orleans
27th33554Generator.x, Marius Watz
33553Ran Prieur; More on Carter's Sweater
33539Jerry Saltz on Ludwig Schwarz
26th33532House Classics for Solo Organ Climbs Charts
33531Something Clicked (Reaktor)
33530Clip City Reposted
24th33506Thor Johnson Mashup of OptiDisc Designs
23rd33504Chappelle's Routine About the Man on the Bus
33503Atom Kitty Animation
33500Clip City, Tasteful Triphop, New Drum Machine
33498Maakies - The Bookworm & The Junky
21st33492Tom Delay Perp Walk Photos
33489Pulsating Optical Disc Internet Sketchbook
20th33483OptiDiscs - Net Art to Video Art
19th33478My NY Arts Interview Out in Print Edition
33476Young Turds Tribute Page Updated
17th33464Paul Bremer, Author and Stooge
33461Memorial Wall of Fired Governent Employees
16th33460Lysergic Interlude (Ice Cream Dude Sells E)
15th33451jimpunk Joseph Beuys remix
14th33436Pessimistic About Plamegate
33435Musicmaking Report
12th33418Current Mood, Current Music
33409Molecule on Granola Boxes
33408Bad Net Art and Good (Bullets!)
9th33381Stephen Bush at Goff + Rosenthal
33376Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist
8th33370Scooter's Love Letter to Judy
7th33357Smithson vs Christo vs Bruce Dern
33345A A Attanasio's Radix
6th33335New Song: Glitch Western
5th33316Wormy Drawings and Edge Smoothing Evil
4th3331093 in the House
3330925 Questions About the Murder of New Orleans
3rd3329123 Reasons to Spare New York - A Report
2nd33288Super Mario Amateurs vs Sean Landers
33285Note to Debra Burlingame: Please Go Away
September30th3327023 Reasons to Spare NY - Video Program
33267More Knucklehead Texas Looting Defenders
29th33262Dieu Donne Auction Preview
33258Be Three Dub Plus Numerous Digressions
28th33250Tom Delay Indicted
33248Carter's Sweater - The Myth Will Not Die
33246Why Texas Had Few Looters
33243Blinking Red Light Grid 2
27th33229New Art*!_Work Show Photos
26th33215Cindy Sheehan Arrested
25th33198Corrected AP Story on DC Antiwar March
33195Big Antiwar Protest Today in DC
33193Matt Harle Studio Exhibition
24th33188Blinking Light Grid
23rd33180Rhythm Box DnB: Posse on Greenwich
22nd33157Bill Schwarz - Ohio Flood Pictures from EBay
21st33147Two Inch Nails
20th33140Snapped Bolt on My Bike Seat, Fell Down
33139Gilliard on Cindy Sheehan Suppression in NY
33132Norman Foster Hearst Tower Almost Complete
19th33114IMDb Review of Carpenter's Prince of Darkness
18th33109Riveter and Explanatory Notes
17th33092Mixing Musical Snippets at Slate
33083Gridbug Variation
16th33075Drawing: Spheregate Frame 5
14th33060Wormy Animation Transition Still - Enlarged
33059Thoughts on Sampling and Copyright
330529/11 Protests on 9/11/05
13th33048Roeper Katrina Disaster Quotes
12th33036Stefan Eberstadt Rucksack Haus 2
33034More on iTunes
33033Why iTunes Sucks; Apple vs Frances Hwang
11th33031Rove, September 11
33026Thorrific - Art, Video, Music
10th33025Chris Ashley; Empyre Aftershocks
33023Repub. Inclusion; Cheney Hears Own Epithet
9th33020Stefan Eberstadt Rucksack Haus
33014The Belgians (Track) and RMIV
8th33003Travelers Diagram Virtual Met Tour
7th32995New Track: Micrometallic
6th32984Dearth of the Cool - Reaktor and B4 Versions
5th32969Dearth of the Cool
4th32956Sketch of Fashion Model
3rd32953Stratfor on Geopolitics of KatrinaBush Disaster
32949WFMU Message Board on Politicizing N.O.
32947FEMA vs Reality
32936Pre-Hurricane Violence in New Orleans
2nd32933New Orleans 2
August31st32924Kodwo Eshun on Sound as Theory
32922New Orleans
30th32920First Ever PC Meltdown
29th32907The Interruptor VST Plug-ins; Represent or Die
32906Paul Slocum Cynthcart; SID Chips Generally
32904Jack Masters - Google and Noise Music
28th32902African Textiles Made with Logo Program
27th32897Cyclops - Color Version
26th32886Robollywood; Darken Room, Eat Pills
25th32879Colonel Sanders on Steroids - Artist Unknown
32875Link to My Kara Hammond Essay
24th32869Three Views of Grizzly Man
23rd32866Smeagol Behind the Wheel - Artist Unknown
32865Greater New York '05 Online Gallery
22nd32859Bob Moog, R.I.P.
21st32855Cock of the Walk 2, Blistering Lead, Be Three
19th32835Greater NY 05 Impressions Gedi Sibony Drawn
18th32833Juan Cole on Iraq Insurgency Makeup
17th32827Atomic Cinema on Sam Fuller's Forty Guns
15th32821Bell-Smith Hromack Rackley Adrien75
32818Baseball Doofus - Artist Unknown
14th32810James Wagner and Photo Blackout at PS1
32809Cock of the Walk; Feather Duster
12th32796Green March - Jake Mandell Kit
11th32795New Track: Piano Bar
32794Cyclops - MSPaintbrush Photo Drawing
32793Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man
32784Kara Hammond - Jetpack, Portapotty
32783Gordon Matta-Clark: Fake Estates
10th32776More on Kuspit Digital Art Essay
7th32755Donald Kuspit on Digital Art; MTAA
32754Unfriendly Satellites; Some Secrets Revealed
6th32741Howler on NY Times Blogging Editorial
5th32717Some Portraits of Mine in Munich
32714NY Cops Break Up Gavin Brown Afterparty
4th32707Paul McCarthy at the Haus Der Kunst
3rd32703Kara Hammond Notes
32699Surfing in the English Garden
July27th32672Taking a Few Days Off
26th32661Kara Hammond 2
326581987 and Other July Tracks
25th32656Highlighter Drawing - Pink and Yellow
23rd32642LoVid, Others Upcoming at Kitchen - Photo
32640Spielberg's War of the Worlds
32638Bag Searches in NY Subways
22nd32637Audrey Zapp - Formerly Back to Fairfax Circle
32635In the Temporary Transit Hub at WTC: Report
32628Back to Fairfax Circle, Renamed Audrey Zapp
21st32620Zipatone Omniverse and Detail
20th32616More on Rove and Plame, Rove and Plame
19th32613Rove and Plame, Rove and Plame
32609Exit Strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan
18th32603Extreme Abstraction 5
17th32595New .mp3 - Nine Inch Bells
16th32588Extreme Abstraction 4
32587Futuresonic: Low Grade: Fuzzy Logic
15th32584New Track: Cryptkicker
14th32571Zipatone Omniverse Sans Detail
13th32563Extreme Abstraction 3
32554I Need A Break
12th32547Famous Kru(e)gers Explained
10th32526Enright R:mix - Extreme Abstraction 2
8th32517Chris Ashley on the Albright-Knox, also ExAb 1
32514Buckyball Cannibalized 4
7th32508London Bombings
32498WTC: Controlled Demolition Speculation
5th32484Interview with Yrs Truly in NY Arts
32483jimpunk Buckyball
32482Afghanistan Was Not Good
32480Famous Kru(e)gers
32478Drum Reverie
32477Buckyball Cannibalized 3
4th32472July 4 2003 Recycled Post
32470Buckyball Cannibalized 2
32469More on Lynch Daily Report
3rd32460Buckyball Cannibalized
2nd32458David Lynch Daily Report
32457Mouse Party (.mp3)
32456Executive Decision and Failure of Imagination
1st32447Land of the Dead; Joe McKay's Press Enter to Exit
June30th32441New Track: Grow a Brain
32439Philosophical Toys
29th32437Chris List at Sam Ash Reaktor Clinic
28th32433Reposted Diptych
32431Buckyball (Rorschach)
32429Art Is For The People - Texas Blues
27th32426Travelers Diagram, dataisnature, Rob Myers
26th32422Comcast Outage Stifles Posting
24th32415New Track: Fly by the Pool
32414Abe Linkoln Remix of My GIF
32413jimpunk Remix of My Painting
23rd32397Paper Rad, Matt Barton, Paul Slocum
32396I Never Yell...On Your Left...When Biking
32384Your Photoshopped Culture on AMC
21st32379Kitty Drawing
20th32373Swarm - Scan of 4 X 5 Transparency
18th32351More on Kim's Video Raid
32350Masters, Hallenbeck, Slocum, Bell-Smith
17th32326Spraycan: MSPaintbrush Drawing
32325Hello Down There (Short Percussion Piece)
16th32315Wormy Animation Frames 9-16
32312Win 1000$ for Your Personal Website
32310Saving on Don Henley and Stevie Nicks
15th32295Justin Samson - Photos of Exhibition
32293Sturtevant Duchamp Show at Perry Rubenstein
14th32289Vernor Vinge, Jean de Florette, Safe Area Gorazde
13th32278Found Napoleon Dynamite Liger GIF
32277Vernor Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky
32276Kim's Busted for Evil Mixtapes
32271Frm the Burgeoning Mus. Lib. - Dude You Rule
12th32266More Downing Street Memo
32263Wormy Animation - Pencil Test 2
11th32258Chris Ashley, Frank Q. Jones, Paper Rad
32251Frank Q. Jones - Lifespan
32248Napoleon Dynamite, The Layer Cake
9th32236Wormy Animation as a Class Formant
32234Wormy Animation Pencil Test 1
8th32220Work in Progress: Wormy Animation Frames 1-4
32216Downing Street Memo
7th32203Elijah Wood 20 Times
32202Girls Want Guys With Skills
32201Adios jimpunk
32195Digby on Medical Pot
6th32193Protest Warriors to Iraq
32189The Ultimate Cyberpunk
4th32176hiphop guitar (dj 8kbps remix)
3rd32165MEQ AND THE URS: Sidstation Tunes
2nd32164Send a Republican to Boot Camp
32149Hiphop Guitar - Final Version and Drums Only
1st32136ART@><*WORK - Final Installation Shots
32135ART@><*WORK - My Photos of Other Cubes
32130Last Two Cubicle Drawings
May30th32119Drawing of Somogyi, Greenfield Xerox Print
32118More Damn Wormy Drawing
29th32112Iraq in America: Grace Graupe Pillard
28th32111Wormy Pastel-y Drawing
32110Demon Blob - Sans Tokyo Bay
27th32107Aye-aye-aye - Techno House
32104More on Damned Hippies
26th32098Kramer on Anxiety in Tulips, Lemons
25th32089Justin Samson, Mondo Mondo Trading Post
32087Col Hogan and His Heroes After Bagram
32082More Wormy Art Drawn in My Cubicle
24th32071Happy E-tune Dance Party Remix
23rd32058Wormy Noodly Things Drawn in My Cubicle
32057Gary Wilson - Mary Had Brown Hair
21st32047Animated GIFs: Masters, Hallenbeck
32046Donald Rumsfeld: Loser
32039Film That Time Forgot: Hello Down There
20th32029Reggae Scratchin Swedish Deathmetal Version
32023Chris Ashley's ART*!!^WORK Photos
19th32016Press on Art@*WORK and Blog Panel
18th32004Lucas Samaras Hands Animated GIF Repost
32001Steven Parrino
31999George Galloway Tears US Senators a New One
16th31980Reggae Scratchin, Slowsteppin, Postin mp3s
31979Blogging &The Arts Panel 2; Chris Ashley
31974Day 2 in the Cube: Chloe Stage Two
14th31964LOLLERCOASTER - Travis Hallenbeck
13th31958New mp3: Alpha Romeo
31957Today in Iraq Added to Links
12th31955Fear vs Susan Sontag
31954Large Bit Abstraction
31952The Barger: Williamsburg Art Chat
31936ART)@*!(WORK Opening; Irene Moon
31932Art**Work Opening Tonight
10th31931Oppose the National ID Card
31930tedg on Kingdom of Heaven
9th31923Go East - Additive, Subtractive
31917Pentagon Censors Photo of Returning Dead
31916More On The Cubicle Project
8th31910Art at Work Show Installation Shot 1
7th31907My Piece in ART*!(%WORK
31906God of the Fundies: Let the Tuning Commence
6th31895Nice Curves .mp3
5th31882More on Hirst's So-Called Apathy Paintings
4th31877Damien Hirst at Gagosian
2nd31855Gender and the Art Market, Peyton Slapped
31848Lucas Samaras - Hands - Animated GIF
31845Bent 2005 Circuit Bending - Paul B. Davis
April29th31838Crook Chalabi to Iraq Oil Ministry
31835Jack Masters Correction
31831Lucas Samaras, Walter Redinger
28th31812Harrison Bergeron and Contagious Media
27th31807The Case for Softsynths
31806Dowd on Bolton and Other Bush Failures
26th31796Saltz on Artforum Diary
31795Castlezzt Update, Jack Masters Blog
25th31790AMC - Censor Calls the Kettle Black
24th31785Happy E-tune - SidStation
22nd31775Iraq News Is Mostly Bad
31774Happy E-tune
31764Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep
21st31760Little Shrieker
31759Calypsum 2 with Bonus MIDI File
19th31742Botero on Abu Ghraib
31738The Slow Dimension: Two Conversations
18th31731Andrew Coulter Enright, High Line, etc.
17th31722SCREENFULL vs Jerry Lewis
31714Steamboy; Dedicated to BK
16th31711Karl Jensen, John Monti, Momenta Art Benefit
31710Felicity Hogan, Steve Voll, Annette Cords
31705SCREENFULL Wallpaper Paintings
15th31696Calypsum 2, Formerly Theme from PLUTE
13th31681Olia Lialina on the Early, Vernacular Web
12th31669McMother - European McD0nald's Ad
31661Recipes for Animated GIF, Music Piece
11th31650The End (Tom Moody vs jimpunk)
10th31647Takashi Murakami 3
9th31643Kaba Kick vs Captain Goto
8th31639Takashi Murakami
31627Spheres on Checks, 1994
7th31620XML Problem Fixed -- For Now
31616The Boy Who Liked Chicken
31609Music Diary, Miles Kit Experiment
31606Thanks to Bill; More on 9-11-01
6th31601Bill Schwarz: LA Drunk Tank, 1955
31600Bill Schwarz Guest Post
31593David Peel and the Lower East Side on the Pope
31592Cascone - Glitch Music; Sanneh-Neill - Moby
31587hiphop_guitar, free_alpha, darkest_nerk_scanner
31584Guest Blogger: Bill Schwarz
5th31577Advil Box, 1994
4th31565Drum Thing; Mutated Drums
3rd31558Matt Freedman - Twin Towers at vertexList
1st31547Sol Kramer and the Lighten the Fuck Up Rule
31538Drum and Bass: One to Thirty
31533William Kristol Gets Pied
March30th31521Dick & Lovecraft Bashed (Again) in Bookforum
31509Procession (Cooked)
28th31489Abstract Ministeck Patterns by Stacia Yeapanis
27th31482Tune in Progress (Procession) & Music Diary
31478Frankie Martin One Minute Rave at Canada
25th31455Momenta Art Donation
24th31451Tom DeLay Is Declasse
23rd31445House Classics for Solo Organ; Very Short Rave
21st31404Mapping Sitting vs One Hour Photo
31401Paul Slocum Circuit Board Piece
31391Sidstation Learning; Music Tech vs Art Tech
20th31389New mp3: The Star Pools
31382Kimmelman Wins a Gradgrind
18th31375Greater NY 2000 alum: Nina Katchadourian
31368New Track: The Elect Tribe
17th31365Artists Still Emerging in GNY2005
16th31350Greater New York 2000 alum: Jesse Bransford
15th31341Greater New York '05 Revisits Artists from '00
14th31326Political Rallies in Lebanon
13th31316MTAA: PS1's Website Redesign Sucks
12th31311More castlezzt.net
31304The Cult of Reduction: Modern Kicks Discussion
11th31300New Track: Groove-stricken
10th31290Reel for Omniverters (Final and Beats)
31284Double Alpen, 1995
9th31282(Non) Abuse of Digital Equipment
8th31261Abuse of Digital Equipment Continued
7th31252Screenfull Magnolia Remix; Rain Man
5th31237Drx: You Can't Abuse Digital Instruments
4th31225Magnolias, 1994-1996
2nd31217Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind DVD
31208Bodenstandig and the Tracker Scene
February28th31195More from castlezzt.net
31193Bodenstandig 3, John Parker, Jungle Origins
26th31178More on Bodenstandig 2000
25th31159castlezzt Animated GIF (In Grid)
24th31148Low Level Allstars at Deitch & Rude Audience!
23rd31140Strychnine Express: Acid MIDI
22nd31132Dot Sample Grid (Spacebloom Rmx)
21st31126Audio Sketchbook: 8 New Tracks
31125Michael Wolf: Hong Kong Architecture Photos
18th31101Noah Lyon vs the Christos
31095Iman, 2005, Digital Photograph
17th31093Rave Video Stills Explained
31077New Video of Mine: Guitar Solo
31076Cuechamp's .mp3 Blog
16th31063X-MIX Series - Belated Review
31059Christo vs Ross Knight
14th31043Rave Video Stills - Grid of 30
31042TV Static Photos (With Ray Rapp) - Grid of 30
13th31036Christo Alternative Proposal
31034Christo (Re)Discovers Orange
12th31031Juan Downey & Fred Pitts: Against Shadows
11th31027MSPaintbrush vs. MSPaint: Biennial Refresher
31020More on Christo and Jeanne-Claude
31016Trix3 and Ideal Beauty - MSPaintbrush
31014Bug Seven
31013Surge Drawing (Black Stripes)
10th30996NY Times Ad Model, MSPaintbrush
9th30989Paul Slocum Early Techno, Chris Ashley
7th30954Quiz Show Sucks
6th30950Stephen Malinowski
5th30941Under a Minute Music: Mister Arkadin
30940Thomas Dolby, Ringtones, and Art
4th30932Alberto Electrodes Gonzales Confirmed
3rd30913Neg-Fi, Aaron Yassin, Jason Freeman
30911Leif Ritchey at ATM 3 - Biblical Version
2nd30904Barium Titanate Animated
30903Bill Schwarz vs Design Sponge
1st30888Abstraction with Two Centrifuges
30886Vietnam Vote Flashback
30884Interview with a C0mm3nt Spamm3r
January31st30877Disc, 1999
30874Iraq Referendum, er, Election
30th30872Iraq Election Reality Check
29th30862Cheney Dresses Like Clown at Auschwitz
28th30860Michael Bell-Smith's Top of the World Video
30859He Said Manimal
27th30851Still More Metablogging
30850Animated .GIF: Blinking Spheres
26th30838Senators Who Voted Against Rice
30827Big N-Os to Alberto Gonzales, Rice
30826Jay Jay's Apartment (Nerdy & Cool Versions)
24th30810Demon Blob Over Tokyo Bay
30809Garbage Bag Aesthetics: ForceFlex
30807More x-eleven; Hand Painted Digital
23rd30801Coil, Ink and Acrylic on Paper, circa 1995
30800Assault on Precinct 13 Remake 2
22nd3079254th Street Studio Shot - Large Discs
21st30786Assault on Precinct 13: Before Sunrise
30785Chris Ashley Untitled (Transit, Windows, Ribbons)
30781Schjeldahl Condescends to East Village
20th30774Candy Chang Rodchenko in My Bauhaus etc
30773Blues for DG Revised & Piano Omniverters
30772Cubist Gunfire
19th30765Jude Tallichet Upcoming at Sara Meltzer
30757Heat Sensor, Bubblyfish, jenghizkhan
30755New Track: Reel for Omniverters
17th30735Leif Ritchey at ATM 2
16th30727Missouri Breaks; The Aviator
30722Detail of Super Mario Movie Poster
30718Super Mario Movie, Super Heads of State
30717Wikipedia on Fictional Chemical Substances
15th30706Leif Ritchey at ATM
14th30700First Photo of Surface of Titan
30688Notes on Arcangel Show
13th30680Eric Doeringer Bootlegs
30679My Nephews Play Super Mario 64
30674Big Bit Vortex vs. jimpunk
12th30671L.A.: Art Scene of Grad Schools
30668Norton Symantec Hell
30666Correction on Cory Arcangel Opening Date
30661Cory Arcangel Opens Jan.13 at Team
30658Revised Sentences in Parrino Post
11th30653Greater ('97) from Naples FL Newspaper
30652Greater ('97) from Defunct Illinois State U. Page
30644New Main Site Page (?)
30641Big Bit Vortex (MSPaintbrush)
10th30639Jonathan Drummond-Webb: Was He Right?
9th30633Steven Parrino
30631Steve Gilliard on Dialogue w Conservatives
30627Chris Ashley - Untitled (Charles Biederman)
8th30624tedg on Scorsese's The Aviator
7th30607Music Studio Diagram (Hand Sketch)
306042 Vids: Dancin' (Please Register), Exit Maurice
30603Blues for DG & Long Winded Explanation
30597Studly Music Studio Photo - 2003
6th30568Fake Is The New Real, Good Good-Bad JPEGs
30567Von Bitch
30566Throb Really Really RIP
5th30554Hacker Fashion Photos from BEIGE
30553Edward Rackley: Govt. by Predation in Congo
4th30542Paul Slocum's Bad JPEG Run Through knitPro
3rd30529Needlepoints of Bad JPEGs; Julian Stanczak
30527Simon Singh on Albert Einstein
2nd30521New Track: Pops at 49 (Micro-Trance)
30512XP Hardware Failure: Intro and Main Theme
1st30507Cowbug Rendered in microRevolt's knitPro
2004December31st30485The Shadow Internet
30483New (Old) x-eleven Track - Ecstasy
30th30460Problems With E-mu Sampler
30459Oriane Stender - Dinars to Dollars
29th30454Krumping vs Kaiju Big Battel
30450Tsunami and Gaia
28th30434Art in America, Marie Omann on Art Blogs
30431Atlanta Airport Photos 12-23-24
26th30422More on Scratch Code: Peter Vogel
30419Manfred Mohr 2
25th30408Atlanta Airport 2004
23rd30384Alex Wilson Christmas Cards, Joe Louis
22nd30380Fighting On Is The Only Option
30373Twirler (aka Double Centrifuge)
20th30358C0mm3nt Sp4m
30353Scary George Bush Picture
18th30321Top Ten 2004
30319Steve Mumford 3
17th30303Duncan Hannah
15th30287Cory Arcangel Lecture, jenghizkhan, Copyright
30285La Superette, Perler Beads, Ministeck
30277Fensler Censored By Hasbro
14th30268Lisa DiLillo at Momenta Art
30260Post-It Drawing - 2 Women
13th30250Bernard Kerik Goes Down in Flames
12th30248Pierre Huyghe Annlee Les Grands Ensembles
30242Uniball Onyx Drawing (Sculpture)
30240New Track: Taser Squad
10th30227Writing Archive Update
9th30205Peter Blasser Circuit Bending Piece
8th30191DLC vs Michael Moore and Me
30175The Incredibles
7th30171Banks Violette vs. Michael Phelan
30169Lefcourt, Rosler, Kern, van der Stokker
6th30161Michael Totten Libya Photos; Ghadaffi v. Bush
30160Loop Collection Update: P0rn Loop
5th30154Rorschach & Nite Owl 2: Misc Drawings Grid
30153Rorschach & Nite Owl 2: Misc Drawings
30151Onion AV Club Greaser's Palace Review
30150Goat with Christmas Lights
30149Choice Dialogue from Network, the Movie
30142Manfred Mohr
4th3013778machine (Graphic)
30130Bush Stole 2004 Election, Too
2nd30099Patlabor GIF'ed: Tokyo Bay
30095Paul Slocum, Circuit Bending 3
1st30079Harry Nilsson - Commercials
November30th30067Paul Slocum 2, Circuit-Bending
30061New mp3: Kill Maurice; Thoughts on Video
28th30046Atom Spiral Quicktime Movie
30045Marlboro Man, Torture-Toleratin' Jesucrats, etc.
27th30040Ashley, Linkoln, Rehung MOMA
30039Nautical Almanac Equipment Table Photo
30031Paul Slocum, Tree Wave
26th30017Time Lapse Molecule b 2a
30014Creepy Clown Update: Classic Creepys
24th30005Dennis Hollingsworth 2
30003Rocketboom; Rhizome Panel Wrapup
23rd29997Marie Omann on Art Blogging; Rhizome Panel
22nd29985Steve Gilliard on The Success of Blogs
29984Kabir Carter's Sound Blogs
20th29972Time Lapse Molecule
29969MTAA: 1 Year Performance Video
18th29935David F. Gallagher, Photoblogging, Databases
16th29920Chris Ashley - Clear Evening After Rain
15th29900Rhizome.org - Blogging & The Arts Panel
14th29897Notes on My Video: Dancin' (Please Register)
13th29888PC vs Mac: Who Will Win?
29886How It Works: The Computer - 1971, 1979
29873Mondo Mondo Trading Post
11th29854Loretta Lux
29853Making My First Video
10th29831(Wordless) HTML Prose Poetry
29830Times Art Coverage Down, Boo Hoo
9th29807TV Static .GIF from SCREENFULL
8th29791Daniel Albright on Eye Music
7th29783Psychedelic Real Election Map
29779First Music Using the SidStation
6th29776Another Vietnam... Another Vietnam...
5th29750Follow-up on My Dorkbot Talk
29749United States of Canada
29748Young Voter Electoral Map
4th29745The Bush 59 Million Need a Name
29730What Bush Voters Are Accountable For
3rd29725Fuck Fuck Fuck
29724Election Night Sweat
29723Dorkbot Talk - Announcement and Slides
2nd29701Band Name HTML Prose Poetry
29700I'm Voting for Kerry Today
October31st29682Surge Drawing - Canary (4 Sizes)
30th29669First Night with the SidStation
29666F-Factor 2 - Scan of 4 x 5 Transparency
28th29651Am I Selling Out?
29648Claire Corey & Me at Dorkbot; Jason Salavon
26th29635Centrifuge (Side View) - Petite Version
29632Daniel Albright - Elementary Particles of Art
25th29610I Hate Kenneth Pollack
24th29601Thoughts on My New Work; NY Times Review
23rd29590Original Quilt Sketches - All Four Designs
22nd29577Index of Recent Discussion Topics
21st29555Quilt 4 - The Final Quilt
29543Quilt 3 - Bad Octagons
29541Quilt 2 Revised
29540William Gibson: Techno-Conservatarian?
29536Quilt Sketches 2
20th29528A Day With The Mona Lisa; Reviving Pater
29526(Visual) Notes on Quilt Show
29521October Surprise 1980 - Folklore
18th29501Is Bush Wired? 3
29499Thoughts on Derrida's Death
29498Brent Johnson Cigarette Spirit
29497Beverly Tang's Summer Road Trip Photos
17th29491Jon Stewart Attacks Crossfire Hosts: Good TV
29485Ron Suskind on Bush Religious Zealotry
16th29480Arcangel, Maeda, Salavon, Friedman
29479Lesbian is a Cold Hard, Word
15th29473Ed Ruscha - Lordy
29472Artist vs Programmer: How Low Can You Go?
29471Faux Controversy Over Lesbianism
29469Transporter .GIF by jimpunk
14th29464The Role of Code in Digital Art 4
29462Is Bush Wired? 2
29461The Role of Code in Digital Art 3
13th29439Centrifuge (Side View) - Animated .GIF
29436More on the Role of Code in Digital Art
12th29434Do You Have to Code to Make Digital Art?
11th29410New .mp3 - Something Clicked
10th29406Ted Rall on Art Spiegelman's 9-11 Book
8th29391Is Bush Wired?
7th29368Artists Run Amuck in Saarinen Terminal
29357Dorkbot James Clar Frank Lin Mary Flanagan
29356Acid Lullaby--New Song of Mine on .mp3
29355Busby Berkeley Is A Genius
6th29346Edwards vs Cheney
5th29337Interview with jenghizkhan
3rd29310Synthetic Synthetic Cubism
29303Clips of Fear Buzzwords in RNC Speeches
1st29290Kerry vs Bush Debate 1 Recap
29286Entelechy, Funkentelechy
September30th29282NY TImes Debate Questions for Bush, Kerry
29277Wooster Collective: Celebration of Street Art
29276More on Moog, the Film
29th29271John Zoller - United States: Color and Learn
29270Moog -- It's No Theremin
29267New Dumb Little Painting Timeline
28th29254Saddam, 9/11, the Alamo
29237Billmon on the End of Blogging
25th29217Harry Callahan, Collage, Chicago, 1957
29215In Defense of New Dumb Little Painting
29212Reblogging vs Google Rank: A Reply
29209Ezra Pound's Pseudonymous Criticism
23rd29192jenghizkhan (John Parker), Part One
29182Rot Gut, Acrylic on Canvas, 1991
22nd29178Last Day reBlogging - reBlogging Philosophy
29167My .GIF in MatCh-Art's Sunday Afternoon
21st29161Novak Predicts Quick Iraq Pullout
20th29155Randy Wray
29154Acid Classics: Trax Records 1986-1990
18th29135Animated Portrait Drawing
29129Chris Ashley vs jimpunk 2
17th29120Chris Ashley, jimpunk re-reBlogged
16th29102Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
29101Painting, Digital Painting: John Pomara
14th29090Diana Kingsley at Leo Castelli - Artnet Review
13th29082More on Painting vs Tech
29078Van Der Graaf Flux: Front and Back
12th29076Towers of Light vs The Birds
29071Surge Drawing Again - Back of Piece
11th29067Matt Pyke vs Jeremy Blake
10th29063jimpunk Animated GIF TM Logo and Joystick
29061REFUSE: Art from Waste at Flux Factory
9th29055My Neighbor's Patio Is Collapsing
8th29051What Is An Art Blog 3; Chris Ashley
7th29034Bent Pipes: Documentation vs New Work
6th29027Gerhard Sengmuller VSSTV
5th29017Bent Pipes 2, 1999, Photocopies, Linen Tape
29014Michael Mann's Collateral
4th28997Molecule on Legal Pad, 1996
28989Chrome: Proto-Williamsburg from San Fran.
3rd28982I'm reBlogger of the Moment at Eyebeam
2nd28960Cheney and Zell Miller: Love in the Air
1st28953Bad Police Response to RNC Protests 2
28945Police vs Demonstrators
August30th28923RNC Protest Photos 2
28914Republican Convention Protest March Photos
29th28907Suspended Disbelief Puppet Theater
28906Christgau on Ramones
28905Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog
27th28875Dallas Republican Convention 84 Memories
28874Republican Convention: Fear of Cops
25th28825DeviantArt .GIF Assortment: gas, ryan-gfx etc
24th28813James Wagner on TAG Projects: Some Theory
23rd28795Citing This Blog; Link to All My Infinite Fill Posts
22nd28790Kerry's Old Tricks Ad: Then What Happened?
28786Elkins' What Happened to Art Criticism? Part 3
28780Work in Progress: Back of Paper Molecule 2
21st28776More On What Happened to Criticism
28775Coincidences on Eggleston
28774Lee Bontecou at MOMA-Q(uee)NS
20th28763Double Buckyball (In Progress)
28760James Elkins' What Happened to Criticism?
18th28736October Magazine on Ryan Compton
28735Simon Reynolds: Beats as Fonts
17th28728Looksmart FindArticles By & About Me
16th28707Infinite Fill: Katherine Grayson, Joe McKay
28697Flawed PK Dick: Unteleported Man (Lies, Inc.)
15th28688Infinite Fill - Time Out NY Review
286872003, 2004 Art Archives Added; My Heroes
13th28671More Infinite Fill: Noah Lyon & Stoner Graphics
28670New Eric Fensler GI Joe Vids
12th28660Op Art Influence in Infinite Fill; My '98 Work
28655Work in Progress: Back of Paper Molecule
28654Steve Gilliard on Central Park Protest
11th28643M. Night Shyamalan's The Village
28638Aya T. Kanai - Polaroids NYC-Tokyo
28634Republican Habitrail on 8th Avenue
10th28629Infinite Fill vs Bedroom Shows
9th28616Cody Trepte, Cross Stitch Binary
28608Breakfast at Tiffany's, Other PreReviews
8th28604Letraset - Historical Fill Patterns
7th28598Top 10 Liberals Don't Include Kerry, Edwards
28586Iraq Casualties Added to Links
28585Infinite Fill: New York Times v Press Release
6th28574Infinite Fill Show New York Times Review
28572Zom Zoms at Boogaloo Bar, S. Williamsburg
28568Infinite Fill - McGarry, LoVid, Minkin, J. Arcangel
5th28564My Comment to Agonist Re: Fahrenheit 9/11
28561Karen Kwiatkowski on the 9/11 Report
4th28555Jim Hamlyn; Walter Robinson on Infinite Fill
28552Infinite Fill - jimpunk vs TM Installation
28551Iraq Going to Hell; 919 US Soldiers Dead
28547Leif Ritchey's Infinite Fill Installation
3rd28543Amazon Real Name Policy
28536New Yorker on Diana Kingsley
2nd28524More Black & White Abstractions
1st28516Dennis Hollingsworth, Ludwig Schwarz
28509Recent Drawings - Studio Installation View
28503Infinite Fill Abstraction 2
July30th28496My 8-Bit Construction Set Mix Tweaked
28487Page Changed Back to 2-Column Format
28486Groove Show by Wenstrom
28th28469Nausicaä Picture Grid Explained
284648-Bit Construction Set - My Atari Side Mix
28455Before Sunset Better Donnie Darko Worse
26th28441Margaret Leng Tan Plays Philip Glass
23rd28409Infinite Fill Show Photos
22nd2839912 Nausicaäs (11 Google Images + Mine)
28394Why Infinite Fill? Some Theories
28391Infinite Fill Show Press Release
21st28382BASIC, Broadcast, Zorn-Morricone Mix
28380Nilsson Song He Needs Me Sells Shoes
20th28377JG Ballard On My Spider-Man GIF
19th28366The Michael Moore Discount
18th28361Cotton Ponies and Random Links
17th28351Stephen Moody as Stretch Armstrong
16th28349Michael Mann's The Keep
28348DC & Baltimore Pics
14th28317The War Room Redux - Please
13th28292Jason Little - Cartünnel - Flux Factory
12th28287Correction to Handelman Post & Typo Policy
28285Spider Man .GIF Completed; Frank Rich: Idiot
11th28271Matthew Geller Foggy Day Fox Broadcast
10th28261Bob Somerby and tedg on Michael Moore
9th28244Spider Man 2 - Movie Review and Anim. GIF
7th28231Bonaire Webcams Blow Now
28224Latin Horror House (Another New .mp3)
6th28216Diana Kingsley Videos at Leo Castelli
4th28205Streetsong 2: New .mp3
28194Adrien75 Chickadoo Chronicles, Take Two
3rd28182My LoVid Photo Gets Around; David Hlynsky
June30th28139Michelle Handelman Passerby Bryant Park
29th28132Günther Selichar's Who’s Afraid of RGB
27th28087Photos of Current WTC Site from PATH Train
28086Bush Family Evil Empire, Me vs George
25th28067What Is An Art Blog 2; Cinque Hicks
23rd28037Response to Research Qs Re Art Blogging
22nd28027Spinning Atom w Shading (Animated .GIF)
28026I Add Gary vs Giant to Street Meme Database
21st28018My Oram St. Studio - Early 90s Work
28004DJ Set List Painting
20th27997My Loop Collection, Part 1
19th27993Paul Johnson, Apache-Maker, RIP
18th27983Toynbee Idea in 2001
27975Adrien75 Chickadoo Chronicles (Superseded)
17th27958Bush Hates O'Keeffe
16th27946Mark Dagley at Abaton Garage
27944Camgirl (Recently Retired)
14th27922Sue de Beer; Nick Berg Beheading Video
12th27902Reagan Waxwork RIP
11th27894Changes to Main Site Page; LMCC Provinciality
10th27881Cultural Institutions Moving to WTC Site?
9th27865Fighting .GIF
7th27828Art in Age of Abusive Copyright Enforcement
5th27818Michael Lind on Loss of US Moral Authority
27808Remix of jimpunk Atom Gif Remix
4th27797Michelle Handelman Passerby PreReview
1st27751My Justin Berkovi Mix
27750Atom GIF 9 Times
May31st27733Memorial Day Rhetorical Questions
27731The End of the World - Flash Animation
30th27722Guy Colwell vs. Steve Mumford
27717John Parker at The Front Room, Brooklyn
27716Lynn Cazabon at Schroeder Romero
28th27702Video of Apache Helicopter Killing Iraqis
27th27675Animated Henry Moore-like Blob (In Progress)
26th27658Lugia: Commentary and .GIF
25th27640Sontag on Abu Ghraib Photos
24th27600Barbara Bush's Let Them Eat Cake Quote
23rd27590Tony Feher, Tal R
22nd27558Rudolph Giuliani: Prick
21st27553Man from Planet Risk at The Lucky Cat
20th27532A Beautiful Mind, Post No. 2
19th27521Cowboy Bebop - Refrigerator Monster
27513Phil Austin - Fake School Menus
16th27477Big Show - Lawndale 1994 - DIY Curating
27470Roland Emmerich's Movies Blow Chunks
27467Daily Howler on NY Times Kerry Coverage
15th27452Freewayblogger - Antiwar Signs and Slogans
13th27412Friends Finale 1/3 Speed WFMU's Kenny G
12th27404Rinder Out at Whitney
27399Plasmodium - Clairaudience
27398Crystal Shards Drawings by Saranety
27378Five Pixel Art Consoles by Wenstrom
273778 Pixel Art Works from deviantart.com
10th27354Josh Marshall - Chickenhawk of the Left
8th27331Get Over Army Pfc. Lynddie England
7th27321Rumsfeld Heckled
27317Ron Howard Channels Thomas Hirschhorn
27312ionarts on Kill Bill 1 and 2
6th27280Wayward Knob x 28
27279Man on Leash; Presidential Child Abuse
5th27260Windows Noises by Clown Staples
27256Wayward Knob
3rd27207Tracy & Plastics Golan Levin Cory Arcangel
1st27187American Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
April30th27121Inayashu by GoddessOfWinter
27120Martin Wöhrl's Cowboy Door
29th27116Castle of Cagliostro - Dubbed vs Subtitled
28th27097A Piece of Mine in a Textbook
27085Sally McKay Robot Landscape (Music by Me)
26th27066Laptop Performances at Vertexlist
27061Unattributed Rave Hits
24th27036Animations - Internet Raytracing Competition
22nd27013The Secret World of Girls and Gators
21st27003Lo Fi Practice as Religion
26988The Ballad of R1AA
26984I Still Use MusicWorks
18th26953Detail from Digital Nendo Page - Op Art
26951Paper Rad at Foxy Production
16th26946Jonathan Lethem: Better Critic than Author?
15th26913More Snake Oil from Paul Berman
14th26897New MSPaintbrush Drawings
26896My Complete Musical Works in MP3 Form
12th26865Digital Nendo - Digital Clay - 3D Bitmaps
11th268432004 Whitney Biennial Notes
9th26836Kraftwerk - Tour de France Soundtracks
26835AbEx Wall Projection - Party at Bill Gates'
26826Train Your Indian Replacement
26824Aaron in Japan
8th26806Still More Thoughts on Internet Art
26805Cheesy Hellboy Drawing
6th26789Nate Sassaman - My Kind of Guy
5th26771Simple Complex Net Art Diagram
26764Cowboy Bebop - Ein Chewing Shrooms
26760Screw the Mercenaries
3rd26735Net Art: WebTV, Abe Linkoln vs MTAA
26718Laura Parnes Hollywood Inferno Clip; Hickey
1st26714Cordwainer Smith Excerpt; Sci Fi THE NAM
26709Times Reads Tea Leaves on Net Art (Again)
26693More Bill Davenport Needlepoints
March31st26686Cuechamp Source Code Mix; Lessig
30th26674P. Coffin ASCII Weaves E Winard iPod Cozy
29th26668Virtual Craft Project: Gibson vs. Bill Davenport
26656Willem De Kooning Clamdigger '72 Friendless
26655Eine Zwei Drei - New Music Piece
28th26641PreReview Unplugged in Time Out
26th26614Monotrona Live on Stork Club - .mp3
24th26582Ari Fleischer - One More Lie for the Road
26581No One Could Have Prevented 9-11-01
26575Captain Kirk Was Never the Original - excerpt
22nd26537Nasher Sculpture Center's Crappy Website
20th26518BEIGE at the Whitney; The Slowes
26516More on Fresno Polygamist Child Murder
19th26509Yates Beats Wesson in Monster Contest
18th26492Cheney, Scalia=Love 4Ever
26487My Artforum Ad; Lothringer Dreizehn
26485Ender's Game: Fun But Sick
16th26441Squarepusher, Doris Piserchia, Cowboy Bebop
15th26423Viva Spain!
13th26401Motherless Brooklyn Movie; Takedown
12th26398Candice Breitz, Alex Bag, Barbara Kruger
11th26370Sphere Gate (Animated .GIF)
10th26367Printing Adobe Houses from CAD; reBlog
9th26342Whine o'the Week: Tim Noble & Sue Webster
8th26327More Mel's Passion; Huysmans on Grunewald
7th26312My Paradise/Paradox Review in Sculpture
4th26247Charles Platt on A.E. Van Vogt
26234Drawing of Nausicaä Panel
2nd261992-Step Garage Mix: Wookie, Youngstar, Deller
26198ionarts on Jesus in Art History
26178New .GIF
1st26172Cintra Wilson on the 2004 Oscars
February29th26149Mundo's Carjack and Music - The Question
28th26143Young Turds 1977-1980
27th26131Clement Greenberg vs The Conceptualists
26th26102Thickeye on William Pope.L
25th26077Show Us Your Gnomes: The Exhibition
24th26065Nuke Explosions in Anime; Richard Box
26060Double Atom (I Forget Where This .GIF Came From)
26046Powell's Meltdown
23rd26044J. Trombetta on D. Piserchia's Mister Justice
26040Stop Picking on Ralph
22nd26027Thomas Friedman on Outsourcing
21st26014Grid of (Shrunk) MSPaintbrush Drawings
19th26000Sharon Core, Dan Fischer, Sharon Lockhart
25994544 x 378 (Web TV)
25990Post in Progress on Appropriation; SquareWave
17th25946Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Dance Music 2
16th25936Robert Rauschenberg on Present Day NYC
15th25925Mark Allen - David Koresh Heads
25919Killer Instinct at New Museum Media Z Lounge
14th25906Tuxedomoon 5 Track Mini-Mix
13th25894Outsourcing=National Suicide
11th25855Dragan Espenschied
10th25831Abstraction with Moving Part
9th25778Kerry, McNamara Updates
7th25675Great Teacher Onizuka - The Scream
5th25629Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Dance Music
4th25597Cuechamp Videogame Mix; Hektor
3rd25590More on Denby; Katha Pollitt Wallow
January31st25552Moveon.org Ads - Too Tough For CBS
28th25505Introducing Animation Log
26th25481Chalmers Johnson - Bases; Cockburn - Fog & Kerry
25th25463David Denby - American Sucking
23rd25437Scratch Ambulance Etc. - Web-Only EP
21st25374Before the Matrix: Pohl & Kornbluth's Wolfbane
20th25353Ross Knight at the Sculpture Center, NY
19th25348Detail Added to John Gregory Dunne Post
18th25322Joe McKay Audio Pong and REC Light
16th25305John Woo's Paycheck vs Bush
15th25277Pierre Huyghe's Annlee Project
25267Rover Anthony Feyer - Furry
13th25249I Win a PreVie Award
25245Secret Collect, Strongbadzone, Rhinofeeder...
12th25227Guardian Interview with Christopher Guest
11th25198Downloads from Prog Rock Site
25197Drawings Based on Blade 2 (Animated)
25196Alan Moore's Vigilante vs The Punisher
9th25167Japander Website
7th25122Rebecca Allen, Kraftwerk, Musique Non-Stop
25121T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents - More 60s Weirdness
5th25083Stan Goff, James Howard Kunstler
4th25061Scott Grodesky, Judith Eisler, Jennifer Pastor
1st24982Jim Bassett Photolog
24971New Year's Eve Bike Ride
24958Circling (Animated .GIF and HTML), 2003 Art Archive
24955John Gregory Dunne, R.I.P.
2003December30th24837Patlabor Animated .GIF
29th24829You Only Live Twice
28th24774Error Messages on Public Screens
24747More on Defining Art Narrowly
25th24668My Christmas Dream
24667Drawn at a Dallas Park (Oak Lawn)
24666Found Picture from Photo Lab 3 Times
24th24635Washington Youth Garden, Grover Norquist
22nd2459870s TV on 50s Stand (Drawing)
24594Two Quotes Proving Iraq War Folly
20th24563Kristin Lucas on Vinyl Video
19th24561Fascism Tower in Lower Manhattan Unveiled
17th24512Kid Regales Me With Anime Lore
15th24488The Capture of Saddam: A Sketch
24470Where Was I When Saddam Was Captured?
14th24459Prego Grabner Swiszcz Mozman Vertexlist
12th24433Ron Mueck: Still a Muppeteer 2
8th24359Safari Hates My Work Part 1
24358Safari Hates My Work Part 2
7th24340Kucinich Ad Counts Bodies
24337Fire for Pixel by Pixelthork (Enlarged)
24336Safari Hates My Work - Prelude
5th24303Query re Browsers Reading GIFs on the Page
4th24283Sphere Cursor (Animated .GIF) (Brighter)
24282Sphere-O-Rama Animated .GIF (Brighter)
3rd24261The Perils of Jennifer Connelly
24260Ron Mueck: Still a Muppeteer
24259DHS' House of God
2nd24247Ghost Dog, RZA Onion Interview
1st24231Double Molecule (Animated .GIF) 2
24229Detail of Animated .GIF
November29th24182Victoria's Secret WTC Memorial
24139Sphere Cursor (Animated .GIF)
24138NJ Wasteland Tour Update
28th24117Sphere-O-Rama Animated .GIF
24116DJ Set List 2000
25th24078Peter Pan, Michael Jackson, River Kwai
24069TV Static .GIF Grid
24068Tyler Green, John Currin
24th24052Photograph: Dallas, 1982 (They Live)
24051Tetsuo Dream, Drumstruck, Hatahata
22nd24023Oswald Rising
20th23993More on Carly Ptak at A.B.C. Video Night
23981A.B.C. at Deitch - Carly Ptak, LoVid, Shinths
18th23964More on Christopher Ashley; Peter Halley
23963Video Assortment - Cats, Explosions, Kids
17th23949John D. McDonald
23948Mike Davis, Blood Meridian, Tiger Force
14th23931Matrix Revolutions & Iraq
23927Sue de Beer
23924Hearst Building Addition - Original Proposal
12th23914Hearst Building Addition
11th23900The Hiphop Years: Xtreme Detail
23899Dragonball Z Animated .GIF - Bigger
10th23888Pixelthork Pixel Monster - Faier
7th23871Prikedelik Claymations
6th23863Whitney Biennial 2004 picks
23862New Piece in Progress (Semi-Macro View)
4th23833Entertainment Industry Goober of the Month
3rd23822Hadji vs Hajji
1st23798Grima Wormtongue on Fox; Bartcop
October30th23779Animated GIF Assortment
28th23751Steve Mumford's Bad Iraq Drawings
23749Centcom Helps Kids, A Lot
23748Today in Iraq
23747Detail, New Piece - Printed, Photographed
26th23731More on Lethem; '60s SF Covers
25th23729Lethem's Fortress of Solitude: Premature Take
24th23717Atomic Cinema Computer Films Bonairecams
21st23688Kill Bill, Jamie Arcangel and the Arcangels
20th23673Olafur Eliasson vs The Black Hole
23672Bush Sr. Slaps Junior Hard
19th23663Plantains, Jamie Arcangel, LoVid, Dr. Doo
17th23630C-level's Waco Resurrection - Photos
16th23626Frustrated Rant About US Imperialism
23625New Piece in Progress (Unfiltered)
23621Childrens (sic) Center
15th23619PSE&G Kills Tree
23611Michael Sailstorfer, Douglas Melini
13th23592Detail of Work in Progress (Filtered)
10th23561C-level's Waco Resurrection
9th23555Ban Comic Sans
23548Matthew Geller Offends NY Sun
7th23533Knight Realms
5th23520Zerg Moderne
23519Scarface Reissue
23514Digimon: The Movie
23512The Last M(e)n on Earth
3rd23504Matthew Geller - Art Fog
23502Gus Van Sant Elephant Trailer
2nd23494Science Fiction Clips Party
1st23480Olivier Assayas' Demonlover
September30th23467New Portrait
23466Plamegate Explained
29th23456More on Jean-Claude Lebensztejn
26th23419Shinth Tour, Artnet Weekend Update
24th23402More Erased Porn - My Cam Girl
21st23374Monkeys and the Instinct for Fairness
18th23341Millree Hughes, Claire Corey, ChanSchatz
17th23335Ludwig Schwarz Painting
16th23332Muschamp on Ellsworth Kelly WTC Proposal
14th23323Eric Fensler GI Joe Videos
11th23313Roy Pickard - Comanche & Indian Gap RR
23312Girl at Z Cafe in Dallas
23311Xtreme Nutrition at the Atlanta Airport
9th23293Central Texas Water Towers
23292Back from Texas
2nd23213Texas Trip Day 6
August31st23203Texas Trip Day 4
23202Jeepers Creepers 2
29th23194Texas Trip: Day 2
27th23181Howard Dean No Inspire Me
24th23146Christopher Ashley HTML Drawings
23rd23136American Splendor: Crumb Lite
21st23117More on Polygamy and Byte Size Exhibits
23116Hug Emoticon Pyramid
18th23106Matthew Barney Backlash
23104More PreReviews: LOTR 3, Kill Bill etc
15th23079Out(ra)ged Rant
23073Power Outage
13th23061Canyons in Crawford? No Way
23060Orchid Drag Race (Crystallized)
23059Wandering on the West Side, Buffalo Soldiers
10th23037Ted G on Film
23033Wolfowitz and Perle - Sci Fi Story Idea
7th23007Animatrix Review
5th22995Cöwbug at 400 x 450
1st22969Laura Carton Iztvan Szilasi Jon Haddock
July30th22957Bush Admits Lying About the War
22954Diptych with Photoshopped Nude
22953Dialtones Redux, Other Active Threads
27th22936Chunkathalon 2003
26th22932Cube Tower Slideup by artech-x03 80 times
24th2291528 Days Later and MiniDV
23rd22905Dragon, ETs, Qusay & Uday Shredded
21st22880World's Tallest Virtual Building
17th22859Soviet Synths; Obsolete Synths & Computers
22857Douglas Melini
22840Throb Retail Store R.I.P.
14th22814BitStreams Revised (in progress)
10th22789Adrien75 - Therms Forever
9th22781Studio Floor (Work in Progress)
22780Terminator 3 Report
8th22777Jerry Saltz on James Siena
6th22763Jean-Claude Lebensztejn, My Hero
22761Fireworks Over Baghdad
4th22748New Painting - Studio Wall
1st22717Hulk Smash AKA The Inedible Bulk
June28th22698Paper Rad, Cory & Jamie, Towondo Clayborn
26th22689Ernie Bushmiller Update
22687One Hour Photo Update & Evangelion
22684Seldon Hunt vs Marsha Cottrell
23rd22668NES Game Endings on Homestar Site
20th22630Jim Drain & Ara Peterson; Dearraindrop
16th22613Joe McKay, Cory Arcangel in Outpost
11th22567Larner Bove Yuskavage Grosse & Larry Clark
8th22539Tron, Finding Nemo, Pixar Knickknacks
6th22538Jack Kirby Mandala, Kiki Drawing
22533New Painting - Step by Step Demo
May30th22476Carl Scholz, Ina Ettlinger
28th2246450s Psych Wallpaper - Cyborg Spring
2246350s Psych Wallpaper - Logjam
22462More Schwander: Repeat Orchestra
27th22418Wild Berry Crisp & Filter(less) House (install'n)
22412Stefan Schwander aka Antonelli Electr.
26th22408JODI at Eyebeam Atelier
22nd22385Pixel Art - Twins/Candlestick 15 Times
22384Pixel Art - Compilation
22365Pixel Art - Sherry
22364Pixel Art - Robot, Twins, Candlesticks
22358Paper Rad Bubble Puppy Video
19th22326Bertrand Lavier - Walt Disney Productions
17th22310Carl D'Alvia, Sigurd Engerström
15th22286Permalinks Added; Shropshire on BioLuddites
22265Wireframe Aesthetics 2: Making of Tron
22262Guy Richards Smit Plugs Homestar
11th22179LoVid at Southfirst
22178Joe McKay's PreReview
9th22134More Pixelism from deviantART
8th22117Makita, The Experimental Makeup
7th22071Art References in William Gibson Books
3rd21992William Gibson
2nd21972Iraqis Appreciate Bush
21969Why Non-Geeks Like The Matrix
April28th21890Edison Frankenstein Lilya 4-Ever Phone Booth
25th21866Wild Berry Crisp (Installation)
21859Discoteca Flaming Star; Freezie Freekie
24th21843Cöwbug (More Pixelism)
2184220X6 vs. 1936: The Unauthorized Script
21st21815Ernie Bushmiller: Zen Master or Accountant?
18th21750Kiki's Delivery Service
17th21709Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky
21706Sharon Lockhart does Duane Hanson
14th21616Dorota Kolodziejczyk
13th21588Rumsfeld Laughs About Looting
12th21579Jack Goldstein R.I.P.
11th21562Pixelism at deviantART
21560Melting Appliance
21559Starfish Disaster
9th21530Cowboy Bebop, the Movie
21529Iraqi Dead and Wounded
8th21524Antiwar Rant (revised)
6th21493Converging Pairs
4th21464New Paradigm: Rolling Victory
21457Computer Science Baked Items
2nd21430Cory Arcangel Data Diaries
March28th21340Jennifer Stratford, Tom Früchtl at homeroom
21335New Yorker on Chomsky
21317Wireframe Aesthetics (Part 1)
25th21262Paul Berman on Sayyid Qutb
21261Self Portrait with Stinger
23rd21234Protest in Afghanistan
21226Cops at March 22 Protest
21219March 22 Antiwar Protest (Photos)
22nd21207Paul Berman vs Paul Craig Roberts
21st21197American Firepower
20th21187White - Krzysztof Kieslowski
19th21163Armory Show, Equinox, The Black Dog
21159More Useful Photography
21158Sealab, 1997
18th21148AP Story Abuses Poll Results
17th21137Congress Enabled Bush
14th21083Snipers at Feb 15 Antiwar Rally
13th21065Eggleston vs Useful Photography
11th21040PSYCH-OUT 2K3 Photos
9th21001Claire Corey, Jon Davey, Ink Jet
20998Die Mensch Maschine (photo)
20996Bush vs Zeon Pigs
7th20982PSYCH-OUT 2K3 - NY Underground Film Fest
20972Something Obvious with Effects Filter
5th20948Richard Prince
20947Jim Lewis on William Eggleston Vers. 3
3rd20917Evangelion & Dance Dance Revolution
20916Bruce Sterling on Laurie Garrett/Davos
1st20888My Shell drawings in The Wire (ad)
February27th20853Charles Goldman Elise Ferguson Alan Wiener
26th20847Press corps laughs at Fleischer
24th20818Daniel Wiener
23rd20810Second Anniversary Recap
20806Liselot Van Der Heijden
21st20781Knob Twiddlers 2; Infiniti Collection detail
20777Christo in Park; Spiegelman out at NYer
19th20765Jim Lewis on William Eggleston Part 2
18th20747Big Snow Today
16th20727Josh Marshall Pooh Poohs Protests
20725NY Antiwar Protest - Feb 15 - Photos
14th20717Amazon Censors Xtreme Houses Review
20716Antiwar Valentine
13th20705Homestar Runner; Dragonball Z animated gifs
12th20691Jim Lewis on William Eggleston
9th20669Studio Action Photos
8th20656Scott Hug vs Laura Parnes 2
7th20641Fudge Factor; Formalist Abstraction vs. Raves
20640Friedman and Paglia on Iraq
5th20626Dave Hickey; More on Laura Parnes
January31st20580Filter House (in progress)
20570Helliconia, Nausicaä, Swanwick
24th20506Filter House (detail)
20503MSPaintbrush vs MSPaint
20496Corner Piece
20th20467Laura Parnes vs Scott Hug
17th20437Giovanni Garcia-Fenech
20435Grid of Drawings
14th20406Art Weblog Dearth 2
11th20371Simon Reynolds Blog
9th20325Arcangel Naphtali Borissov at Dorkbot
20322Kristin Lucas Photo
8th20309Troops Move to Iraq
5th20266LoVid, Arcangel, Nautical Almanac etc
4th20247Bloggy; Art Weblog Dearth
2nd20224New Jersey Wasteland Tour
20221Donald Rumsfeld is not Hot
1st20214Eric Heist
2002December31st20209Breakfast Room
28th20164Robert Boyd - The Virgin Collection
25th20135Jason Little, Adrien Capozzi, Xtreme Houses
19th20060King Kai
20059Chelsea Sux Hard
20048Bead Art - Pokemon, Bruce Lee
18th20032On Web Design: Dirt Style 101
9th19951One Hour Photo: Portrait of an Artist
8th19945Jeremy Rifkin's Hydrogen Economy
1st19698Bedroom Buckyball
November22nd19659Digital Painting Panel at Artists' Space
18th19604Xtreme Houses; Counter-Clock World
16th19589Jeremy Blake in Punch-Drunk Love
13th19566Move to New Server
7th19538Cory Arcangel, Monotrona, Vidgames
1st19502Cain, Feeley, Monotrona, Adrien75 etc
October25th19444Sniper: More Blowback?
24th19432Freight Elevator Project
22nd19412October Exhibition Diary Part 8
19th19395October Exhibition Diary Part 7
18th19388October Exhibition Diary Part 6
17th19383October Exhibition Diary Part 5
19376757, Grave of the Fireflies, etc.
19374October Exhibition Diary Part 4
8th19304jet_seT exhibition
7th19299Calls to Congress Re Iraq
5th19268October Exhibition Diary Part 3
September30th19240October Exhibition Diary Part 2
28th19231October Exhibition Diary Part 1
23rd19206James Hyde in London
13th19154Jimmy Carter's Sweater
3rd19097Josh Marshall--You're No IF Stone
August31st19074Tinkertoy Stealth Fighter
20th19018Giant Alligator Photo
14th18989New Product Piece; Krystal; Paul B. Davis
2nd18867CED Magic; Caspar Stracke
July31st18842Famous Escher Completed!
27th18813Are 'Friends' Electric?
21st18781Additions to Art Archive; Other New Pages
13th18730Think Like Amano
9th18697Shell at mp3.com
18696Product Box paintings
18695Rebekah Cloned
8th18693More on Music vs. Art
7th18644Techno Diary 3; new stuff
6th18631Polygamy Explained
18623Iraq Invasion Plans
4th18619Lovely and Amazing
18618Media Whore: Tapper on Gore
3rd18581Gov. Bush & Harken Energy
June26th18538Minority (Critic's) Report
23rd18516Cory Arcangel
19th18500Techno Diary 2: Recent Comps; Nu-Kozmigroov
6th18386The Stalker Collage: Creepy Clown, Tourist Guy
2nd18349Early Paint Programs
May30th18323lower case sound
28th18312Carl Fudge Transformer Series
18th18202Dario Argento's Inferno
8th18084Spider-Man and Scarecrow
4th18031Gregor Passens/Tom Moody opening
2nd17980Whitney Biennial 2002
17979Cordwainer Smith
April24th17698Nancy Burson
22nd17605Justice Kennedy Saves Kids
18th17491Artwork Archive Updated
11th17283Charles Stagg
March31st16806Anime Diary; Techno Diary
27th16627Tom Moody, Gregor Passens Exhibit - Munich
22nd16523Mark Mellon - The Favor
16522Jessica 12502
11th16057New Additions to Sites
February26th15603Gerhard Richter at MOMA
9th15041Jack Featherly Interview
15039Shell - Alternate CD Cover
7th14980Optical Unconscious; Optopussy
January23rd14365Hayao Miyazaki; Anime
18th14192Diana Kingsley
14191Black Hawk Down
10th13748Jack Featherly, Take One
6th13523Giuliani's Bunker at WTC
2001December28th133232001 Wrap-up
21st13206Nina Katchadourian
9th12860My Art Archive Updated
12859Electronic Dance Music; Carl Ostendarp
November28th12358Doris Piserchia Cover Gallery
21st12081Thomas Wrede
14th11801Walter Redinger, Rita McBride
13th11760Michael Jackson and Me
3rd11495Chansky, Corey, Cottrell, Blake
October30th11372Claire Jervert
26th11230Thanks, Saudi Arabia
19th11035Fantasy Skylines
12th10771Rodney Graham's Phonokinetoscope
3rd10377Dr. Bloodmoney Illustration
September22nd10053Executive De-Incentive Plan
18th9836Premonitions and Catharsis
16th9799Pruitt-Igoe Redux
14th9739War Madness
12th9697World Trade Center Witness
3rd9458Jason Little's Bee
9457Chansky, Corey, Cottrell
2nd9452Ryan McGinness
August22nd9250New Additions to Slide Show
July28th8463Electronic Plastic
25th8352Scott Speh's Hot Commodities
12th7886Summer 2001 Shows
8th7763Compound JA, 2001
3rd7689Paris Days 6-7
June30th7602Paris Days 4-5
28th7516Paris Days 2-3
26th7469Munich Days 3 - 6
20th7402Munich Day Two
6th6885The Iron Baby Angel
1st6811Rave Video Stills
May28th6641A Short History of Mel Ramos
24th6499Compression exhibit review
23rd6427Updates to Doris Piserchia Site
18th63222 Plays by Nora Breen
17th6265Missing Chuck Close Discovered
16th6206Tim Gardner politics
13th6090Hilton Kramer Jr on BitStreams
11th6003Whitney Sound Art Panel Starring DJ Spooky
2nd4278Maciej Wisniewski's netomat (TM)
April28th4277Philip K. Dick FBI Letters
24th4276Mitsuki Ishinokami
22nd4275Sean Landers, Steve di Benedetto, Rita McBride
8th4272Kara Hammond
7th4271William Gibson on otaku-hood
6th4270John Pomara at Inman Gallery, Houston
March28th4269Michael Rodriguez
25th4266Kodwo Eshun--excerpt from More Brilliant...
24th4265Pollock--my second post on Slate
23rd4264Recent Fiction by Mark Mellon
22nd4261Aggregating at Momenta Art
15th4260Art Criticism on my Website Expanded
13th4243Win McCormack
10th4242Tom Moody Website Launch
February21st4241Pollock--my post on Slate
4238Intro to Doris Piserchia Website